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    We'll be taking our sons out for a week after Thanksgiving this year. We've done it before, but only our oldest was in school, and he was in elementary school. This year he'll be in 8th grade. The funny thing is, he is the one we're getting resistance from about missing school. He doesn't want to have to make up all the work. We're sure he'll be fine and will be able to make all the work up when he gets back to school.
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    As a high school teacher, I deal with many requests for vacation work. It is usually not a big problem, but I--and I would imagine many of my fellow teachers--have been burned by more than one student and family. I so appreciate it when parents/students give ample time for me to consider the work that will be missed, and to decide what I'll send along and what the student should make up when s/he returns (it often depends on the content and types of activities). When students don't already miss lots of school, are generally hard workers and respectful, and do the work given, it typically works out fine.

    However, I've had some very upsetting situations. I've had students who were failing classes or on the verge of failing miss for a week at a time. I've had disrespectful students tell me that they were leaving for a week and "there's nothing you can do about it!" I had a young man miss two straight weeks of a public speaking class, and when I asked him to come in after school to make up the speeches he missed (the class had progressed way beyond those presentations), his parents refused, saying that since their taxes paid my salary I should let their son make up the work when it was convenient for them. I've also (more commonly) worked very hard to assemble work, including typing up lecture notes, and had students come back to school with notes from parents saying "Sorry, we couldn't fit in any time for homework so I told Sally you'd give her an extension." When teachers seem upset about students missing class, remember that not all families are respectful or responsible, and that makes it a negative issue for many educators who truly care about kids.
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    Because of my job with a major snack food company i could never get any time off when dd wasnt in school we always told her that her grades had to be kept up and any homework had to done as soon as possible when we got back
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    We took my sister's two children out of school for several days(i think it was 4 days) to take them to Disney. The oldest at 13 had no problem with school, but the younger one had a huge problem. Her mom went in and told each teacher and principal what we were planning. The principal said he did not believe in taking children out of school for vacation and marked her truant. My sister was so upset she said never again.! This girl is in the top of her grade and does not miss school. It is ridiculous that this was done. I think sometimes school officials overstep their bounds.
    My kids never had this problem and we would take them out for trips all the time.
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    Thank you, thank you to everyone that's replied! I wouldn't take the kids out for more than 3 days and, at this point, I think I'll wait to see how my son's doing at the beginnig of the year with the adjustment to middle school, and see how his teachers are, and decide then.

    I have to say that I really appreciate all the information provided here -

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