Quantcast After a long hiatus, I went back, Solo! - Trip 2 - Day 1
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    Smile After a long hiatus, I went back, Solo! - Trip 2 - Day 1

    (Me) - Former quasi-Disney expert, just past 50 years old.

    Disney's Yacht Club

    January 7-11th

    Day 1 – Hollywood Studios

    I’m from the Northeast, so January can be unpredictable snow-wise in the winter. As such, my dad suggested that I drive myself to the airport, so I’d have my car if my flights got cancelled. (That actually happened this past summer when I was trying to fly to Texas to visit family – I got caught up in that United Airlines no-fly thingy due to weather – and went nowhere after waiting over 4 hours in the airport). Dad had to come back to the airport and pick me up once they found my “lost” luggage. This time, I parked really close in a long-term parking structure’s premium area. That was worth the extra expense in my opinion. My dad also surprised me once again and sprang for a round trip 1st class flight so that I would be more flying alone. I thought that was sweet of him!

    The night before my flight, I learned that my fight was cancelled. ☹ It was because my airplane was the same model of plane (Boeing 737 Max 9) that lost the door out in Oregon two days prior. I am very happy that everyone got off that plane safely despite that terrifying experience. I’m also glad that United made sure that future flights were safe too, by grounding all those planes. Yes, I was a little disappointed, but I was also okay with my trip being cancelled too, I had been there before. Disney has excellent cancelation policies. Then my phone started getting more messages, I automatically got rebooked on another flight leaving 1.5 hours later and it was in the very last row, middle seat, on the right side of the plane. The funny thing is that originally, I was in the window seat next of that very row on the prior plane before dad upgraded me to 1st Class. So, I was okay with being there again on this flight. Later, after my vacation was over, United re-imbursed my father for the cost of the upgrade to the 1st-class cabin from coach for that flight.

    My seat mates were nice. one was very quiet, and the other one was very airsick the whole flight; but the quiet person and I were compassionate and as helpful as possible to the airsick person. We let her get up as many times as she needed to go the bathroom and when she could not make it to the bathroom, she used a garbage bag (the barf in the seat back was not enough and the engine noise drowned out the heaving). I kept encouraging her that she was going to be okay. Deep down, I also felt hopeful that I’d find similarly compassionate people, if I got sick later on my trip. 😊

    Everything went well otherwise on my fight down and I was grateful to be able to actually make there, because so many other passenger’s flights were just plain cancelled. I arrived at MCO safely and my airsick seatmate felt so much better; we were all quite relieved about that. She thanked us for our kindness. I strolled to get my checked bag and soon I was on the Mears/Sunshine Shuttle – a full size bus that was less than half full. I really enjoyed the ride and I let everyone back home know that I had arrived in Florida as we rolled along to Disney World.

    Unlike last time at the Yacht Club, I could also use the online check-in process through the mobile app since my Annual Pass was already active. It actually helped that I arrived at Disney’s Yacht Club 1.5 hours later than planned because after eating a tasty Cuban Sandwich quick service lunch at The Marketplace @ Ale & Compass, my room was ready. Yippee! I only paid for a standard resort view discounted room. Imagine my surprise when I opened my balcony door and saw water in the marina & a little bit of Storm-along Bay … whoo-hoo! I got upgraded big time! I dropped my luggage, switched to my park backpack and was off to ride the Gondola to Hollywood Studios! Yippee!

    It was a walk up on the Gondolas at this point. I got on with 4 people wearing medals from the Marathon (it was completed earlier that day) & another woman travelling alone. In my effort to make sure I interacted with others – I congratulated the runners on their success. This got a lively conversation going between the 6 of us about the marathon and the how the weather had shortened the ˝ marathon the day before. Our conversation took my mind off just how fast the Gondola ascends and descends and how high up we were. I don’t mind heights, but I am glad I got my first ride the Gondola with other people. In fact, when I told everyone that it was my 1st ride ever on it, they were impressed that I was not nervous. Hee-hee. The 4 marathoners got off at the 1st stop and the other guest and I travelled together and chatted about Disney until we had to get off and transfer to Hollywood Studios (I was glad that I looked at the route information before hand). On this leg of the trip, I got my own Gondola, and I took selfies and watched the landscape fly by.

    Now this is where my memory of exactly what I rode and when I rode it went fuzzy. I had purchased Genie+ once I saw that I had a new flight, and I made my first Lightning Lane selection before leaving for the airport. Too bad the Disney App doesn’t track exactly what you did, it would make trip reports easier. Oh well, I know I rode Rise of the Resistance, and I was having a lot of fun just going where my feet led me. I noticed a difference this time on Rise! Kylon Ren got sucked out of the window! The first time he just stood there, and I think piece of the ship landed on him, I guess. Maybe someone else knows if different things sometimes happens to Kylo. Nevertheless, he suddenly was no threat, lol. I remember that the line for Rockin’ Roller Coaster was very long, because it was going to shut down the next day. I decided to skip it because it was time for dinner.

    I had my 1st meal at the Brown Derby that evening. I had always wanted to eat here but on previous trips no one in my group wanted to eat here. While waiting for my name to be called I saw payphones in the lobby. That was a nice touch for the retro vibe. On closer inspection, I saw that they were only good for on-property and no coins were necessary to operate them. A short time later, I was called for my party of one. This day, I used the same strategy that I had used previously at Le Cellier in September when dining alone, face the majority of the restaurant instead of a wall or corner. That way you have a great people viewing experience. I watched the bartender from across the room scurrying to fill orders. I saw waiters balancing many plates of food while weaving through the restaurant. I felt like Lucy Recardo in that episode of I Love Lucy looking for celebrities in the Brown Derby, lol. It was fascinating, eventually my order came out of the kitchen & from the bar: a Cobb Salad and The Sunset Blvd – a mocktail. I had never had either and they were wonderful along with the bread – maximum yum factor! For dessert I had the world-famous Grapefruit Cake. Oohhh, it was so light and refreshingly tangy and delicious. My tummy was filled and extremely happy.

    I left there to go ride Slinky dog after dark. My seatmate and I giggled and oohhhed & aahhhed the whole trip – it is so different at night, and we really had a blast! I took a bunch of pictures in Toy Story Land at night. Then I meandered over to and watched the “live action” projection show on the Theater. It was excellent! I was a little close, to the right of that little circle park that has stairs going to the top of it. I had to turn my body to see each screen; but it was so cool & felt immersive to do that – the people around me were doing the same thing. I headed out to the boat to return to the YC, skipping the cartoon projections. I was full and tired. As I got off the boat at the light house, the fireworks were starting at Epcot, so I watched a little bit from there and then scurried to my room. When I got inside, I could hear the fireworks across the lake, and I wondered if I’d be able to see them from my 1st floor balcony/patio. I opened the curtain and yes in all its glory I saw fireworks! I sat on the patio and enjoyed the rest of the show. At the end, all of my Resort mates who were doing the same thing we all were clapping in delight. I went inside, locked up, got ready for bed & promptly went to sleep after purchasing Genie+, without watching TV because the next day was going to be … Epcot!

    Next Day 2 - Epcot
    Journey into your...Lego® Imagination Center
    If you can dream it...you can build it!

    Still journeying & dreaming for over 30 years now to new vacation destinations & WDW.

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    Glad you were able to get a flight out despite the cancellation. Having an upgraded room is such a nice surprise!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping
    [email protected]

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