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Honey, I Shrunk the Audience Logo

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In front of us is the screen which will become the stage for the show. The "curtain" has the Imagination Institute logo on it. To the left of the screen is the Cast Member podium and above that is a smaller screen that will be used for close-up shots of the action on stage.

Cast Member: Hello, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Imagination Institute presented through a generous grant from Kodak. Once again, we'd like to remind you that the goggles are a loan, so we ask that you please return them at the end of this presentation. And for your safety, we ask that you remain seated at all times. Thank you.

A brief musical interlude is played as everyone gets settled and then the Cast Member continues. We can see some activity going on behind the curtain.

Cast Member: Ladies and gentlemen, please put on your safety goggles now. These will protect you from any flying debris that can occur during any scientific demonstration. And once again I'd like to remind you there is no eating, drinking, video taping or flash photography.

One of the machines from behind the curtain accidentally zaps a laser through the curtain at the podium. After the flash, smoke rises from the podium and the Cast Member says:

Cast Member: Oh, I forgot, no smoking. Good luck.

Lights on the stage come on allowing us to see through the curtain to what is happening on the stage. Peering through the curtain, Christy and another assistant discuss whether the show should start yet.

Imagination Institute curtain with assistants peeking through it at audience

Male Assistant: Christy, how much time do we have left?

Christy: Not much. Uh, oh. The audience is already seated. Where's Professor Szalinski?

Male Assistant: I don't know.

Christy: Um. Hello everybody. We'll be with you in just a minute - soon as we find the guest of honor.

Male Assistant 2: Look! There he is!

Christy: Professor Szalinski!!

Szalinski, riding his HoverPod, flies around the stage, the assistants duck as he flies overhead. He then comes through the curtain, ripping it, and appears right in front of us.

Wayne Szalinski: Well, hello! As you can see, I used my shrinking machine to not only shrink my size, but also my personal HoverPod. Now I get 22 miles to the teaspoon. Whoa, watch out, those blades are sharp! (Flies in close - like he's talking directly to you.) Well, hi, how're you doing? Having a good time? Anyway, this machine combines speed, altitude and hover capabilities. Left and right - all controlled by this little delicate piece of machinery. (He tosses it in the air and it falls to the ground breaking. The HoverPod goes out of control zig-zagging through the curtain and across the stage.) Whoooa! Nothing to worry about! Whoa... Watch out! I haven't invented an emergency break yet, but I'm in full control! Watch your heads!! Whoa!

Male Assistant: Now what do we do?

Christy: Start the show!

Male Assistant: Go!

Assistants: No, wait!

The music starts and spotlights flash across the ripped curtain. The curtain rises and Christy introduces Dr. Channing.

Christy: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Chairman of the Imagination Institute, Dr. Nigel Channing.

The audience applauds as Dr. Channing enters from the back of the stage.

Dr. Channing: Thank you. Welcome to our annual open house. On this day each year, we recognize our most innovative scientists. And this year, the award is going to a true ... (long pause) ... genius. Ah, at the moment, he is only a little man, but, believe me, he has BIG ideas.

A mostly red neon sign with the Institute logo and "INVENTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD" written on it moves out while the winged portion of the logo flap up and down until it reaches its position. Red lights (acting as the light being cast by the neon light in the movie) shine on us in the audience.

Dr. Channing: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you ... (Musical introduction - spotlight focuses on the left side of the stage.) I give you ... (Musical introduction again - spotlight shines in different spot on the right).

Szalinski flies out again on his out of control HoverPod.

Wayne Szalinski: Anyone find my control box?

Dr. Channing: Szalinski! Watch out for the (crash) ...

Wayne Szalinski: (Groan) Oh.

Dr. Channing: Sign.

Szalinski's HoverPod hits the neon sign which knocks most of the letters out so that the sign now says "NERD."

Wayne Szalinski: I'm sorry! I'll pay for that! (still careening about stage)

Christy: Professor Szalinski?!!

Wayne Szalinski: Whoa, whoa, whoa!!

This time, he crashes into the sign and the glass shatters into pieces falling to the flinching, screaming audience below. The Professor flies off stage again.

Wayne Szalinski: I'm OK! No problem. I'll be back!

Dr. Channing: The Professor certainly knows how to make an entrance. Not to mention an exit. (He turns and instructs Christy) Get that man back here immediately.

Christy: Yes, sir.

Dr. Channing: (Whispers to an assistant.) Hurry up and find him! (Looks at watch) Ha. We seem to have a little time on our hands, so, why don't we ... (looks across stage and sees Diane telling an assistant that she needs to go help find her husband) ... why don't we meet the inspiration behind the perspiration. Let's meet the Professor's wife without whom the Professor would not be ... wherever he is ... today. Let's meet Diane Szalinski. (Audience applauds)

Diane: Nick, Nick. Sorry. I've got to go help find Wayne. Nicky, you watch Adam, OK? Quark, fetch daddy! (Dog barks twice)

Diane steps onto the platform.

