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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > March  2007


March 2007 - Edition Two 

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<< Introduction >>

Spring has sprung and this jam-packed edition of the Insider is also about to. In this edition we cover the new home of Turtle Talk with Crush, the latest deals, some more time-share tips, and countdown favorite exhibits at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival. If that wasn’t enough, we also introduce a new monthly column. Hang on—it’s Insider Time!

<< Imagineering INTERCOT!  >>

- INTERCOT Announces Server Drive -

As we prepare to enter our second decade online, the time has come to take INTERCOT to the next level. So, we've decided to give you a chance to have a hand in the Imagineering of INTERCOT and the dedication of a new and improved web server! As a bonus... if you can help - we're going to give YOU something back as our way of saying thank you! Can you say Custom Avatars and Imagineering T-shirts? Time is running out. The Server Drive ends on April 20, 2007.

More Information Here!

<< Spring Accommodation Deals   >>

- Late Spring Savings
Disney has released room-only discounts for April 15 - 19, April 22 - 26, and April 29 - May 23 at select resorts. Typical discounts include $84 per night plus tax at select Disney Value Resorts in a standard room, $139 per night plus tax at select Disney Moderate Resorts in a standard room, and $174.00 per night plus tax at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge & Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in a standard room. The number of rooms available at this rate is limited. Additional per adult charges apply if more than two adult occupancy.

Details & Discussion Here
  Magical Journeys

- Radisson Resort Discounts for INTERCOTees -
The Radisson Resort Orlando - Celebration is offering visitors of INTERCOT exclusive discounted room rates for travel dates of April 9 through June 30, 2007. Room rates are being offered as low as $99 per night from April 9th – April 28 and $79 from April 29th – June 30th. The Radisson Resort Orlando is a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel and is located only 1.5 miles from Walt Disney World. Visit the links below for details on pricing and to make reservations. Call today and save!

More Information
Reserve A Room Now

<< INTERCOT Hot Topics  >>

The INTERCOT Discussion Boards are filled with great topics that can help you plan a Walt Disney World trip. Many of them involve a large number of INTERCOTee’s sharing their advice and personal experiences. In this new monthly column the Insider will highlight some of the most discussed topics in the Theme Parks, Accommodations, and Dining forums from the past month. The Insider hopes this will bring attention to some great advice you may have missed on the boards or at least be a nice reference for you to look back at while planning a trip. With out further adieu let’s look at the Hot Topics for March 2007.

- Best Epcot country to kill time in? -
ParrotheadMinni asked INTERCOTee’s what their favorite World Showcase pavilion is to “kill time” in. Here’s some of the opinions INTERCOTee’s shared:

“I'd go with Japan, I can wander around for ages in the shop there looking at all the interesting trinkets and snack foods. Also if you're there in the afternoon and catch the entertainment the drummers are incredible and so is the candy maker.” -- jkj1224

“UK is great, especially in the garden if the Beatles are playing. We enjoyed the clown in the courtyard in Italy.”-- wdw_bound

“France gets my vote. If you like wine, you can purchase the "sampler" in the wine shop, with a few ounces of a white, a blush, and a red. You can then sit by the fountain and watch the people go by. Or go into the patisserie and purchase something delicious.”-- kathymk616

“I’d have to say Morocco. It some of the best scenery in World Showcase and plenty of things to look at in the shops.”-- SubNET3

“Canada or the American Pavilion. In America, I would take in the Voices of Liberty Pre-show, our whole family loves this and the acoustics in the rotunda are absolutely awesome. Canada has Off Kilter, the cool mountain terrain to take in, and one of my favorite small shops, Northwest Mercantile.”-- jclightchasr

- Have you ever missed the last bus?-
kadesha inquired as to what to do if you miss the last bus going back to your resort after the fireworks. Here’s some of the advice other INTERCOTee’s had give:

“The buses generally run for about 2 hours after the official closing time for a park. Even if you miss the last bus, there should be a CM around somewhere that you can notify and they will contact Disney Transportation to send someone to take you to your resort. Don't worry, you won't be left behind!”
-- kakn7294

