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The Journey Into Imagination ride closed on October 10, 1998. A new ride featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the Imagination Institute opened in its place on October 1, 1999. However, you can still relive Journey Into Imagination right here.

Entering through the automatic sliding doors below the glass pyramids, a sign sporting the baby purple dragon, Figment, says "Welcome to Journey Into Imagination." We find ourselves in a light and airy atrium where a mural containing scenes from the attraction cover the walls. From right to left, the mural features Dreamfinder in his Dream Catching Machine, a rainbow, a flower garden, a giant organ/typewriter surrounded by monsters and ghosts, dancers, Figment at the theater, and Figment as a movie star followed by Dreamfinder again in his Dream Catching Machine. Approaching the ride vehicles, we hear this standard safety announcement:

Male Announcer: Please step into the moving vehicles carefully. The automatic doors will slide closed. Please keep your hands and arms inside your vehicle and remain seated throughout your journey. Thank you.

Female Announcer: The vehicle is moving. Please step in carefully. The automatic doors will slide closed. Along your journey, kindly remain seated keeping your hands and arms inside the vehicle. Thank you.

Male Announcer: Please step carefully into the moving vehicles. The doors slide closed automatically. Kindly remain seated throughout your journey keeping your hands and arms inside your vehicle. Thank you.

Once we have boarded the blue, 7-passenger vehicles, we proceed into a darkened room filled with two-dimensional clouds. As we are flying through the clouds, we hear Dreamfinder singing the chorus to "One Little Spark."

A dream can be a dream come true
With just that spark
In me and you

Up ahead, an animated film shows the shadow of Dreamfinder's Dream Catching Machine flying through the clouds. The machine picks up a series of glowing "ideas" as it navigates its way across the screen. Dreamfinder hums along to the "One Little Spark" tune and then sings again:

Ha, ha, ha. Imagination
A dream can be a dream come true
With just that spark
In me and you

Turning to the left, the clouds begin to disappear as we see an Audio-Animatronic Dreamfinder flying right along with us. Our vehicle turns 90 degrees to the right so that we are looking directly at him. While it may seem that we have stopped moving, our vehicle and Dreamfinder and his Dream Catching Machine are still moving all at the same speed. We will continue like this for the next three and a half minutes, making this part of the attraction truly unique. The objects that both Dreamfinder and Figment imagine throughout the "One Little Spark" sequence are projected in the background. I have marked those objects with { }. The objects and ideas are picked up by the front of the Dream Catching Machine and work their way through pipes and gadgets until they are stored in the idea bag at the back of the machine. As with the other scripts, words that I wasn't 100% positive about are marked with [ ].


One little spark
Of inspiration
Is at the heart, ha, ha
Of all creation
Right at the start
Of everything that's new
One little spark
Lights up for you

Oh, hello there. So glad you could come along. I am the Dreamfinder. Ah, ha, ha, ha. Musical notes! {music terms and notes} What delightful melodies those will make. I love these flights of fancy. Searching the universe for sounds, colors, ideas, anything that sparks the imagination. A sun beam, {bright beam of sunlight} that's a good one. Ho, ho, hooo. Everything I collect can inspire amazing and marvelous new ideas, and you never know what kind of figment you may come up with. Ho, ho, here's my favorite.

Two tiny wings
Eyes big and yellow {big eyes}
Horns of a steer {Moo sound}
But a lovable fellow!
From head to tail
He's royal purple pigment
And there, Voil·!
You've got a Figment

Ha, a figment of imagination!

Figment appears and laughs.

Dreamfinder and Figment

Figment: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Dreamfinder, I'm just right!

Dreamfinder: Ah, ah, ah. Not quite.

Figment: Huh?

Dreamfinder: I'll throw in a dash of childish delight.

Figment: O, ho, ho, ha, ha...

Dreamfinder: Look Figment. Some new friends have joined us.

Figment: Can they imagine too?

Dreamfinder: Of course. Imagination is something that belongs to all of us!

Figment: You mean, everyone can think up new things?

Dreamfinder: Ha, ha, ha, that's right Figment. And every sparkling idea can lead to even more.

So many times
We're stumbling in the dark {dark clouds and rain}
And then, Eureka! {lightning strikes}
What a spark!

Figment: H-h-how're we gonna use lightning?

Dreamfinder: Hmmm. We can combine it with ghostly shivers on a stormy night {full moon, ghosts}

Figment: (Shivers) Oooo...

Dreamfinder: And turn them into a tale of fright! Ha, ha. (Devilish laugh)

Figment: Oh, oh, look, look! A rainbow! {rainbow} I'll use that to paint with.

Dreamfinder: Now you've got it!

Figment: Wow, wow, wow! Numbers, letters, papers for writing. Costumes, make-up, stages for lighting. {theater images} Teardrops, laughter. Ha, ha, ha ...

Dreamfinder: What about science?

Figment: Science! {E=mc2, geometric shapes, the atom, CO2} We'll need electron beams and crystal prisms, gyroscopes and magnetisms, holograms in three dimensions ...

Dreamfinder: Hold on Figment.

The word "Full" lights up as the idea bag can't hold any more ideas.

Figment: Why?

Dreamfinder: The idea bag is full.

Figment: It is? Let's start making new things!

Dreamfinder: (Laughing) Now wait. First we must store these ideas with the others in the Dreamport.

Figment: Are we almost there?

Dreamfinder: Oh, the Dreamport is never far away, when you use your imagination.

Figment: Come on everybody. Let's go!

We all have sparks

Figment: Yeah!

That's how our minds
Create creations

Figment: Heh, heh, heh, ha.

Right at the start
Of everything that's new
One little spark
Lights up for you

Figment: Oh boy!

