So far, Disney has made one accommodation for people who had reservations during the shutdown: Points will not be placed into a holding account, which is usually done for cancellations in the final 30 days before arrival. Instead, the points will be placed directly back into the current use year.

This still leave the question: how many members will lose points? There is no way all those people will find accommodations in time to use them, especially if a use year is ending in the next month or two. Our use year is August, so it is not a big deal for us, but some people could lose significant points!

Disney is between a rock and a hard place. If they push all of those points into the next use year, that year will be flooded, and there won't be enough rooms. So, what do they do?
1) leave current policy in place, and it is luck of the draw which members were impacted?
2) spread the affected points across multiple years to limit the points glut?
3) Require the affected points to be used for non-DVC resorts?
4) Something else?