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05-06-2003, 01:36 PM
I am curious how Intercot got started. Is there some story - or information page that I'm missing.

I'd be interested in learning who started this wonderful site! graemlins/thumbsup.gif and more details about the people that run it. Do you guys maintain this site in addition to other full-time jobs, graemlins/shakehead.gif or is Intercot a company that you work for? I'm so intrigued. graemlins/clappy.gif

Everyone seems vert helpful and so so educated about Disney. graemlins/mickey.gif Being that I've never been to Disney, Intercot has been the answer to all.

I've invited at least 2 dozen friends and family members to check out this site - as soon as they do... they are incredibly impressed. graemlins/clappy.gif graemlins/muscles.gif graemlins/clappy.gif

Just a whole lot of thanks goes out to everyone that has made this site possible!

Cheers! graemlins/beer.gif

05-06-2003, 01:43 PM
We were given the details of INTERCOT in an Insider article when we celebrated our 5th anniversary.

Happy Fifth Birthday INTERCOT! We're entering our sixth magical year on the Internet, giving you the biggest, brightest and best Disney travel information you can find. To celebrate, we're kicking off the Six-Week-Long "5 Years of Magic" Celebration.

One of the most frequent questions we receive at INTERCOT is, "Could you please move? You're blocking the dip." Once we get that little issue settled, we usually sit down and discuss the history of INTERCOT. We've all wondered at one time or another, where did INTERCOT come from? Sure, we all know that JohnY runs the site and JimmyC is the weird guy, but how did INTERCOT get off the ground?

It all began in a small wooden cabin on the shores of the Atlantic as a young boy sat down at his Commodore 64 and began to hatch a plan. How could he quietly take over the world without anyone suspecting him. He decided that someday he would infiltrate the minds of millions by starting a website, even though such a thing did not exist. It took many years of planning. Eventually this young boy upgraded to an Amiga and began playing King's Quest. It was at this point that he realized that he wanted to be in charge of a fantasy world.

So, he enlisted the help of his brothers Chico and Harpo and they all got jobs at an Internet company. It was there that the honed their skills to become the greatest Webmasters of all time. On October 12, 1997, while taking a break from their MYST LAN party and working at home on their brand new 166 mghz computer, the boys mixed a few META Tags with some web design and . . . A site was born. The page was blank, but nicely designed. Not a bit kluged up. So they worked to fill it with a great and wonderful content about Disney World. They pooled their ideas and began building page after page after page.

Then they added a discussion board. It was a simple little board, nothing too fancy. A thread here, a forum there. But Chico began to get greedy. He decided that they should get the greatest discussion board that has ever been created. And so, he installed the UBB. All three tested the pages and they decided it was good. The time came where they had to sign up. But what order? Chico went first, and became member number one. He was followed shortly by Harpo. And then John. Despite the fact that this was all his idea, that they were running everything off of his server, John was the third to sign up. He was followed by their sister Zeppo (who is now living in Texas under an assumed name).

Shortly after the boards appeared, Chico and Harpo disappeared. Some people say they ran away to start a website of their own. Others say things differently.

For around the same time the first miniature monkey appeared. And it was riding a llama. Their names? Chico and Harpo. They were immediately set to work rebuilding Mr. Toad in JohnY's basement.

JohnY's media empire has grown over the years. The INTERCOT network of sites is enormous now. There are thousands of pages, web mail, bi-costal operations. And that cabin on the shores of the Atlantic has been replaced by an enormous mansion. Perhaps next time, as you drive through INTERCOT, USA (it has its own constitution) you'll notice the stately Y manor. You can't miss it. There's a Mark V monorail parked outside and soaring over the roof is a gigantic Mickey hand and the number 2000. In the back are the barracks for the monkeys, the llama barn and a few other animals (like the marmosets who do all the java work). JohnY is often found relaxing while riding the old Magic Kingdom Swan Boats in his back yard.

He's more machine now than man. JohnY was always looking for faster upload times, always trying to come up with more bandwidth. It all began with a simple experiment in networking. But, it wasn't enough. He plugged himself into the network via wet wire to become what he is today: Cyborg JohnY.

But if you find your way into the bat cave, there is that old Commodore 64. And sometimes you can even find Cyborg JohnY taking a break from world domination and joyfully zapping people on the game grid. Just like the good old days.

Well, I hope that clears up the confusion.

05-07-2003, 01:11 AM
I'm impressed
That's a great story graemlins/thumbsup.gif and worth posting more often for us newbies. Thanks graemlins/beer.gif