Dreamfinder & Figment:
A dream can be
A dream come true
With just that spark
In me and you

Figment: Ha, ha, ha...

We have now made a complete 360 degree circle from where we first met Dreamfinder. Continuing on to the left, we enter the Dreamport where gadgets and gizmos covered with gears and dials abound. This is where everything that Dreamfinder and Figment imagined is stored for later use. To relate it to the mind, this is the place that the senses are constantly sending information back to. The idea bag is now hooked up to a machine that is processing the multitude of ideas. The Imaginometer machine has a series of meters on it each one with a different function: "Dreams," "Sights," "Ideas," "Colors," "Sounds," "Words," etc. Another meter (filled with water which bubbles up and down) shows how full the Imaginometer is: "Full," "Almost Full," "Half Way," "Almost Empty," and "Empty." The Imaginometer will sort the sparks of inspiration gathered in the idea bag and will recall them later throughout the ride.

On the left is a large gold container labeled "Deep Thoughts" with a hologram inside (which can be seen through a window). Some of the other objects here include a giant coffee pot emptying steaming coffee into four cups suspended over our heads, a locked chest labeled "Fog Bank," a box whose lid opens revealing dozens of hands clapping, a bunch of clear plastic cylinders with a rainbow of color lighting them up, mini-lightning bolts, a tornado swirling (a brain storm), a sign that says "Neon" made from neon tubes, molecular structures, and bags of warm South winds and cold North winds that strike us as we pass under them. Barrels with the word "Laughs" written on them tower toward the ceiling (Barrel of Laughs) and a large birdcage contains lots of musical notes sitting on perches that also look a little like birds (song birds). File cabinets labeled "Buzzes," "Groans," "Barks," "Oohs," "Aahs" and others cast sounds into the room. A large perfume bottle sprays "Morning Mist" into the room. That scent of fresh flowers prepares us for the next scene.

Moving into the "A Work of Art" sequence, spouts pour "Sun Rays," "Molten Lava," and "Gem Stones" creating a fountain of color which Dreamfinder then uses as paint. The tip of Dreamfinder's paintbrush (made using fiber optics) changes colors as he paints a large flower, river, and animal filled painting.

Dreamfinder painting his 'Work of Art'

Origami-like Animals

Mix red and gold
From autumn flowers
Purple and blue
From twilight hours
Green summer hills
And rainbows play a part, ha, ha
A painter's brush, ha
A work of art

This scene features large plain white animals and flowers which appear as if they were made out of paper. The objects are colorfully lit and peaceful music completes the mood. An origami-like fish, lion, ostrich, unicorn and camel are rotating under a giant flower. Figment is sitting at the base of a group of flowers wearing an artist's bČret and tie. Remember the rainbow Figment said he would use "to paint with?" Well, he is holding an open gold pot with a rainbow shooting out and the rainbow is splashing color onto the flowers.

As we move our way through the scene, the clouds lining the wall on the right change from fluffy white to look like an angry face that is blowing dark clouds and winds. The scene's lighting grows darker and lightning strikes up ahead. We then enter the "Tales of Terror" segment. Dreamfinder is playing away at an organ in the shape of a volcano and the letter "A," but instead of a typical musical keyboard, it has the typewriter/computer keyboard which suggests that this sequence is devoted to the imagination's role in creative writing. Lava and smoke erupt from the volcano and the letters that Dreamfinder plays spew out and are transformed into words which are then transformed into images later in the sequence. Some of the words that erupt include "Horror," "Danger," and "Thrill."

One chilling word
Like shriek or killer
Can spark the mind
To start a thriller
Add some more sparks
Like dagger, blood and gory
And then ...
A mystery story


Figment is holding three blocks with letters on them. The letters spell "CAT" and a shadow of a cat is reflected on the full moon behind Figment. Figment then turns the "C" block over revealing a "B" which then spells "BAT." The shadow of the cat changes to the shadow of a bat. Laying around him are several other letter blocks including three set together to spell "WED" - referring to Walter Elias Disney and WED Enterprises, Walt Disney Imagineering's name when the ride was constructed, and "TB" for Imagineer Tony Baxter.

The next room features large words like "Avalanche," "Tumble," "Sway," and "Shake" all moving the way their word says. The letters in "Sway" sway back and forth. The letters that make up "Avalanche" are about ready to fall on us. The loud sounds of falling rock lead to the next room where "Surprise" lights up along the wall. To the right is a container filled with fireworks shells. Above the container the shells explode revealing the words "Twinkle," "Flash," and "Sparkle." The loud crackle of fireworks gives way to a sparkling starfield. An animated red genie appears with a poof, laughs, and then the word "Genie" appears as he disappears.

Once Upon a Time

To the right, books are stacked to the ceiling; with names like "Serpents," "Trolls," "Giants," "Leprechauns," "Knights," "Dragons," and "Eyes" among other scary topics. The words "Once Upon a Time" lead up to a castle. Smoke coming out of the castle's chimney spells out the word "Fairytale." Lightning strikes as the word "Lightning" flashes. Figment holds his fingers in front of a flickering candle which casts a shadow of the word "Shadow" on the open book behind him. An animated film shows weird looking creatures moving in the night. The word "Dungeon" appears on the left and a few spooky red-eyed creatures peer out. Figment who is hanging onto a book (entitled "Nightmare") is suspended by chains from the ceiling. The sound of a raven crowing is heard. It's shadow is cast on top of an open book. The quote on the page is from Edgar Allen Poe's poem, "The Raven," and it says, "Quoth the raven, nevermore." A book with a coffin shape called "Vampires" is chained and nailed shut. It is shaking around as someone is trying to get out. Figment is trying to hold a book labeled "Monsters" closed, but the monsters keep pushing back trying to get out.

Continue on to Part 2 of the JII Ride Script.

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