Quantcast After a long hiatus, I went back! - Trip 1 - Days 5 & 6 + Conclusion
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    Unhappy After a long hiatus, I went back! - Trip 1 - Days 5 & 6 + Conclusion

    (Me) - Former quasi-Disney expert, just past 50 years old.
    (Dad) - Loves travel & adventure still, just past 80 years old. (P.S. Still rides rollercoasters) <= Okay, I admit that part worried me too.

    Disney's Yacht Club

    September 5-10th

    Day 5 – Epcot

    If you guessed that we had breakfast at Ale & compass again, no we actually went to Trattoria al Forno this morning. I got the yogurt & fruit dish since I wanted to keep my tummy happy. Yum, especially with the honeycomb! Dad got a traditional breakfast, but his pancakes were thick and looked really good. Then we strolled over to Epcot and intended to visit countries galore. We usually try to interact with cast members and soak in the culture as much as possible usually. However, since we were early in the park, we began exploring the Future World area, just like everyone else. I was so disoriented by the walls. Going from east pavilions to west pavilions felt like a rat in a maze with lots of other lost rats. I knew it would be great eventually, but it was not time for beauty in this area yet, lol. I got my bearings on a park bench by the giant Starbucks. We struck up a nice conversation with a couple of people and took group pictures of them for them by the mural there. I also was able to notice that our ride through the Galaxy time was here. I think that was the moment that I realized that we did not have to sit for 2 hours at Tron. Either that or our Lightening Lane came up – I’m mixing up trips now, sorry! So, we rode Guardians of the Galaxy. I loved the twirling and the launch. We got the Gloria Estaban song Conga. Now every time I hear that song, I’ll recall soaring through the galaxy – great fun! Dad said it was a good ride. Neither of us have seen any of their movies, so I was not sure why lady was green, why a raccoon could talk, and a why tree kept saying the same thing over and over. Note to self: watch the movie! <Smile>. The transport to the ship loading area was super cool by the way!

    Speaking of Soaring, we flew on a hang glider around the world! I had only done that over California before. Dad really liked that experience – he remarked that it was more educational for people than just being in California. I missed the smell of oranges – but I was grateful that we didn’t smell the elephants. Ha-ha! Of course, we took our favorite floating ride through the green houses. It was great! Navigating the walls got easier because many people went to eat and drink around the world at the Food & Wine Festival. Our last ride in this area was Spaceship Earth. I think this was the same but, I forgot that the final decent scenes were replaced with a on board interactive cartoon. We laughed at our pictures, but I missed the classroom scene with the bumble bee and the music that was so inspiring in the end.

    At this point, we went to stroll around the world. Well, you know how when you are on vacation, you kind of forget what day of the week it is? That is when we realized what a difference it makes for it to be a Saturday at the F&WF. Long lines for every kiosk were the norm! We kind of just dismissed the idea of sampling food at the booths. There was not a good place to park his scooter, so dad and I used the ramp in Mexico to ride the little boat to see the 3 Caballeros. When we got inside, we were blown away by the line for Tequilla – I think. It is impossible to turn a scooter around to tight quarters, so we had to excuse ourselves over and over to get to the market area so dad could turn around and then go out of the pavilion. Dad got totally stressed out in there and he no longer looked as happy to me. We carefully weaved in and out of traffic and had a delicious BBQ lunch at the American Pavilion and then we saw the animatronics show. I think I fell asleep. I never fall asleep on rides or attractions; but I don’t remember any of it, sadly. Dad liked the show a lot and was happier when it was finished. We used the bathrooms near there and dad did a couple of weird coughs and sneezes. I asked him if he felt alright. He said, “Yeah – it was just a sneeze!” I was picking up on his sudden lack of energy and I could not put my finger on exactly why. I thought that maybe we should take a rest. He insisted that he was alright. In time he admitted that he did not feel well. I was worried. He told me that he’d just go back to the room, and I should go to our Le Cellier reservation that night.

