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02-24-2010, 12:41 PM
Rome: Arrive Weds Leave Saturday

Ok,so we are back to Rome for our last couple days of vacation. The 8 hour ride back was murder :D. Too long to be couped up in a train. It's funny how the 6 hour didn't really bother me (although I was ready to get off of the train after 6 hours) but the 8 hour trip had all of us cranky and I had a headache. We checked back into the Hotel Forte grabbed some dinner and watched a pay per view movie.

Thursday it was a "free" day and it was raining so we decided to take a "bus tour" of the city. Most sights were things that we had either gone to on our first days in Rome or things we just wanted to get pictures of while going by so the bus fit the bill. If it was a nice day I would have rather walked but this kept us pretty dry. We stopped at the Hard Rock for lunch a a little shopping and had a nice dinner at a restaurant we really liked the first time around. We got gelati and went back to the hotel.

Friday was our last touring day so we got out early. Keep track of my sons gelati today :secret:. We went to the Piazza Navona and took pictures at each of the three fountains. My sons first gelati of the day, it's about 9:30 in the morning. Then we went to the Pantheon. Here is were Caesar was thought to be stabbed. Next was the Castel Sant Angelo which is near the Vatican. This looks like what you think a castle will look like. It has underground tunnel that links to the Vatican so the Pope could escape if needed. The views of the Tiber and the Vatican from the top of the castle are worth the trip alone. We also toured the many prison cells under the castle. My son had another gelati when we left the castle. We went back to Trevi Fountain for a day view (our last visit was at night) of the fountain which was just as imprssive as it was at night. We stoped and had lunch and my son had a gelati. Next was the Piazza di San Giovanni where the Holy Steps are located. These steps were taken from Jerusalem in 326 to Rome. They are the 28 marble steps that Jesus walked on when he was condemned by Pontius Pilate. They are covered with wood to preserve them. You are able to "walk" up the actual steps on your knees. It was a very moving experience that called for my son to get a gelati. We visited a very big church (the name escapes me now) that had a huge garden in the back and a small museum. We had an early dinner and did some shopping. We stopped to get dessert before going back to the room to pack and my son had another gelati. He made the most o fthe day with a grand total of 5 gelati in one day. He was on :cloud9:.

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02-24-2010, 12:55 PM
Gelati fest! I think your son had the right idea. Have to take advantage of the gelati while you're there, right? Another amazing two days. Thanks for the report!