“There really isn't a last bus. They make sure the park is clear before they send all buses away for the night. If you are in the park there will be a bus for you. They'll politely shoo you out if you linger too long.”-- bobpfef

“Linger after the park closes. Do not worry about missing the last bus. Keep an eye on your watch, and head to the bus stop 30-to-45 minutes after everybody else. The line will be gone, and you just enjoyed extra shopping time while everybody else was participating in the mass exodus that is closing time at a Disney theme park.”-- Disney_nut

-Earl of Sandwich?-
Donald Duck 224 wanted to know other INTERCOTee’s opinions on the relatively new Downtown Disney eatery, The Earl of Sandwich. Here’s some of the opinions INTERCOTee’s shared:

“They have the best sandwich I've ever eaten. Try them at least once if you can. I love ‘The Original 1762’ without the cheese. Delicious” -- mrsgaribaldi

“The Earl of Sandwich is a MUST DO for us!! In fact, on our last trip, we must have done it at least 3 times. The sandwiches are so good! My favorite is the Cannonball (meatball) sandwich. My DDs love the PizzaSandwich. Very yummy and very well priced. The bread they use is amazing!” -- HndrdPrcnt

“My family and I are big fans. Even my sister, the pickiest of eaters, loved her sandwich.”-- Meteora

“Earl of Sandwich is very good. If you are looking for a quick meal on the go it is one of the best. They offer a lot of specialty sandwiches and/or soups that are very good for the price.”-- Vinny

“We've eaten there a couple of times, the food was good. They also had little side dishes of potato salad, cole slaw etc. The lines can be quite long, but moves fairly quickly. And by Disney standards, it's fairly inexpensive.” -- PAYROLL PRINCESS

-What's a good check-in time?-
jennsky wanted to know if other INTERCOTee’s had found a check-in time at Disney Resorts when the lines were either short or non-existent. Here’s what some INTERCOTee’s suggested:

“We have only had to wait once out the past years for our room. We have gotten there as early at 10 a.m. and late as 2 p.m.”-- Catzle

“We normally leave late afternoon, early evening which puts us at the resort anytime between 6 am and 10 am depending on if we stop on International Drive for breakfast. That time of morning there is rarely anyone else in line.” -- Jasper

“In September, we arrived at Caribbean Beach at 8am and not only was there no lines, they had rooms ready and upgraded us for free. We checked in and deposited our luggage in less than 20 minutes and were off to our first full day at the park”—kathiep

Thanks to our topic starters for asking such great questions, and thanks to all of those who responded for sharing their insight and experiences.

<< That’s Entertainment! with Piglet822 >>

- Turtle Talk with Crush –
I've been lucky enough to experience Turtle Talk with Crush on several occasions and it's a must see for me every time I go to Epcot.

A few weeks ago I got to experience Turtle Talk for the first time in their new theatre. A few pros and cons. There seems to be more seating, I've been to the new theatre twice now and have not noticed anyone standing. In fact, the last time I was there one of the Cast Members was asking folks to move over and moved the people who were standing by the back wall to seats. The theater holds approximately 200 people, and this includes the children on the floor area.

The first thing I noticed was how large the waiting area is now. For those of you that have not been to Turtle Talk since the change, the theatre is now located in the area that once held the aquariums. There are bright colorful posters on the wall of coral as well as several aquariums in the new pre-show area. Things are still being added. On this last visit I noticed that on the left and right just before you enter the theatre area, are two large water filled tanks. The last time I was there were walls there, so progress is being made. This is a good addition, it gives adults and children something to look at and help the time pass while waiting to enter.

The one thing I did not like about the new setup is that you enter from the front of the theater rather than the back like before. Everyone immediately wants to grab the front rows, but Cast Members are adamant about moving everyone back and leaving the front row open for the kids who are not able to find a spot on the floor. Adults will be allowed up front if they have smaller children.

The show is the same; Crush is still trying to find out information about the human world while he shares with us information about the turtle world. And as always, the children make the show quite unpredictable. Such as the young man who asked Crush if he remembered him from last year.

So Dudes, if you've not yet seen Turtle Talk, please do so. Don't worry if you don't have small children. I've gone alone and with other adults and have always enjoyed myself and always gotten quite the laugh from the antics of Crush and the "hatchlings" in the human tank.

