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Szalinski joins Nick and walks out to meet Dr. Channing. It is now time for a demonstration of the shrinking and enlarging machine.

Wayne Szalinski: We're here.

Nick: Is it tricky?

Wayne Szalinski: Gotta get a couple kinks out of that thing, otherwise it flies beautiful. Oh, ah, sorry for the delay everybody, but strange things can happen when you're the size of a cocktail weenie. Just ask my son, Nick, he'll tell you about it. (Messes up Nick's hair)

Nick: (Annoyed) Dad!

Wayne Arrives

Dr. Channing: Professor, maybe this isn't a good day to demonstrate the shrinking machine.

Wayne Szalinski: Oh, nonsense, it's a great day for it. Now, what were we going to shrink?

Christy: Bring out the family.

Dr. Channing: (Alarmed) The family?!

Wayne Szalinski: Oh, no, no, no, just their luggage. You see, that's the amount of luggage that the average family takes on vacation. But now, with the help of my new, more powerful shrinking machine, all that luggage is going to fit right comfortably in the palm of my hand.

A family quickly brings their luggage out, drops it, and gets away from the Professor and his inventions as fast as possible. Szalinski turns the machine on and it begins to spin around sending the laser out of control.

(Shrinking Sequence - 1 MB) Female Computerized Voice: Activation in 15 ... 14 ... (continues countdown)

Wayne Szalinski: Whoa.

Nick: Dad?

Dr. Channing: Szalinski! What's going on?

Wayne Szalinski: Everything's under control here.

Dr. Channing: Are you sure?

Wayne Szalinski: Oh, yeah. I just have to reach the ... ow.

Dr. Channing: I'm trying to give a demonstration here, Szalinski.

Wayne Szalinski: There's a switch over here, Nick.

Dr. Channing: Turn it off!

Nick: Which one?

Dr. Channing: We'll do something else.

Wayne Szalinski: The blue one.

Nick: They're all blue.

Wayne Szalinski: They are?

The laser hits the right side wall of the stage (in the film) causing sparks and smoke to go off. Then it hits the left wall in the theater causing more sparks and smoke. The TV monitor goes black. Dr. Channing stands in front of the audience reminding them to make sure their safety goggles are on.

Dr. Channing: Please make sure that you have your safety goggles firmly secured on your forehead.

Nick: Dr. Channing! Look out!

The laser beam is now pointed right at Dr. Channing, but Nick pushes him out of the beam's way while at the same time getting in the way of the beam. Now, lightning-like sparks fill the screen and Nick along with the audience shrink through fast moving computer graphics. The floor and seats bounce as we land adding a very cool effect. Assistants walk over to inspect the tiny theater and we bounce every time they make a footstep. All we see are their legs and feet and the vast floor in front of us.

Male Assistant 1: Get Szalinski.

Male Assistant 2: Yes, sir.

Nick: It's OK. Don't worry everybody. I've been through this before. Dad! Dad!! We're down here.

Szalinski walks over and drops to the floor shaking us some more. He's wearing one of his "hands-free" helmet inventions that we saw in the pre-show. Flicking on a flashlight, he peers through a large magnifying glass at us.

Szalinski looking at Nick and audience

Wayne Szalinski: Everybody OK in there?

Nick: Down here!

Wayne Szalinski: Oh, there you are, Nick. Sorry everybody, the machine blew a fuse. I got some more in my office ... I hope.

Nick: Good luck!

Diane: Wayne, thank goodness you're all right. Is everything OK?

Wayne Szalinski: Honey, I shrunk the audience.

Diane: (Drops a hands-free helmet with binoculars on the top causing an echo) You what?!

Wayne Szalinski: I'll be right back.

Diane: Wait, wait, where's Nick?

Nick: Mom! Hey mom! I'm down here! (Diane gasps) I dropped my snake. I .. I think he might be over there.

Diane faints falling to the floor.

Dr. Channing: She didn't land on anyone, did she? Don't worry, she'll be fine. Um, look. Just stay in your seats, ladies and gentlemen, and we'll blow you up as soon as possible. All right? You know what I mean.

Dr. Channing and an assistant pick her up and carry her out of view.

Nick: Be careful with her. Don't drop her on anything. I should be used to this by now. Uh, oh. Here comes trouble!

Adam: Ooo, little people.

Adam comes over with his red and yellow camera and zooms the lens in closer. He then takes a picture setting off a bright flash and a loud echo sound.

Nick: You'll blind us! What are you trying to do?! Little brat. You don't ...

Adam: I'm going to show the little people to mommy.

Promotional shot showing Adam picking up an audience member - not an actual scene from the attraction

Adam goes around to the back of the theater, grabs the audience (his little hands are seen on both sides of the screen) and picks the theater up. His un-steadiness causes us to bounce up and down.

Nick: Leave the little people. Adam, Adam! Don't pick us up! Whoa. Adam! Slow down. Whoa! Ad- Put us down!

Male Assistant: Easy Adam. Easy.

Nick: Give him the theater. Give him the theater! Adam!

Adam takes us past some assistants and shows us to a cameraman. The TV monitor next to the cameraman shows us what he is shooting. We can see a close-up on members of the shrunken audience.

Nick: Put us ... Look, we're on TV! Whoa!! Whoa. Adam. Stop. Stop. Stand still, Adam. Get my dad. Stop. Turn around.

