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Magical Journeys

2001: An INTERCOT Odyssey: Events List

The following is the currently scheduled events list for 2001: An INTERCOT Odyssey.  This list is subject to change at any time and will be updated periodically as the event grows closer.  In the coming  weeks, we will provide a sign up form for all events here on the website (both cost and no cost).  If you have any questions relating to the event, send us email at

Saturday June 9

What: Seize The Future: The Welcome Meet and Electrical Water Pageant
Who: JohnY and INTERCOT Cast
Where: Contemporary Pool Bar
When: 7 p.m.
Cost: None. You pay only for snacks and beverages at the poolside bar
Details: Join Chairman Klench, Skippy, JohnY and the INTERCOT cast for food, fun and giveaways in a futuristic paradise. Mingle with old and new friends in the shadow of one of Disney's original resorts as you Open 2001: An INTERCOT Odyssey with a bang. Okay, Chairman C and Skippy wont be there but JohnY definitely will! Afterwards, stroll waterside, enjoy beverages from the Contemporary's poolside snack bar and watch the timeless spectacular of the Electrical Water Pageant . . . a sparkling display of light and sound, which was the forerunner of the Main Street Electrical parade. Make yourself even easier to spot and more stylish too! Don't forget INTERCOT shirts, caps and pins are available! Visit the Intercot Store before you hit the world by clicking here.
What: Live From Pleasure Island, It's Late Night With Patricia and Janetmojo
Who: Patricia and Janetmojo
Where: Pleasure Island
Time: Immediately following the Welcome Meet
Cost: None. You pay only Pleasure Island admission
Details:  Are you a night owl? Join INTERCOT Imagineers Patricia and Janet for Adult Late Night Madness. You'll meet at the Adventurers Club for a relaxed beginning to an evening filled with good conversation and loads of fun with your INTERCOT friends. Upon leaving the Adventurers Club, you will find an entire island of nightclubs at your disposal. What will you do? Why dance the night away, of course! The only question is will it be disco, techno, country, or good old Rock and Roll? Or maybe a little bit of everything? To cap it all off, celebrate New Year's Disney style with PI's nightly New Year's celebration. (Cost: Pleasure Island admission.)
Sunday June 10
What: Professor Ludwig Von Wacky's Pin Trading 101
Who: WDWacky
Where: Pin Central, Epcot
Time: 3 pm to 4 pm
Cost:  None. You pay only Epcot admission
Details: So you want to be a pin trader, but you don't know where to begin? What's the art of the deal? Have no fear. Meet WDWacky, one of INTERCOT's resident pin trading addicts. In the heart of the trading, Epcot's Pin Central, Wacky will explain all the basics of pin trading, and share some of his most treasured secrets. What's rare? What's common? What's a good trade? Wacky will explain it all. If you're lucky, maybe you'll get to see him in action.
What: Chill Out With Janet: Ice Cream Social
Who: JanetMojo
Where: Beaches and Cream
Time: 4:30-5:30
Cost: None. You pay only for what you eat.
Details: One thing can be said about Florida in June . . . it's HOT and sticky. For some relief from the heat and sun, meet up with INTERCOT's JanetMojo at the Yacht and Beach Club's Beaches and Cream for an old fashioned Ice Cream Social. Nestled in the luxurious Yacht and Beach Club resort, just a short stroll or boat ride from Epcot's International Gateway, Beaches and Cream offers a retreat from Florida's sun in a relaxed, comfortable environment with some rich, yummy ice cream. What's that? Your mother always told you that ice cream in the afternoon would spoil your dinner? Obviously your mother never saw Beaches and Cream's Milky Way Sundae, a bundt cake with 3 scoops of ice cream, hot fudge, butterscotch, whipped cream and a cherry. Mmmmmm . . . ice cream.
Monday June 11
What: Survivor: The INTERCOT Odyssey


Who: Patricia and Janet
Where: Animal Kingdom front gates
Time: 7:00am
Cost: Animal Kingdom admission. Donald's Breakfast: Adults and children over 12: $19.50; Children 3-11: $11.00; Children under 3 are free. In order to accommodate a large group, a $10, reservation fee is required for the Survivor Breakfast. The INTERCOT Host will refund this reservation fee after the group is seated. Reservations and payments are due no later than June 2, 2001. Disney's prices are subject to change at any time.
Details:  A group Intercotters are left alone to find their way through an untamed Jungle. Who will survive? The challenge begins as our survivors, fighting fatigue and ravenous hunger, join together at the challenge point, ominously named "The Animal Kingdom Front Gate." Before the journey can begin, our survivors need nourishment. They will travel over two continents to convene the Tribal Council at the menacing "Breakfastosaurus" to discuss the morning's events and prepare for the next challenge. After finishing their luxurious meal, our survivors will team up to travel through an African Village in order to partake in a wild life safari. Each survivor, armed only with a camera, must capture a vicious animal and take it home with them. Road weary and hot, the survivors must then trek through a jungle path to encounter the enormous African Lowlands Gorilla, a worthy adversary for any INTERCOT Survivor. What will come next? Will they choose to conquer the Jurassic? Or will they try to tame the wilds of Asia? INTERCOT Survivors. One theme park. One day. Only the Disneyfied survive.

