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IllumiNations ('98-99)

February 1, 1998 to September 21, 1999

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This version of the show is the same as the second 25th Anniversary version only with references to the 25th removed. Before the show began during the month of February, 1998, "Epcot Salutes the Black Heritage Celebration" spiraled around the globe in the center of the lagoon. Pre-show music, which begins about 20 minutes before the show, starts to get waiting guests in the mood for the show. Several announcements are made to inform guests how much longer they will have to wait before he show begins.

Male Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, in 15 minutes Epcot and GE will present IllumiNations. At GE, we bring good things to life. The show can be experienced all around the World Showcase Lagoon. Because of lower light levels around the lagoon, please watch your step and take small children by the hand during the show. Get ready, because IllumiNations will begin in 15 minutes. Thank you.

Male Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, in just 10 minutes the Epcot family and GE gladly join in presenting IllumiNations. At GE, we bring good things to life. There are still lots of great places to watch the show all around the lagoon. Because of fireworks and lower light levels during the show, for your safety, we ask that you remain on the promenade side of all railings. During the show, please watch your step and take small children by the hand. Find a good spot because IllumiNations will begin in just 10 minutes. Thank you.

Male Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, in just 5 minutes the Epcot family and GE will celebrate Walt Disney World's IllumiNations. At GE, we bring good things to life. There are still lots of great places to watch the show all around the lagoon. Because of fireworks and lower light levels during the show, for your safety, we ask that you remain on the promenade side of all railings. During the show, please watch your step and take small children by the hand. Find a good spot because IllumiNations will begin in just 5 minutes. Thank you.

Shortly after this announcement, the music fades out and guests wait eagerly for the show to begin. Things are fairly quiet around the lagoon with the exception of people talking and a boat zipping by doing last minute checks. Then the pavilion lights are turned off, the lights along the walkways fade, and the show begins.

Male Announcer: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to IllumiNations! Join us now as the countries of World Showcase welcome all of you to our worldwide family.

"Remember the Magic" - World Showcase Salute
(Based on the WDW 25th Anniversary song "Remember the Magic" [1996])

Lyricist: Cheryl Berman
Composer: Ira Antelis
Arranger & Orchestrate: Gregory Smith


Chorus: Remember the Magic!

To open the show, cast members from the World Showcase pavilions welcome guests from their countries/regions. Special Thanks to the World Showcase cast members for helping me with the translations and Jorge Schmidt for the German translation.

Canada - Male: From my country, please welcome our Guests of Honor from Canada.

Italy - Female: And from Europe, diamo il benvenuto a membri de la nostra famiglia Italiana. ("We welcome the members of our Italian family.")

France - Female: From the land of my birth, veuillez accueillir nos familles francaises. ("Please welcome our French family.")

Germany - Female: And from my homeland, begruessen wir unsere familienmitglieder aus Deutschland recht herzlich. ("We sincerely welcome our family members from Germany.")

United Kingdom - Male (Paul): From the British Isles, please also welcome our family from the United Kingdom. (Paul was a bartender at the Rose and Crown Pub at this pavilion.)

Norway - Male: And from my home in Scandanavia, huer vennlig a ønske vare Norske gjester vellkomen! ("Be kind and welcome our Norwegian guests.")

Morocco - Female: And from Africa, Arabic language. ("We want to welcome the guests of honor from Morocco." [Read Arabic from right to left.])

China - Female: From the land of the Orient, Chinese. ("Welcome to the Chinese from all over the world.")

Japan - Male: From the land of the Rising Sun, Nippon no minasama yókoso okoshi kudasaimashita. ("Welcome Japanese tourists/guests." The same thing written with Japanese characters is this: Japanese.)

Mexico - Male: And from my wonderful land, acompañeme en darles la bienvenida a nuestra familia de Mexico. ("Join with me in welcoming our family from Mexico.")

USA - Female: And to all of our family members who have traveled here from around the United States, Welcome.

Male Announcer: Now, we invite you to join us as the nations of World Showcase come together and celebrate IllumiNations.

The first song played is IllumiNations Fanfare. The rest of the selections are listed in the order in which they were played. All of the selections were arranged by John Debney and orchestrated by Brad Dechter. Fireworks burst into the air.

  • IllumiNations Fanfare
    • [1997]
      • John Debney


  • Russian Dance - "Trepak"
    • from The Nutcracker Ballet [1892]
      • Peter Ilyich Tchaichovsky
  • Die Meistersinger Overture
    • from Die Meistersinger von N¨rnberg [1862-67]
      • Richard Wagner
  • Laideronette, Empress of the Pagodas
    • from "Ma Mère l'Oye" (Mother Goose Suite) [1910]
      • Maurice Ravel
  • Barber of Seville Overture
    • from Il Barbiere de Siviglia (The Barber of Seville) [1816]
      • Gioacchino Rossini
  • Overture to Suite No. 2
    • from Daphnis et Chloé Ballet [1912]
      • Maurice Ravel
  • Seventeen Come Sunday
    • March from English Folk Song Suite [1924]
      • Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • El Salón México
    • [1936]
      • Aaron Copland
  • Hoedown
    • from Rodeo Ballet [1942]
      • Aaron Copland
  • Colorful fountains, lasers, and flashing lights on the pavilions and on the barges are used extensively throughout Act I. The outlines of the world's continents rotate on the center ball. Projected by lasers on the mist screens are constantly changing geometric shapes and designs. Then the lasers project a slowly moving line that flows from side to side. When the brass instruments are featured, a laser trumpet is projected. Next, a bright star jumps around with a waving, curvy line following. More wavy lines, all connected forming a sphere, follow and, along with fireworks, end Act I.

