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Lynn J Mc
03-03-2010, 01:47 PM
We are going to be in Baltimore for one night. Need suggestions for a good hotel near the Inner Harbor area and suggestions on where to go for seafood. This will be our first visit to Baltimore. We are going to DC and just going over to Baltimore for the one night. Thanks.

03-03-2010, 02:27 PM
We pricelined a 4 Star and stayed at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. Was very nice and in a good location.

Cannot help you with seafood because I do not remember where we ate. :confused: I do know that Phillps Seafood house is usually very overrated.

We did the Duck tour with the kids and my mom (limited walking ability) and it was fun


03-03-2010, 03:59 PM
The Hyatt, has the best location, you can walk to the waterfront shops and the aquarium, and the view of the harbor is excellent. The Camden Yards baseball stadium is close behind and off to the side of the hotel. Easy to find by driving and has valet parking. As to restaurant, if the Rusty Scupper is still open, don't go there - it was awful. Best restaurants are out at the Point and can be reached via water ferry.

Have fun.

03-03-2010, 04:50 PM
Go across the harbor to Fels's Point and eat at Bertha's Mussels. We enjoyed that place very much. You can take the little ferry taxi across the harbor, which is fun. Phillips is pretty good. Very touristy, but you can sit outside if the weather is decent and have the view of the harbor.

03-03-2010, 07:22 PM
Always liked Legal Seafood when I lived there. But it is kind of pricey. :eek:

Hope you have a good time! :) Go to the National Aquarium for me!

03-03-2010, 08:09 PM
It's been a few years since I've been there. I didn't realize there was a Legal Seafood there. We have one in the mall by my house. It's ok, not the best I've ever had. I just remembered there is also a McCormick and Schmick, which is very good.

03-04-2010, 08:51 AM
We pricelined a 4 Star and stayed at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. Was very nice and in a good location.

Another vote for this hotel! It was very nice and you were right on the water when you went out the door. The lobby door opened into a small mall and from what I remember from the mall was an enclosed corridor that lead to the waterfront. I would stay here again without a doubt. You were right in the heart of things on the harbor. There was a Cheesecake Factory as soon as you left the hotel (it was a full service not like the one in Disney Quest) and they probably had 20 different kinds of cheesecakes plus the food menu was at least 15 pages long. The ships that you could tour were right there. The Hard Rock Cafe was right around the corner also.

I can't help out with seafood because we don't eat it.

03-07-2010, 11:19 AM
I'd vote for catching the water taxi and heading over to Fells point to find a place to eat. I hear great things about Bertha's and Shuckers, and, myself, very much enjoy Obrycki's. I think Phillips is just a tourist trap - never have liked that place :( but, I do know plenty of folks who do. We always enjoy our meal at McCormick and Schmicks, too.

The Renaissance is nice, and, is right across the street from Harborplace - so - convenient for a little sightseeing. Another hotel I think is really neat, and, is close to Baltimore Harbor is the Admiral Fell Inn, in Fells Point.

03-07-2010, 12:40 PM
I'd vote for catching the water taxi and heading over to Fells point to find a place to eat.

We did this one afternoon and had a great time. Fun boat ride, neat area! Highly recommend.

When we lived in Maryland, we'd often go to the Inner Harbor on the weekends and just walk around. We even did a INTERCOT meet one time at the Cheesecake Factory. Yummy!!!

We've stayed at the Holiday Inn that is just a few blocks from the Inner Harbor. No complaints at all and a great view!

03-07-2010, 01:45 PM
Last trip, we stayed at the Tremont.

03-08-2010, 11:38 AM
I stayed at the Admiral Fell Inn many years ago when DH was on a business trip. It is a neat place. I believe it used to be a tobacco factory, and many of the walls are brick. A nice change from all of the cookie cutter hotels.

03-09-2010, 09:27 AM
The new Hilton next to Camden Yards is supposed to be good.You can walk right down to the Inner Harbour area.We are huge crab lovers and our favorite place is in Locust Point.It's called LP Steamers and it's the kind of place that the locals go for good seafood.It's not fancy at all but the blueshells are unbelievable.It's just a regular storefront with tables inside and outside on the deck.

03-10-2010, 09:05 PM
The Renaissance Harbor Hotel is wonderful. They have valet parking and a great breakfast. We like to go to Baltimore when the Red Sox are in town. Such a great city. The aquarium is awesome. Lots of shopping. Paddle boats. Duck Tours (which we did not do). I love it there.

04-03-2010, 03:05 PM
You might take a boat tour - you can see Fort McHenry (the battle for which, in 1812, inspired the words of the Star-Spangled Banner). You can also the the tall ship Constellation up close - she's the sister ship of the Constitution (Old Ironsides).

And if you're also going to be in DC, you can see the actual Star Spangled Banner at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

Hope you have a great trip to our area!