Tuesday June 12

What: It's A Lovely Holiday With Alismom


Who: Imalismom
Where:  Grand Floridian Resort
Time:  2pm till ?
Cost:  For High Tea and Spa pricing and offerings, please visit our Grand Floridian page. In order to accommodate a large group, a $10, reservation fee is required for the High Tea. The INTERCOT Host will refund this reservation fee after the group is seated. Reservations and payments are due no later than June 2, 2001. Disney's prices are subject to change at any time.
Details: Is everyone neat and pretty? The Garden View Lounge is a small intimate area off the Main Grand Floridian atrium, decorated in the light pinks, salmons, whites and greens of the resort. In the middle of the lounge, the serving tables are heaped with the pastries, trifle, fresh strawberries and the classic fine China settings ("The Prince Albert" pattern). Why not come join the ladies of the group (men welcomes also) and enjoy a little of the Queens' pleasure at a High Tea with the INTERCOT Posters? Plan to spend about 2 hours, and plan to be pampered afterwards with a trip to the GF Spa. This will need to be booked and paid for separately, but it will be an afternoon you will NOT forget. Attend just the tea or the tea and SPA; either way, you will come away feeling refreshed and ready to hit the parks again!
Wednesday June 13
What: Revenge Of The Dolls: This Time It's Personal (Small World Ride-Thru)
Who: TiggTigg5
Where: The Entrance to IASW
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Cost: None: you pay only Magic Kingdom admission
Details:  Pack your Troll Spells; we're going into enemy territory! Join your INTERCOT pals for what promises to be a nostalgic, relaxing ride through one of Disney World's classic attractions. Sing along with the infectious tune as dolls, dressed as children from around the world, celebrate peace, love and understanding. Is something sparkling?
What: Dinner with the Big Cheese!


Who: Imalismom
Where: Chef Mickey's
Time: 5 pm
Cost: Chef Mickey's: Adults and children over 12: $26.75; Children 3-11: $12.25; Children under 3 are free. In order to accommodate a large group, a $10, reservation fee is required for the Dinner. The INTERCOT Host will refund this reservation fee after the group is seated. Reservations and payments are due no later than June 2, 2001. Disney's prices are subject to change at any time.
Details: Join Bradleysnana for an evening of wonder, enchantment and dining Disney Style, as you meet your favorite character at the Contemporary's Chef Mickey's restaurant.
Thursday June 14
What: Tower Of Terror: Jump Start My Heart
Who: Patricia
Where: Tower of Terror, Disney Studios
Time: 11 am
Cost: None. You pay only Disney MGM Studios admission and food/beverage cost if you choose to eat.
Details: Imagine if you will, a woman so frightened of a theme park ride, that she runs in fear. Meet Patricia, Intercot Imagineer, Tower of Terror wimp. She's not just afraid of ToT, she's terrified. Join her, and an intrepid group of Intercottees, as they enter the Hollywood Tower Hotel. There, you will board a service elevator that will take you thirteen stories... straight down at speeds faster than gravity, not once, but THREE spine chilling times. She may beg, she may plead, but Patricia, and her fellow Intercottees, will make this journey into . . . The Twilight Zone. Afterward, seek relief from the heat, at the Sunset Market, directly across from the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Enjoy a turkey (emu?) leg or a sandwich and a drink, while Patricia regains her senses. Or, wander over to Anaheim Produce for some fresh fruit and some cold water. Special note: A reward has been offered for a videotape of this event. An extra-special award if someone convinces Patricia to sit in the seatbelt seat!
What: Double Date With Fantasmic
Who: Fantasmic
Where: Entrance to the Hollywood Hills Amphitheatre
Time: Meet at 7 pm / Show is at 9 pm.
Cost: None. You pay only Disney MGM Studios admission
Details: So you want a storybook ending to an exciting day of Disney park action? Why not join Fantasmic, INTERCOTís youngest Moderator and most famous fanatic, for a performance of her namesake extravaganza? After meeting at the Entrance to the Hollywood Hills Amphitheatre, grab your glowing wands and Sorcerer Mickey hats to settle in to watch our favorite hero (Mickey, not Fantasmic) battle evil amidst dancing waters, lasers and intense pyrotechnics. Two great Fantasmics, one great night!
Friday June 15
What: Gifts Of A Lifetime Scavenger Hunt
Who: Patricia, Imalismom & Jane
Where: Magic Kingdom: Liberty Square: Seating Area Of Sleepy Hollow
Time: 10 am
Cost: None. You pay only Magic Kingdom Admission
Details: Have you ever met a pixie? Patricia and Imalismom will join forces with Jane from INTERCOT sponsor Gifts Of A Lifetime in setting up clues and pictures for you to find throughout the Magic Kingdom. Jane will take you on a scavenger hunt that only someone with her "Behind the Ears" knowledge could create. As you find clue after clue, you discover parts of the Magic Kingdom that you never even know existed! You may even have to taste a Dole Whip on this trip, a truly special treat. If you've always wondered what a Gifts of a Lifetime event is like, don't miss this magical event that Intercottees will be talking about for years to come.
What: Illuminations: INTERCOT Odyssey Grand Finale


Who: JohnY and The Cast of INTERCOT
Where: Private Viewing Area, Epcot
Time: 8:00-9:30 pm (meet at UK Lower Terrace)
Cost: $25 per person, price includes dessert, beverages, and access to the private viewing area. Reservations and payments are due no later than June 2, 2001. 
Details: Join your INTERCOT hosts for the final event of the INTERCOT Odyssey, a group viewing of Illuminations, an INTERCOT tradition. There will be trivia, good food, churros and prizes all around. Stay tuned for more exciting information. This year we've secured a private viewing area, so we can say goodbye in style. Join us for the wonderful closing to a truly magical week. See ya real soon!


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