    I was so reluctant to go alone, but it was too late to cancel without a penalty. I actually only agreed because I could track dad on my phone as I waited for my dinner. Dad went to the marina and looked at the boats passing by. I had fillet mignon which was delectable. My waiter was very attentive, and I did not feel too strange eating alone. Besides, everyone else was paying attention to their own people and not to me. I was still wearing my “I’m Celebrating … Family” button, so my waiter was wondering where everyone was … {blush}. I told him, “they” did not feel well. Well, he felt bad for me and offered to give me a complementary dessert. I was too much too full to eat one, so I opted for “water to go” instead. Well, at the price of water in WDW – it was a treat too! .

    After I left the restaurant, I checked my phone and saw that dad was still at the marina. I was not too concerned because he was on his scooter, and he was getting fresh air. I had one more Lightening Lane for Test Track, so I scurried over there to ride it alone and then I headed to the YC Resort. I thought I spotted him, but there were a lot of people around. He came to the room a few minutes after I did, and he had quick service food from Ale & Compass Marketplace (he could track me on his phone too). We each packed up our things, but I did note that he was clearing his throat a lot more. I did not like where this was heading.
    Journey into your...Lego® Imagination Center
    If you can dream it...you can build it!

    Still journeying & dreaming for over 30 years now to new vacation destinations & WDW.

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    Day 6 – Epcot (Well that was the plan.)

    Our original plan for today was to ride the Gondola to Disney’s Riviera Resort to have an “Artsy” breakfast with Mickey & Minnie at Topollino’s Terrace and then we could take a Gondola ride back to Epcot to finally sample some Festival Food. Dad felt too awful to do all that, so I cancelled it and changed our plans again. We got a simple breakfast to go at the Ale & Compass Marketplace at the Yacht Club after we checked out of our room. We ate our breakfast on a bench with our luggage at the entrance of the YC and we talked in the open air as we watched other guests coming and going. There in the fresh air, dad seemed to perk up. Of course, deep down inside, I was second guessing my decision to come to WDW. I was also feeling extremely guilty that dad was getting sick. I had been sharing lots of hand sanitizer with him. I attached hand sanitizer to his backpack. I even wiped down his scooter handles at night to try to keep germs at bay. It seemed to me that he had caught a cold despite my best efforts to keep us healthy. He assured me that he would be okay, it was just a cold, and that he’d rest better at home.

    Our Mears / Sunshine Shuttle came at 2 pm and took us to the airport. In my bag, I had cough drops and I gave them to him to use for the flight home. Hour by hour he just looked sicker to me, but he was not coughing. Evidentially, the cough drops worked, he slept most of the way and we wore KN95 masks from the time we got on the Mears shuttle and never took it off until we were in our home again. It was a pretty uneventful trip – but I knew that the first thing I was going to do at home was to test dad for Covid-19. I did not think that he had it, but it was all I could do at home - since his doctor’s office was closed.

    My dad had never gotten Covid-19 before. When I had it the previous January, I sequestered myself to the north side of our home to keep him safe. Well, to my dismay, he tested positive with a very faint pink line as a result. I felt so bad for him and guilty that I did not recognize it sooner. I took dad to the doctor’s office the next morning and they confirmed it – he was positive. At his age, they gave him Paxlovid and it really worked. He had the mildest case of Covid I’ve ever seen. Compared to me months earlier (I was quite sick for 2 weeks) – he barely had sniffles! I tried to sequester him to the south side of our house, but nope – he got bored with that after a day. At least he wore his mask in the common areas. A few days later, my ears were really painful, and I came down with a double ear infection. Plane rides often do that to me. We wore our masks all the time and I sanitized everything at home. I made us lots of chicken soup and dad regained his strength in no time. He did not pass Covid to me and with the meds I got, my ears cleared up too. The thing that scared me the most was how dad did not present with normal Covid symptoms. Neither of us wanted to intentionally endanger anyone. We would have stayed longer in Florida if we knew that he was positive and that I’d be in severe pain with earaches soon. This trip could have ended very badly and that scared me terribly. I think it scared dad too, which is why I believe this became the real reason why he declined the opportunity to return on a “Bounce Back” trip in January with me.

