Quantcast After a long hiatus, I went back, Solo! - Trip 2 - Day 3
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    Exclamation After a long hiatus, I went back, Solo! - Trip 2 - Day 3

    (Me) - Former quasi-Disney expert, just past 50 years old.

    Disney's Yacht Club

    January 7-11th

    Day 3 – Hollywood Studios

    This was definitely the most special of all the days that I visited Disney for most people … but interestingly not that wonderful for me, because I did not qualify for many of these new perks. It was the first day that guests with dated tickets no longer had to make reservations, yippee (I had an annual pass, so I still needed park reservations)!!! Also, if these guests had purchased the Dining Plan, it began today whoo-hoo (I could not, since my stay began before the dining plan started being offered). Lastly, you could park hop prior to 2pm if you had a park hopper or an annual pass, yay, (now that I could do)! However, I figured the buses would be crowded due to this new feature and I decided to stay all day in each park that I visited on this trip.

    There was one little problem though. Super bad weather was heading our way with possible thunderstorms and tornados. :O They were supposed to hit after 2pm. Again, I found myself trying to cram a whole day of parks into a half day just like when I was in Animal Kingdom with Dad in September. Oh well, weather happens! I had breakfast in Ale & Compass – another Chocolate Waffle – turned out to be my favorite offering there, lol. Also, starting today, I would get asked “Will you be using the dining plan today?” 😊My answer was no, but it was nice to be asked.

    Then I scurried via boat to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. When I got in line to enter, I thought it was super crowded. It was not. It was still early entry time and the masses there were waiting for the regular rope drop! I never really do early rope drops as you’ve probably noticed from my reports – I’m usually eating at Ale & Compass when they happen, lol. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to be there that early. As I was walking down the street, I headed straight for Mickey & Minnie’s ride I noticed a lively conversation to the right of me and I just listened as we walked toward the same ride only they entered a little side door. When I got to the lightning lane entrance, my magic band did not work. The cast member looked at the computer and told me that I was too early. My lightening lane was for 9:00 am. I said, oh and stepped aside. He told me to come back to the kiosk, he tapped on his little computer and then had me to scan again, voila he let me in early! I thanked him for his kindness. No one else was around me. So, I went inside, did a couple of turns and met up with the same voices that followed me up the street. They were being escorted by a “vested cast member” this cast member just had plaid short sleeves – but he did the same thing the that the “vests” did as I understood in the past. They escorted groups that paid for V.I.P. guides to show them a great time around WDW! As we walked, the main person in the group was relating how this was their second day in HS and that everyone wanted to come back because they had such a good time before. I had to agree with him, that was why I was here again. I felt happy that we chose the same first ride, lol. They had a big group, but we were on the same train. It is easy to fit in a party of one with a large group!

    After finally getting to the perfect picnic, I put the Millenium Falcon in my Genie+ net and rode the Alien Saucer Ride while I waited for the first time ever. That was cute and the music made it extra fun! I went to Toy Story Mania and did quite well for one person in my side of the car. I then got the be a gunner on the Falcon. It was a little more involved than the Engineer role (which was what dad, and I did last time). Our group worked well together, and we gained points instead of losing them. Then I wandered around Galaxy’s Edge where I saw Kylo, Storm Troopers, and Rey. She actually walked down the alley ways talking with us in Galaxy’s Edge. I chickened out on trying the blue or green milk. I think that I did not want to spoil the illusion that it must be good. I have read that they are :P not.

    I was still too full for the Ronto Roasters lunch I had planned. I therefore I did not eat anything in this area even though I wanted a Wookie Cookie. I pointed my feet toward every nook and cranny that I could find. I still think that Galaxy’s edge is huge. I saw where you could make a lightsaber - the expensive ones as well as the affordable ones. I found where you can make your own droid. I was tempted but refrained. I saw a little droid wandering around seemingly by itself. It was cool. I tried to play a Star Wars game or two on the Disney Play App. I did not have the Magic Band+, so I could not do that one - but there were other games. I think that I should have learned how to play them before this time. It just kept giving me a certain amount of time to do something, I would walk around looking at my phone following a map – and then the time would expire. Since I did not know how to play properly, soon I quit trying.

    When I left Galaxy’s Edge, there were these two little boys getting their picture taken – maybe they were 2 & 4 years old. I was amazed at the shots the photographer was getting as I watched. The Photographer / cast member asked me to step inside this little alcove so as not to attract a lot of attention. We wanted to avoid forming a long line blocking the pathway. I complied. When their parents scanned the magic band for the pictures, I got to be next. I was super-duper thrilled. I took pictures holding a “real” light saber - not a cheap one. I got to hold a Ahsoka hologram (well that is who it was when I viewed the shot later), I got to stand next to a random droid, I poised with BB8, and I looked like one very noble Jedi in my sneakers, shorts, and T-Shirt. It was epic! I thanked the cast member for making my day! 😊

    I took my time visiting One Man’s Dream but skipped the character experience therein. The movie almost made me sniffle. Well, okay I admit that I only sniffled quietly a little. Next, I travelled across the park to take a dip on that crazy elevator, and I saw Lightning McQueen’s racing academy. I am a huge fan of Cars movies – all of them. I was amazed at how entertaining this show was and I took pictures with the cars outside the show. I took a picture of me with the big guitar. I got pretty good at selfies on this trip, lol.

    Well, by this time the wind was whipping my hair all around all crazily. It was getting close to 2pm. I wanted to get back to YC before the boats & gondolas stopped running due to lightning. I reluctantly left. It was quite windy when I got to YC. I went to the Ale & Compass Marketplace bought another Cuban sandwich, a tasty chocolate chip cookie (since I forgot to get the Wookie Cookie) and some chocolate coins which were on sale. I cancelled my evening reservation at Boma again. ☹ Ugh, no Zebra Domes for 2 straight trips, sniffle. ☹ However, I made I reservation for Yachtsman’s Steakhouse. The sky darkened and I ate half a sandwich & half a cookie. Then I took a nice long nap safe and sound in my hotel room. If it had not been icky weather, I would have gone to Storm-along Bay on the lazy river. Oh well, same result … I got rest.

    Days later, I read a report about how there was a tornado spotted in the area and a person in the queue for getting on the "droid driven vehicle" inside Rise of The Resistance said that the ride was shut down and they were evacuated to a safer room while the threat passed. I was glad that everyone was okay and that I chose to return to my room when I read that. All fireworks shows were cancelled that night, so I did not feel like venturing out again to a park or Disney Springs.

    Back home in the northeast there was a weather crisis too. My friends who usually gather in person for meetings had to do so on Zoom. Some of them had lost power. Since I was in my room, and had received the venue change, I joined those who could come online. It was nice to talk with my friends. I guess I was a little starved for conversation at this point. The meeting ended before my dinner reservation, but I had cancelled it too.
    Two hours earlier, I had a brilliant idea. I still had food in my fridge from my trips to the marketplace, so I stayed on Zoom after the meeting, and I ate dinner with 4 of my friends virtually. After we said goodbye, I got ready for bed, but woke up in the wee small hours of the morning to buy Genie+ for Magic Kingdom the next day and then I went back to sleep.

    Next: Day 4: Magic Kingdom
    Journey into your...Lego® Imagination Center
    If you can dream it...you can build it!

    Still journeying & dreaming for over 30 years now to new vacation destinations & WDW.

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    Glad you were safe and comfortable in your room for the worst of the weather. What a nice day you had at the Studios even though the weather caused your early exit!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping
    [email protected]

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