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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > August 2007


August 2007 – Edition Two

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<< Introduction >>

If a dream is a wish your heart makes, then your heart has been wishing for this edition of the Insider.   In this edition we cover the Year of a Million Dreams so far and the announcement made at the beginning of this month to extend the “Year” through 2008.  From Limited edition Mickey Ears to a night in Cinderella Castle, this month we are showcasing all the ways the Disney Dreams Giveaway and the Year of A Million Dreams has touched INTERCOTees. Let’s take a look!

<< A Million More Dreams to Come >>

The Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts have decided to continue the current "Year of a Million Dreams" promotion. The promotion originally set to end December 31, 2007 will now continue through December 31, 2008. The Walt Disney World resort has announced "new parades and the exciting new attraction, Toy Story Mania" to debut during the extended promotion, the Disneyland resort has yet to announce how it will continue the promotion.

>> Full Announcement and Discussion

<< INTERCOTees’ Dreams Come True >>

On October 1, 2006 the Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts began to grant a grand total of 1,250,000 Dreams through the Disney Dreams Giveaway as part of the Year of a Million Dreams.  Each day a minimum of a 1,551 Dreams are granted across the theme parks, water parks and retail districts of the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts.  Between property opening and 5:00 pm local time, “Dream Squads” descend upon the resorts and randomly grant Dreams to unsuspecting guests.   Some of these lucky Guests have even been INTERCOTees.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these INTERCOTees’ stories of their “Dream-Come-True” moments:

  • We had a couple of cool experiences with the Million Dreams promotion. Our second day, we were at MGM and went on Star Tours in the morning. Once we sat down, they came in and told us we had won Dream Fastpasses. Basically, it was a lanyard with one fastpass to 6 major rides/shows at MGM, good for that day.  Of course, we used them up. Then, on our last day, we went on the Dumbo ride at MK and got a Dream Fastpass for MK good for 9 rides.--MisterBL
  • My Dear Husband won a set of the Dream Mickey Ears after exiting Mission: Space. They're certainly different- the cap part is blue with white clouds and has the "Year of a Million Dreams" emblem on the front, and says, "Live Your Dream" on the back, the ears are silver. --BrownEyedGrrl
  • We won Dream Fastpasses at Disneyland. Goofy was handing them out on the pathway that goes behind Thunder Mountain. This was early on a weekday morning, and traffic was light in the area. There were three Dream Team members along with Goofy; they must have had at least 100 passes to hand out. They gave them to anyone who walked up and asked for one. You couldn't pick up a pass for anyone else, though; the Cast Members had to see each person in your party. --Noah's Helper
  • My 6 year old had a dream come true while at the Magic Kingdom from the Dream Team! She was riding the Carousel with my Mother in Law and when the ride ended a woman in a blue vest asked them to come with her over by the Tinkerbell store and there were 6 Disney representatives that were dressed in regular business attire and announced that as part of the Million Dreams give away she had won a $ 500 shopping spree at the Emporium on Main street. After lunch we met a Dream Squad member in front of the store and they had 10 ladies from the store with baskets in hand to help my daughter shop. I have never seen her sooo excited. The touching thing was that she shared the experience with her 4 year old sister and they both went crazy in the store. It was a wonderful experience for them both. --disneyw/kids
  • We walked into One Man's Dream and were given wrist bands for an Extra Special Magic hour at Disney-MGM Studios from 8-9:30 pm that night!!! The park closed at 8, we were to report to the Indiana Jones theatre for further instructions....Herbie, leader of the Dream Squad treated us to a concert by Mulch Sweat and Shears.....they were great!!!! Mickey and Minnie stopped by to start our Extra EMH and it was limited to the people in the theatre -- I'd say maybe 2000 peeps total......the park was totally ours!!! We left at 9:30 and the park was EMPTY!!!! --mudpuppysmom
  • We were in the Haunted Mansion and there were 3 or 4 Cast Members on the ride with us.  After the spiel ended one of the Cast Member’s told us to hold it, that as part of the Million Dream celebration, we had been chosen to receive something. Then they gave everyone a Million Dream lanyard, it was silver with light blue lettering and had two pins on it one with Mickey and Minnie and one with Donald and Goofy, it said "When My Dreams Come True, The Year of a million Dreams, Walt Disney World”, it was so neat.-- missouridisney