Dr. Channing: Hello Diane.

Diane: Hello, nice to see you, bye-bye. (She exits the platform)

Dr. Channing: Wait!

Diane: Here we go again, Quark. (Dog barks again)

Dr. Channing: Well, ha, ha, bye Diane. Um, why don't we meet the ... the rest of the Professor's family, his two sons ... (checks card for names) ... Nick and Adam. (Audience applauds as both of them walk up onto the platform)

Dr. Channing: What ... what is that?

Dr. Channing meets Nick and Gigabyte

Nick: It's my python, Gigabyte.

Dr. Channing: A snake!

Nick: I wouldn't leave him in the van.

Dr. Channing: Why would you leave him in a van? (Nervous laugh) Ha, ha. And does he also have a dangerous reptile secreted about his person? (Gestures to Adam)

Nick: He ... he brought Photon.

Dr. Channing: A snake?

Nick: His mouse.

Dr. Channing: A mouse! Huh, ha, ha. How cute. Let's see him. Oh, Photon. And what do you feed Photon?

Adam: Jelly beans, boogers, and pizza.

Male Security 1: (Heard from the back left part of the theater. Talking on walkie-talkies) Anyone found Szalinski yet? Over.

Male Security 2: (Heard from the back right part of the theater) Not over here. Over.

Dr. Channing: Well, ah. If the Professor were here, we would be demonstrating his Dimensional Duplicator.

Nick: I .. I can do it.

Dr. Channing: What?

Nick: I spent time in the lab with my dad.

Dr. Channing: Why should I trust the most expensive piece of research equipment to a boy with a snake around his neck?

Nick: 'Cause I can turn it on.

(Mice Sequence - 1.4 MB) Dr. Channing: Right! Bring on the Duplicator. This, ah, Dimensional Duplicator was developed right here by the Professor. This fantastic machine can make exact replicas of any object at all.

Duplicator's Male Computerized Voice: Insert item to be duplicated now.

Nick turns on the machine and then walks back to Dr. Channing. They don't notice that Adam drops his mouse into the chamber and enters the number 999 for the quantity.

Dr. Channing: Now, as I understand it, Nick, all you do is you drop the object into the chamber, you press the button and presto. It's so easy, even a child can do it. Ha, so now all we need is something to duplicate.

Male Computerized Voice: Commencing copy mode.

Dr. Channing: What!!

Nick: Adam! Get down. You're not supposed to play on that! (He picks Adam up and moves him away from the machine.)

Adam: No. Photon!

Dr. Channing: Nick! Turn this machine off. Turn it off! (Lights flicker as machine draws power)

Nick: I don't know how.

Dr. Channing: What do you mean you don't know how?! I thought you said you could work it!

Nick: He only showed me how to turn it on.

The machine overloads and smoke rises from it. The lights on stage flicker for a moment.

Dr. Channing: Ah! Well, well pull the plug!

Christy: (Calling to the assistants up on the rafters above) Cut the power!

Nick: There is no plug. It's under nuclear power or something.

Christy: Cut it!!

Dr. Channing: It's nuclear what?!!

The assistants cut the power and the lights go out. The room falls silent except for the sound of mice.

Christy: Where are all the mice going?

Nick: Towards the people.

Dr. Channing: Out to the audience?

By now, the audience is going nuts screaming and laughing as they feel the mice brush past their legs. Assistants turn on flashlights and then the main lights come back on. The only way to get rid of the mice, is with a cat, so Dr. Channing, Nick, and the assistants turn to Professor Szalinski's pet holograph machine.

Nick: How are we going to get rid of them?

Dr. Channing: Um, I think this would be the perfect time to demonstrate Professor Szalinski's No Mess HoloPet.

Nick turns this machine on and a holographic image of a cat is projected above Dr. Channing's head.

Dr. Channing: It's perfect for those who want the ... (looks at image and jumps back) oh, companionship of a pet with none of the associated mess ... (cat meows) ... or mice!

Nick: Give it more power.

The cat morphs into a lynx and opens its sharp toothed mouth making a small roar.

Nick: Too much! Too much!

The lynx now morphs into a ferocious lion which gives a loud roar. Dr. Channing ducks onto the floor, assistants scream (not to mention the audience), and run away from the sparking machine. The lion now brings out his paw and claws at us. The stage lights flicker and go out as the holographic image is sucked back into the machine. Szalinski comes flying back out still on his HoverPod.

Dr. Channing: Professor Szalinski, care to drop in and join us?

Wayne Szalinski: Don't worry, this baby stops on a dime. Anybody got a dime? Don't worry about it. OK, get it working. Hit it!

He flies to the back of the stage, just out of view and the assistants put the shrinking ray on him turning him back to normal size.

Nick: Dad! You need some help? Dad?

Dr. Channing: Is he all right?

Nick: He's OK, he's back to normal.

Dr. Channing: That's good?

See what the Professor messes up next on the HISTA Script Page 2.

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