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INTERCOT > Theme Parks > Water Parks > Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach Sign

As legend has it, Blizzard Beach was created by a freak winter storm that dropped snow over the western side of the Walt Disney World Resort. A ski resort was quickly erected to take advantage of the snow. However, Temperatures soared, and as snow began to melt, and cascade down Mt. Gushmore, the first ski resort themed water adventure park was born!

Mount Gushmore is the park's centerpiece. This 90 foot high mountain houses the majority of the park's slides, both on the front and back sides. Paths (and lots of stairs) lead the way to the slides. Bobsledding down the snowy slopes of Mt. Gushmore or plunging straight down Summit Plummet at 60 mph will give you the spine-chilling thrills of a northern ski resort. But the Blizzard Beach water adventure park is pure tropical fun in the sun. It's like no other water park in the world.

Intercot Tips:

Arrive early if you hope to score a lounge chair. If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel, bring towels from your room or pool so you won't have to rent them. Just be sure to bring them back to your resort when you leave!

Walkways can get pretty hot in the summer months. Luckily, Disney has graciously provided irrigation systems to keep most paths wet, which helps cut down on burned feet. However, you may want to consider wearing water shoes or lightweight flip flops to protect your feet. Shoes must be removed and held while going down most slides, so keep that in mind.


Mt. Gushmore
Summit Plummet

At 120 feet high, it's the world's tallest, fastest free-fall speed slide, a breathtaking 60 mph plunge straight down to a splash landing at the base of the mountain. Visible from almost anywhere in the park. Must be at least 48 inches tall.
Summit Plummet
Slush Gusher Slush Gusher

This double humped slide, located next to Summit Plummet, provides a tamer ride than its partner on the mountain. This 90 foot slide provides plenty of thrill without the intimidation of the Plummet. Must be 48 inches tall.
Downhill Double Dipper

The world's only side-by-side racing slides allow passengers to travel at speeds of up to 25 mph in this thrilling water adventure. These partially enclosed slides feature racing flags, time clocks, and a buzzer. Guests ride in inner tubes on this one. Must be 48 inches tall.
Downhill Double Dipper
Racer Slide Toboggan Racers

An eight lane, 250 foot slide where guests "race" to the finish down a series of dips. Guests must lie head first on a mat.
Snow Stormers

Three flumes descend from the top of the mountain and follow a  switchback course that includes ski-type slalom gates. Guests must lie head first on a mat.
Snow Stormers
Chair Lift Chair Lift

Wooden-bench chair lifts sporting colorful overhead umbrellas and snow skis on their underside, converted from ski-resort to beach-resort use. These functional chairs carry Guests over the craggy face of Mt. Gushmore, from its base at the beach to its summit. No infants may ride. Up to 3 guests may ride in a single chair. Although fun and scenic, it's definitely the slowest way to the top of the mountain.
Runoff Rapids

An inner-tube run, where guests careen down twisting, turning flumes. Two open slides and one enclosed "black hole." Guests may ride single or double. The enclosed slide is for single tubes only.
Runoff Rapids
teamboat springs Teamboat Springs

The world's longest family whitewater raft ride takes up to six passengers down a twisting, 1,400-foot series of rushing waterfalls.
At the Base of  Mt. Gushmore
Melt Away Bay

A one-acre bobbing wave pool, nestled against the base of Mt. Gushmore, that is constantly fed by "melting snow" waterfalls. This pool is a tamer version of a true wave pool.
Meltaway Bay
Cross Country Creek Cross Country Creek

 A lazy creek circling the entire park, carrying floating Guests through a bone-chilling ice cave. Once inside the mysterious cave, guests are splashed with the "melting" ice from overhead. This 3,000 foot lazy river is quite a relaxing way to enjoy the park or use it as transportation to get to different areas. Signage will indicate which slide entrances are nearby. Guests may enter and exit only at designated locations. Inner tubes will be floating freely for guest use.
Tike's Peak

A kid-size version of Mt. Gushmore, including scaled-down attractions. In addition, this area features a snow-castle fountain play area and pop jets. Children must be UNDER 48 inches to play here, and adults must be accompanied by children who meet the height limit.
Tike's Peak
Ski Patrol Training Camp Blizzard Beach Ski Patrol Training Camp

Designed for pre-teens with inner-tube slides, a T-bar, a culvert pipe slide, and a challenging ice-floe: walk along slippery, floating icebergs. Although this area is fun, be aware that the water is VERY deep in certain locations and children must be strong swimmers to play here.


The Village

The Village

At the east end of the beach, the Village is your Guest Services location for locker and towel rental, and first aid. Within the Village is the Beach Haus, a specialty shop offering souvenirs, towels, bathing suits, sunglasses, and other essentials for a day on the slopes! Lottawatta Lodge is located here as well. The park's only full counter service locaton, this icicle adorned lodge serves up combo meals, beverages, and desserts.

Click on links for menus!

Lottawatta Lodge - Counter service featuring burgers, hot dogs, pizza, deli sandwiches, salads, ice cream, and beverages. Ski theme

Avalunch - Snack bar featuring hot dogs, nachos, snacks, and beverages.

Warming Hut - Snack bar featuring nachos, ice cream, snacks, and beverages.

Polar Pub - Soft drink and spirits

Frostbite Freddie's Frozen Freshments- Frozen lemonade, fresh fruit

IC ExpeditionsCooling Hut - Soft pretzels, popcorn, frozen ice cream treats, hot and cold beverages

I.C. Expeditions - Ice cream stand serving up floats, sundaes, waffle cones, and more

Mini Donuts - Located near the park entrance, this stand serves up addicting mini donuts by the dozen or half dozen. Fried fresh and rolled in cinnamon sugar, these donuts are amazing plain, although raspberry, chocolate, and white chocolate dipping sauces are available. Soft drinks, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate also available.


Cabana Rentals
Guests can now rent premium cabanas at Blizzard Beach. These cabanas, called Polar Patios, accommodate up to six guests and cost $250 per day. They include an attendant, beverages, towels, and more. Premium Umbrella spaces are also available to rent. For more details, or to make a reservation, call 407-939-7529. Prices may vary seasonally.


Locker/Towel Rentals
Lockers can be rented near the main entrance. Locker rooms/restrooms are equipped with showers. Other locker/restrooms can be found around the park. There are both large and small lockers available to rent, as well as towels. Life jackets and inner tubes are available at various locations around the park, free of charge.


Located near Disney's All-Star Resorts. Guests may take Walt Disney World buses from various locations throughout Walt Disney World. Buses share the route with Animal Kingdom. When leaving Blizzard Beach, guests may take a bus back to their resort OR to either Epcot or Hollywood Studios. If driving, exit I-4 at Magic Kingdom®, exit, and follow the signs. Parking is free at Blizzard Beach.


Admission is included with some Theme Park passes. Single day tickets and annual passes are also available. You can view the various options by visiting the link below.

Walt Disney World Ticket Information


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