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    Default I've got a bad feeling about this...Non-planning planning post

    Have I confused everyone sufficiently yet? LOL

    Before I go too much further, I must remind everyone that I am a 'storyteller' and often go overboard with the minutiae...

    Let's start this by saying that my last trip was end-April 2023...Not so far back, really, but still at a time where most of EPCOT (Future World) World Celebration/World Nature was construction walls. Guardians and Tron were both less than a year old and bright things were just around every corner.

    10 months later...Most of the walls are down, "Journey of Water" is in full flow, and the Celebrations Stage is soon to be unveiled. AND I am chomping at the bit for another chance to visit! I had started making very preliminary plans to purchase another AP and visit sometime in the 4th calendar quarter of this year (2024)...

    ...and then it happened! Life hit me right where it hurts the most -- the wallet! LOL Here in South Central PA there was a mid-January storm packing gale force winds. Not typically a big deal, but my house hasn't had any roof work done in close to 35 years - the 24 I have been here and 10+ since the original owners did anything (Yes, I have receipts!!) When gusts came up, I started hearing a vibration, a thump as it were, coming from an area close to the chimney. I looked out through the upper crawlspace just in time for another gust and saw flickering light from outside.

    Hoping that it was just some loose flashing that needed some TLC, I called a roofer to look it over. He agreed, but while we were looking at it I noticed all the shingles that were starting to lift and curl and a couple spots that looked like the roof was 'bowing' slightly.

    Long story short (at least shorter than it COULD be! LOL) I need to get my roof replaced..and since it has been up there so long, I am having everything down to the bare rafters replaced. This means that anything I had planned on using for a Disney trip needs to go into the roof and there will be no AP or trip this calendar year.

    So, why am I posting this? Mainly because I am going through a bout of Disney Depression and need to vent a bit about not being able to go! (Who says a 60+ year old person cannot act like a 10 year old and pout about something? LOL)

    I know I am not the first, or only, person to go through something like this, so how do YOU cope with it?

    Walt Disney World:
    9/03 - CBR
    1/09 - BWV
    9/05; 2/07; 12/07; 9/08; 9/09; 9/10; 9/11; 12/13; 12/17; 4/18; 10/18, 4/23 - PC
    5/15 - POR
    1/22 - ASMO
    10/22 - ASMU

    Disneyland: 12/15 - Paradise Pier Hotel

    Next up: ???

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    I would say watch some virtual YouTube channels and help with some of that Disney Deprrssion, but it may make it worse...

    Keep your head up Bud... sometimes life happens, but once the roof is fixed, treat yourself to a nice long Disney vacation!!!

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    Ugh, those were powerful storms! Sorry that it impacted your upcoming trip plans negatively. Like DizneyFreak2002, said YouTube channels help quite a bit. I've been watching a few since my return. Perhaps they are going to help me through my next Disney world drought, too - I think. Well with that and Disney+ ... we'll see how it goes.
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    ... but on the bright side... whenever you do go... there may be something new that you would not have been able to see, but now are able to....
    Ali's Mom
    Senior Imagineer

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