    ACT II

  • Pini di Villa Borghese
    • from The Pines of Rome Symphonic Poem [1919]
      • Ottorino Respighi
  • The Aquarium
    • from Le Carnival des Animax (The Carnival of the Animals Suite) [1907]
      • Camille Saint-Saens
  • Hornpipe
    • from Water Music Suite [1717]
      • George Frederick Handel
  • A Night on Bald Mountain
    • [1886]
      • Modest Mussorgsky
  • Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity
    • from The Planets Suite [1914-16]
      • Gustav Holst
  • El Sombrero de Tres Picos
    • from The Three-Cornered Hat Ballet [1917]
      • Manuel de Falla
  • Act II features laser projected images of the Future World themes. The first shows a child (Life) spinning through the stars. The child picks up a light bulb (Innoventions). "E=mc2" appears. Out of the lightbulb (Imagination) comes a spinning object and an electron. The fountain spurts blue colored water up half way and the screen is filled with fish (Seas). The child's face appears in the lower left hand corner and watches a shark, whale, octopus, and dolphin swim around. Colored flowers appear next and the child smells them (Land). Comets are followed by dinosaurs (Energy). A car, which has the word "TEST" as in Test Track written on it, is formed next (Motion). The sound of a car engine zooming by is heard. A space satellite (Communication) spins around with a view of earth rotating in the lower right corner. Zooming in closer to earth, birds fly us in to central Florida where a satellite dish receives information. Finally, the child is seen one last time as it spins around and moves off into the distance. (The laser projections used here are the same as those used in Act II of IllumiNations 25 A, the original 25th Anniversary show, even though the music is different.)


    • Ode To Joy
      • Symphony No. 9 in D minor (Choral), Fourth Movement [1824]
        • Ludwig von Beethoven

    Act III begins with a bang and bright fireworks. The lasers, blinking lights, and dancing fountains combine with bright white fireworks filling the sky to create a spectacular finale.

    Male Announcer: The EPCOT family and G.E. hope all of you from around the world have enjoyed IllumiNations. G.E. - we bring good things to life. Thank you and good night.

    Total Running Time: 14 minutes

    The Exit Music, which includes melodies from  "A Worldwide Celebration," begins and repeats at least 4 times as guests are leaving the park. During February 1998, a giant laser-produced "Black Heritage Celebration" logo Black Heritage Celebration Logo was projected on Spaceship Earth. Following the Black Heritage Month Celebration in March 1998, the laser projection returned to be the outlines of the world's continents as was used in the original IllumiNations show. From July 2 to July 12, 1998, IllumiNations was shown without fireworks. This was because of the dangerous fire conditions throughout parts of Florida. All Disney fireworks shows were cancelled. IllumiNations during this time period was reprogrammed to feature a greater use of lights and lasers to make up for the absence of fireworks.

    The show's soundtrack is available on the updated "Official Album of Disneyland & Walt Disney World" and the "Official Album of Walt Disney World" which are available at the parks and from CDnow. Just click here to order the "Official Album of Disneyland & WDW" from CDnow. Or if you'd like to search for other music, just click here. CDnow logo

    July 4th Tag

    After the main show ends on the 4th of July, the following announcement is heard:

    Male Announcer: We hope you have enjoyed this evening's performance of IllumiNations. And now, to honor America, EPCOT Center and GE Lighting would like to present a special finale to celebrate this Fourth of July.

    The American Adventure's theme song, "Golden Dream," plays while red, white, and blue fireworks burst into the sky from the islands in the World Showcase Lagoon, from the perimeter of the lagoon, and from behind The American Adventure. Projected on the mist screens are images of the country, flag, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and others. Laser produced images of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Eagle lunar landing appear during the section of the song in which they are heard.

    Male Announcer: And now, ladies and gentlemen, our national anthem.

    Sandy Patti sings two verses of the song. During the first verse, shells explode at a steady pace every 10 seconds or so. When the second verse begins, pyrotechnic shells are launched from behind Germany all the way to behind Morocco filling the panorama. At the end of the song, they are launched from a special barge in the center of the lagoon at a constant rate filling 20 seconds straight of loud booms and bright fireworks. When the show ends, there is no closing announcement. An instrumental version of "Golden Dream" plays while guests heard towards the park exit.

    July 4th Add-on Running Time: 8 minutes 35 seconds


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