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07-10-2004, 07:26 PM
I'm confused about mentioning other sites on this Bulletin Board. Sometimes I see names of other Websites or Companies written and they remain on the Board, and other times I see them removed "per Terms of Service". Can someone please explain when it is permissable to write about another Bulletin Board, another Company, etc.? I really do not want to do anything wrong since I enjoy being a member of Intercot so much! Thank you!

07-10-2004, 08:18 PM
We discourage links for a few reasons. The main reason is we are a discussion board and prefer answers to be given in the form of text -- not links. Typically members are looking for firsthand knowledge from members on their experiences. They don't want to be sent elsewhere for that information. They have already chosen their format for communication via a discussion.

Another reason is links often go dead or inactive - not to mention many sites do not update content. We can archive text and it is obtainable for future reference. That doesn't work well when the content contains a link to nowhere.

Also - we as staff cannot moderate off-site links. Therefore we run the risk of our family-friendly site becoming infested with sites that may not fit into those guidelines.

Lastly we have site sponsors that pay to advertise their services. It is not fair to them to have other sites mentioned OR links with their own sponsors benefiting from our board discussions. Happy sponsors make for happy INTERCOTing. They help pay the bills - which in turn keep these boards up and running.

We do allow links to the official Disney site and some media sites that cover news issues. There are additional exceptions to sites that our Webmaster has firsthand knowledge about.

I hope this helped.