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Mary D
05-11-2001, 09:32 AM
Is it possible to change my e-mail address that is associated with my intercot profile? If so, how? Also, is it possible to add a signature line if you don't already have one?


05-11-2001, 09:45 AM
Yep, you can do both. All you need to do is go to the profile button on the top of each page of the boards to the right of the Discussion Boards logo. Or, click here: http://www.intercot.com/boards/cgi-bin/ubbmisc.cgi?action=editbio Once you enter your name and password you'll be able to edit whatever you want. The signature field is towards the bottom of the form.

Warning: Because we require email verification, if you change your email address, a new password will be created for you and emailed to the new email address you list. Thus, do not change your email address unless you can retrieve email from it to get your new password. Once you have verified the new address, you can come back to the edit profile from and change your password back to what it was before.

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