The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jason Kauffman, Gary O'Brien & John Yaglenski
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- It's Episode 120 and it's INTERCOTinental- A real zoo-topia out there- We're gonna make our castle bigger than your castle- They'll have to add droid parking- BBQ on a shrapnel- What's a Municiberg?- Lion King 25th Anniversary- The Color of Rafiki's BUm- A Suit for Mickey's Birthday- 36 Nights of Halloween- A suitcase of candy- Sock Talk- You've got a Healthy Glow- A pressure valve of human bodies- The Yeti is still down ...- Awesome Mix Tape Vol 2- The Return of Guess the Fake Churro Flavor- Three Fingers, Two Tables, and a Microphone- Not Ziggy Stardust- A Plastic Problem- It's a satchel- 22 oz of meat- The Wild Mid West- Soda Sizes- 6 Packs of 2-4's- Don't Eat with Your Mouth Full- Use the information wisely!