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INTERCOT > Theme Parks > Magic Kingdom > Adventureland > Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates Of The Caribbean FastPass+ Enabled Attraction

Drink up me hearties yo ho! Take a boat trip through the rough seas and villages of the Caribbean. An action packed voyage through secret caverns, sea battles and treasure troves. One of the most enjoyable rides in the whole park.

Dead men tell no tales... but they might bring back some cool attraction video - see below!

Intercot Tip: We recommend riding at night as lines are usually shorter then. Since the advent of Fastpass+, standby lines for this ride tend to be on the longer side. The queue, although long, is a great place to cool off during peak daylight hours in the summer. 


FastPass+ Enabled Attraction

Fun Facts

  • The Walt Disney World attraction features 125 Audio-Animatronics figures -- 65 pirates and villagers and 60 animals and birds.

  • Caribbean Plaza in Adventureland, where the attraction is located, features the Spanish and English architectural styles of the 18th century West Indies.

  • Flat-bottomed boats that seat 15-18 passengers take guests on a gentle journey through a flume containing approximately 155,000 gallons of water, but beware -- there's a single plunge down a 14-foot chute in darkness, followed by a mild splash.

  • Paul Frees and Thurl Ravenscroft provided the voice for many of the attraction's colorful characters. The prolific voice artists also can be heard throughout The Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom.

  • Lyricist X. Atencio supplied the voice for the talking skull and crossbones that delivers an ominous warning to passing guests: "Dead men tell no tales."


  • Pirates of the Caribbean first opened at Disneyland in 1967 and continues to delight guests today. According to Disney archivist Dave Smith, many guests still consider it their favorite theme park attraction.

  • The Disneyland attraction originally was conceived by Walt Disney as a walk-through exhibit until the 1964 World's Fair presentations created by WED Enterprises (now Walt Disney Imagineering) paved the way for a more sophisticated kind of three-dimensional storytelling known as Audio-Animatronics®.

  • Veteran Disney animator and Imagineer Marc Davis created hundreds of humorous pirate drawings during the attraction's development in the early 1960s, sketches that Disney sculptor Blaine Gibson helped bring to life as Audio-Animatronics figures.

  • The jaunty theme song by lyricist X. Atencio and composer George Bruns, "Yo Ho, Yo Ho; a Pirate's Life for Me," sets the attraction's light tone with its tongue-in-cheek depiction of high-seas lawlessness:

    Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
    We pillage, plunder, we rifle and loot
    Drink up me 'earties yo ho
    We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot
    Drink up me 'earties yo ho

    2006 Rehab Photos:
    (click on any thumbnail to enlarge or tour photos by clicking on the first)

    Attraction Video

    Video of the ride prior to the addition of Captain Jack

    Dead Men Tell No Tales (:10)

    Parrot Spiel (2:31)

    Attraction Photos

    photosm.gif (1068 bytes) Boarding the ride
    photosm.gif (1068 bytes) Dead men still play chess
    photosm.gif (1068 bytes) Steering the ship
    photosm.gif (1068 bytes) Escape from jail?  Nice doggie!
    photosm.gif (1068 bytes) We wants the redhead
    photosm.gif (1068 bytes) Yo Ho a pirates life for me
    photosm.gif (1068 bytes) Original Exterior


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