Quantcast Fest 3 of 4 complete! Getting Artsy FARTSy Day 1
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    Default Fest 3 of 4 complete! Getting Artsy FARTSy Day 1

    Hard to believe I am three quarters of the way done with my 4 fests 1 year challenge. I just returned from WDW and had a great trip. I loved Festival of the Arts and I think it's my favorite of the 3 so far.

    Day 1 - Travel Day and an Animal Kingdom Sandwich
    I had been in NYC the day before to go to a concert so I flew from JFK to MCO first thing in the morning. It was very smooth travels and I arrived at POP a little before noon. I had hoped a room would be ready but the hotel room assignment system was down and I was hangry so I left my backpack with bell services and hopped the Skyliner to EPCOT. I got a Snakebite at the Pub and mobile ordered fish and chips for lunch. The weather was sunny but chilly and windy, but I enjoyed my food in the gardens and then went to listen to Voices of Liberty. I had bought a LL for Guardians for the afternoon, also got in the virtual queue at 1 p.m. I rode my LL time (Conga!) and then hopped to Animal Kingdom.

    I love AK in the afternoon. I arrived a little before 4 p.m. and went back to the Safari. The animals were very active right before dinner time and there was no line to board the safari trucks! Nomad Lounge had a 40 minute wait so I put myself on the walkup list when I was walking through the queue. I ran into a snag, though, because my phone had almost no battery left and I didn't have my charger with me. I had to put it on airplane mode and turn the wifi on occasionally. This meant I didn't get the notification that I was called back to Nomad. I went to the stand around the time I thought I might be called and I had completely missed my window. When I explained to the sweet cast member what happened she asked the manager and seated me on the porch right away. I made sure to leave her a cast compliment and thank her in front of her supervisor on my way out for her help. I really enjoyed a relaxing time at Nomad and will definitely come back! After eating (and drinking) the sun was setting and the park was emptying out. It was time to run laps on Everest! I got in 3 in a row in about 20 minutes going through single rider. I wandered through the beautiful park as the lights came on at dusk and then got to see the bioluminescent forest in Pandora for the first time. I was.... not blown away. It looks cool in the dark but maybe it needs a paint job or the lights replaced, I guess I was expecting it to look a little brighter.

    Anyway, I left AK at 6:45 and got on a bus back to EPCOT. My phone was hanging in there at 4%. I saw in the App my room was assigned so I was relieved I had a place to sleep that night, lol. But I had forgotten my primary magic band at home and needed my phone to stay alive long enough to use the bluetooth and unlock the door! I almost went right back to POP but I decided to chance it and hope the front desk would help me get into my room if my phone died. I really wanted to see the Disney on Broadway performance with Kissy Simmons, who is just phenomenal. She was joined by the actor who originated the role of Tarzan on Broadway. The show is so well done, it's a tight 20 minutes and they do cram a lot of IP in there but I wish it was longer! After the show I went straight back to POP and luckily enough I had just enough juice to take my phone off airplane mode and unlock my room door.

    I was in the 70's section and may as well have been in the 60's in a preferred room! I have stayed at POP many times and this was the best room location I've ever had. 3rd floor on the end of the wing closest to the main building. I could see the food court entrance from my window. It was far enough away from the main pool to be quieter and the walk to both the buses and Skyliner (when the line didn't extend to the 50's buildings, anyway) were short. Since it was just me this trip and I knew I didn't have the kind of time to relax like I did last trip, this room was perfect for my needs. Bell services delivered my Owner's Locker to my room within minutes of me calling for it, and I spent the rest of the evening watching the Grammys and unpacking.

    Up next, a whole lotta Art and a very fun After Hours!
    Last Trip: February 2024
    Next Trips: April 2024

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    Sounds like a pretty good day!

    Pandora was never intended to be very bright after dark. "Natural plant" light would be just enough to see the flora and fauna. Maybe they do need to refresh the paint, but I haven't been in AK at night (or after dark, as it were) in quite some time.

    Generally ask for the 50's sections. Sounds like you got a great location though.

    Thanks for keeping us all 'in the loop.'

    Walt Disney World:
    9/03 - CBR
    1/09 - BWV
    9/05; 2/07; 12/07; 9/08; 9/09; 9/10; 9/11; 12/13; 12/17; 4/18; 10/18, 4/23 - PC
    5/15 - POR
    1/22 - ASMO
    10/22 - ASMU

    Disneyland: 12/15 - Paradise Pier Hotel

    Next up: ???

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    Saw online the other day they are refreshing the Bio-luminescence....
    John - aka. The Master Control Program
    Owner, Chairman & Chief Imagination Officer - INTERCOT

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    Pandora is too dark after dark. The "glow" is pretty (and needs that refresh that they announced), but is just too dark for people to actually get around safely.

    I'm glad your phone held out until the last minute, a well charged phone has become a Disney must indeed!
    Heather aka ibelieveindisneymagic
    INTERCOT Staff

    Engaged at the castle!
    My Disney Home is POFQ

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    They were painting in Pandora the last time we were there.

    It used to be quite easy to get into Nomad Lounge for a quick bite to eat - we don't even bother trying to get in anymore as it is always so busy.
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping
    [email protected]

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