    In conclusion

    This was good trip for us; but getting sick really put a damper on matters. Prior to the trip, I felt like we needed a change of scenery to process new memories in our lives without my mom. After the trip, I felt like we accomplished that, but of course I continue to second guess whether Disney World was the wisest place for us to do so. Especially given how our trip ended.

    The Yacht Club is lovely. Our room was nice with two queen beds. I like that the carpet in the room is gone andI like the new decor. I also really liked the pocket door in the bathroom and the barn door at the vanities. It made getting ready in the morning easy – for this father & daughter. We never went swimming – we were too busy in the parks; but we love the option that such an awesome mini water park is there. Thinking back, swimming would have been awful for my ears though. If we had a local Ale & Compass – we would be their best customers!

    Our visit coincided with D23. There were a lot of extra special events happening around property and I even spotted a few of my former colleagues here and there from a far, but they were working or much too involved in the tasks at hand to converse with me. It was good to see that they were still doing well though. While I waited for my dad to get ready, I’d read about the previous day’s announcements. It was a nice way to be semi-immersed in the excitement, and yet free to visit the theme parks. I think that for the most part, that event also kept ride lines manageable until the evenings.

    My dad is still a rollercoaster enthusiast, and he is a also a great friend and father. I am grateful that he agreed to take this trip with me. WDW has changed a lot in the past 12 years and most of it is fantastic. I learned that you cannot underestimate the power of a neck fan in hotter humid Florida weather. Also, I remembered to charge it so it works all day! I am not crazy about the “Fastpasses” coming with a fee now, I think the paper ones were much simpler and more economic for guests. I also don’t care for how much you have to look at your phone to accomplish things in the park. I do miss the free shuttle - Magical Express - to and from the airport – well mainly, I miss the video they used to show onboard the motor coach. I think I “get why” it is gone (with rentals, Lyft, Uber taxis, etc.) maybe there is less demand now?

    Imagineering has truly blown my mind with the magical places that they have created for us over the past 12 years. It is just Like Walt Disney said, the parks will never be completed, and it keeps getting more and more beautiful! The Cast Members are spectacular at keeping us safe and entertained while the Disney Pixie Dust is definitely flowing freely thanks to them – I think they all deserve a standing ovation! I like that we could compliment them on the Disney App and absolutely we did!

    Thanks for reading my trip report! I know it was very long … sorry about that. I learned a lot, and explored many new lands … However, I did not see everything, but I surely tried when I returned in January. Please look for my nearly as adventurous (well, to me anyway) solo trip report … coming soon.
    Journey into your...Lego® Imagination Center
    If you can dream it...you can build it!

    Still journeying & dreaming for over 30 years now to new vacation destinations & WDW.

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    Sorry you and your dad both ended up ill but am glad you have both recovered!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping
    [email protected]

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    Be gentle with yourself, COVID is not your fault. I am so glad your dad had a very mild case and recovered well and quickly. I am sorry he fell ill while not at home, that is always a fear when traveling with aging parents for sure. Overall it seems like you accomplished your goals, and you have more trips coming up to get to some of the things you missed this time.
    Last Trip: February 2024
    Next Trips: April 2024

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    Really enjoyed your trip report. My parents are both huge Disney fans and are well into their 80's. They haven't been to the actual parks in several years, since well before COVID, but enjoy going to the resort and doing all of the non park things. They have both slowed down a lot and I think my Mom would need a scooter, and I just don't know if I could talk her into it. I know she would LOVE Avatar and Rise of the Resistance. I wish I could get her to experience them before it's too late. Don't feel guilty about potentially exposing your Dad to COVID, if there's one thing we've learned from this stupid bug is how unpredictable it is. You can do everything right and still get it and the person sitting next to you, who doesn't do anything to protect themselves, doesn't. Feel glad that you got to experience that trip with him and relish those memories you made.

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