>> Giveaway Details and Complete INTERCOTee Winners List

<< A Night in Cinderella Castle with Ian >>

INTERCOT’s own Ian won an ultimate Dream-Come-True as he and his family was granted a Night in Cinderella Castle.  The following is a brief account of his story:

--From Wacky Clan in the CASLTE!--

All this resulted in my being in the fourth seat on our Everest train when it pulled back into the station. I immediately saw the Dream Team there and noticed they were looking right at me. I thought maybe we had won dream fastpasses, but I wasn't sure because they didn't seem focused on anyone else ... just me.

When I got off the woman introduced herself and said, "I'd like you to meet Paul from our Dream Team. He has some exciting news for you ... "

So he says to us, "Is this your whole party?" and we're like no ... our kids and our friend are down by the monkeys. He's like, "Well let's go get them! You may have won a prize!"

So we had to walk allllllllllll the way down to get the kids and then allllllllllll the way back to the ride. So there's like four of them there and they pull out this DVD player ... let's see what you've won!

So they turn it on and ... it breaks. It's skipping and jumping around and we're like what the heck did we win??? Finally it comes up and says, "A Stay "

And it freezes again and we're like a stay where?? I thought maybe we had won a free trip or a resort upgrade or something. After about 10 seconds it comes up, "In Cinderella's Castle!!" and we're like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a day of special activities it was time to actually go see the suite!

They walk us up under the Castle and to the "Magic Door" that takes us up to the room. Our guide knocks on the door and another CM answers and lets us into the entry way. There we board the "autoMagic" elevator up to the suite lobby.

The lobby is gorgeous! There's all these panels from Cinderella around the ceiling and a glass display case with a pumpkin and Cindy's crown and glass slipper.

It's so plush and fancy it's just crazy. I could spend a year in the bathroom alone. It has this great shower stall and a HUGE whirlpool tub that has a star field above it. The tub also has lights in it that change color, so you get this great atmosphere lighting under the water. There are these beautiful, one of a kind mosaics all around the tub and it has one of those cool waterfall faucets to fill with.

The sink area has two of these bronze, deep basin sinks and these old-fashioned faucets. You get special bathrobes to wear, monogrammed with Cindy's "C" logo and all the bath towels also have her logo on them.

In the main room there is a writing desk that has all these great knick-knacks in it (like little slippers and crowns and stuff) and then the two queen-sized beds with Cindy's logo above them. Next to the one bed is a big stained glass window and there's a HUGE portrait of Cinderella above the faux fireplace that actually morphs into a big plasma T.V. when you push the "secret" button.

Off the bedroom is the parlor that has two really big stained glass windows (one looks out over Fantasyland and one looks up into Liberty Square) and another plasma T.V. In this room is a fridge stocked with drinks and two DVD players (one for the bedroom and one for the parlor). There's a big "royal" looking sofa and a little futon. In a case by the one window is a telescope that you can use to look out the windows. Although honestly it didn't work very well at all because of the stained glass.

At 5:45, they came up and took us down to Cinderella’s Royal Table for dinner, which was fun. After dinner, we went out into the parks to hit some rides. Our VIP guide said he'd take us right to the front of all the lines, no waiting, so we took full advantage! By 11:30 we headed back to the suite for the night.

It was really an amazing experience ... one we definitely did not think we'd ever have!

We keep walking around pinching ourselves ... Was that real???

>> Ian’s Full Story and Discussion

<< Conclusion >>

That wraps up our recap of the Year of a Million Dreams so far.  We’ll have another special issue in a few months to cover the kick–off the second phase of the Year of a Million Dreams.  In the meantime look to the Insider for great vacation planning tips and our monthly articles. See ya real soon!

<< Thank You To Our Sponsors! >>

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