Turtle Talk with Crush

<< Timeshare Tips  >>
by The Timeshare Store

If you have checked the listings available for purchase on The Timeshare Store’s website you have noticed that each Disney Vacation Club resort demands a different price per point. The selling price is based on supply and demand.

For example, you will notice that the Beach Club Villas sell for more per point than any of the other resorts. The Beach Club is the smallest of the DVC resorts. It has the advantage of being a 5 minute walk from the International Gateway entrance to Epcot and Storm-a-long Bay is the most family-friendly pool of any of the Walt Disney World resorts.

Other DVC resorts sell for less per point since they are larger resorts with more resale listings available. What is so attractive to members of the Disney Vacation Club about the points that they receive every year is those points will never change.

When Disney opens a new DVC resort, they set a point chart for each day of the week and each room during each travel season of the year. That point chart will remain unchanged until the membership at that resort ends. So if it is 16 points a night for a one bedroom at Old Key West in September this year, it will be the same 16 points a night for the same room at the same time of year 30 years from now. Inflation never affects your points.

You can view current points charts for all DVC resorts on our website.
Decide which season of the year is your favorite time of year to visit the “magic” and what size accommodation best suits your family, and how long you want to stay and you will then know what size membership is best for you.

Call The Timeshare Store and any of our associates would be more than happy to answer your questions about the right size membership for you and your family.

Timeshare Store

<< INTERCOTee Top 5 … Flower & Garden Exhibits  >>

The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is about to bloom for the 2007 season, offering a bouquet of extra special exhibits. With so many exhibits blossoming in every corner of the park it can be a bit daunting to try to plan a day at the Festival. To help with your Festival planning, the Insider has reviewed past discussions and pruned down the list to the INTERCOTee Top 5 Favorite Flower and Garden Festival Exhibits.

Coming in at number 5 … Fragrance Garden

Located in World Showcase’s France pavilion, this exhibit showcases flowers’ fragrance capabilities. Guided tours are scheduled three times daily to show Guests how Guerlain transforms foliage into their signature fragrances. Guests can sign up for the tours at the Guerlain section of the La Signature shop.

Coming in at number 4 … Tinker Bell's Fairy Garden

This whimsical garden can be found near Future World’s Imagination Pavilion. Designed for littler Guests (ages 2-5) to frolic through, this exhibit has been expanded for the 2007 festival to include even more fairy surprises.

Coming in at number 3 … Growing Future Gardeners

This family-oriented exhibit is located near the Germany pavilion in World Showcase. Doubling in size for the 2007 Festival, this exhibit promises to showcase even more ways for families to start a garden at home. This exhibit also offers a festival-only children’s play area and twice-daily Ladybug Releases.

Coming in at number 2 … Minnie's Magnificent Butterfly Garden

Located near Future World’s Test Track pavilion, this caged exhibit features colorful foliage with hundreds of free flying butterflies. In addition to the flurries of butterflies, this exhibit also features a showcase of the metamorphous process of chrysalis to butterfly.

And coming in at number 1 … Flower Power Concert

The American Gardens Theater is budding with music during this Festival-only concert series. Showcasing music from the 1960’s and 1970’s, the groovy line-up for 2007 features Davy Jones, The Guess Who, The Buckinghams and more. Most performances are scheduled three times daily.

That’s it for this countdown, hope it’s helped with your Festival planning. The 2007 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival runs daily April 5 through June 3 and is included with Theme Park admission.

<< Conclusion >>

That wraps up this issue. Thanks to our contributors and thanks to all our readers. The Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor and the Gran Fiesta Tour are both opening the first week of April at the Walt Disney World resort, look for future editions of the Insider to cover these two new exciting attractions! See ya real soon!

<< INTERCOT Would Like To Thank>>

The INTERCOT Insider and INTERCOT.com are supported by the following sponsors who in turn, help us bring the Magic to you!

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When you need a home away from home, look no further. From comfort to luxury, All Star Vacation Homes has it all in four series of homes to fit any taste and any budget just moments from the magic of Walt Disney World!
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Garden Grocer
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The INTERCOT Insider

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