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Magic Journeys - Coming in the future. Until then, here are the lyrics to the Magic Journeys song as presented on the Official Album cassette/CD. If you have a video or audio recording of Magic Journeys, please email me! Captain EO replaced Magic Journeys in 1986 and brought many new special effects to EPCOT. Here is the complete script and a brief introduction about the creation of this attraction. The Imagination Institute is holding their annual "Inventor of the Year Awards" ceremony and you are lucky enough to be in the audience. This year's award goes to Professor Wayne Szalinski, the inventor of the shrinking and enlarging machine. This special effects filled 3-D attraction utilizes very realistic effects both on screen and off. WARNING: If you have not experienced this attraction in person, you may NOT want to read the script because it gives all of the great surprises away.

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