Male Assistant: Interesting.

Christy: Go find Professor Szalinski. Adam, just watch where you're going, OK?

Female Assistant: (Looking at us through binoculars) Oooo!

Adam: Hi, mom. Look what I got.

Diane: (Diane has recovered, but is still sitting on the floor where she had been laid down.) Adam, you put that theater back where you found it right now. March young man!

Dr. Channing: And for goodness sake, don't drop them. All right? On second thought, Adam, maybe you should just give it to me. All right? Come on Adam. Just give me the theater.

Nick: Not a good idea, not a good ...

Dr. Channing grabs the theater and tries to pull it away from Adam.

Adam: Mine!

Dr. Channing: (Lets go) OK, OK, just put it down gently. Put it exactly where it was, otherwise the exits won't line up. Ah, good. Good boy. Szalinski? Have you fixed that thing yet?

Wayne Szalinski: I think I got it.

The machine fizzles and knocks the lights out again momentarily.

Wayne Szalinski: I guess not.

Nick: Oh, no! Gigabyte!! Everybody, stay still. I haven't fed him yet...

Gigabyte, the snake, drops by for a visit©Disney

The audience screams when the snake appears and opens its mouth wide getting ready to bite. You hear Quark, the dog, bark and the snake turns its head in that direction, then snaps its head back to the audience (more screams) and then slithers off. Quark comes in (wearing his yellow safety goggles), looks down at Nick, barks and then chases after the snake.

Wayne Szalinski: Way to go, Quark!

Diane: (Stoops down with Adam and laughs) Ya know, Nicky, if these kinds of things don't stop happening, no one is gonna invite us anywhere.

Nick: Mom, just tell dad to hurry up before one of those Disney sweeping people comes through.

Diane: OK.

Wayne Szalinski: I fixed the machine! Stand clear everybody.

Diane: Come on, Adam.

Wayne Szalinski: Let's hope the power holds out.

Dr. Channing: He's fixed it! See, I told you everything would be fine. Ha, ha, ha. Szalinski! This had better work, otherwise the Institute will be ruined. Think of all those tiny lawsuits.

Nick: Hold on everybody, here we go.

The machine just before the audience is blown up back to normal

Szalinski points the machine in close at the audience and blows us up back to normal. Now that the theater is back to normal size, the exit doors line up (as Dr. Channing asked for) and the "EXIT" signs light up again. Nick (now back to normal), Diane and Adam all meet and shake hands/hug.

Nick: Way to go, dad.

Wayne Szalinski: (To Adam) Hey there, buddy.

Diane: You did it, honey.

Christy: Nick, you were so brave!

Dr. Channing: So, it is with great pleasure that I present the Inventor of the Year Award to Professor Wayne Szalinski. (Audience applauds)

Wayne Szalinski: Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. Ya know, when I began tinkering in my attic just a few years ago ...

Nick: Dad!!

Wayne Szalinski: Nick, I'm in the middle of my acceptance speech.

Nick: We got a big problem.

Wayne Szalinski: How big?

Nick: Humongous.

Diane: (Gasps) Wayne, you didn't.

Wayne Szalinski: Honey, I did. I blew up the dog.

Apparently, while we were being blown up, the dog got in the way and was blown up too. The gigantic dog comes in and assistants run around in a panic.

Huge Quark enters stage

Dr. Channing: Bring in the curtain! (Dog barks and causes echoes) Quiet! See you in a bit. Same time next year - with any luck.

Wayne Szalinski: Stay put.

Dr. Channing: Shrink that dog!

Wayne Szalinski: Stay boy.

Female Assistant: Watch out for his tail.

Promotional shot showing a giant Quark coming in towards the audience - not exactly as it is in the attraction©Disney

A red curtain is drawn closed, but we can tell there is a lot of commotion going on on stage because people and the dog are pushing against it here and there.

Dr. Channing: That's it. No more pets allowed on Institute property.

Wayne Szalinski: Stay boy.

Christy: Oh, no!

Dr. Channing: Help! Call the SPCA! Call the National Guard!

Wayne Szalinski: Come here, boy. Come here. Come here, boy.

Dr. Channing: Sit, sit, no, no, no, don't sit.

Quark has pushed aside the curtain just enough to get his head through. He sniffs in a few times and then blows a wet sneeze at the audience.

Diane: (Reprimanding) Quark! You know better than that.

Wayne Szalinski: Watch out for the cable!!

The original curtain with the Imagination Institute logo starts to come down to save us from the dog, but it is too late. Quark has now hit a cable and knocked the lights out. When they come back on, the curtain is fully down.

Nick: Ew, drool. Get away from me.

Cast Member: Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's safe to remove your safety goggles now. Please look around you and gather up all your personal belongings and exit through the doors to the left. Please deposit your safety goggles in the silver bins as you exit the building and thank you for joining us today. Bye-bye.

We wipe off the water from the sneeze, gather up our things, and proceed out the doors to the left. While exiting, we can hear the commotion continuing backstage. One person is heard asking "Do we have a rope in the van?" After we toss the 3-D glasses into the bins, we proceed out into the Journey Into Imagination courtyard where we can stop by the fountains and watch the perfect streams of water jump from one spot to the next. Or, if we haven't visited with Dreamfinder and Figment yet, we can take a Journey Into Imagination.

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