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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > March 2005

Intercot.com INTERCOT Insider
 March 2005 - Edition Two

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<< Introduction >>

We have got a jam-packed issue for you today! Not only does Ron have a great write-up on the movie Bambi for us, but Jamie and Nigel have another juicy dining review. To add to that, Jason has great tips on what to do outside of the theme parks finally ending with some member feedback. Without  further ado, let’s get started.

<< History & Trivia with WDWdriver  >>

The release this month of Bambi gives us an opportunity to look back at the making of a classic Disney movie. Bambi was first shown in theaters on August 13, 1942. It is based on a book written by Viennese author Felix Salten in 1928.

It was Walt’s fifth full-length animated feature. The story is about a fawn that grows up with his forest friends, learns about the dangerous humans, survives a forest fire, and eventually becomes the Great Prince of the forest. The movie was different from any previous Disney film because of the sometimes dark and serious nature of the story: Bambi’s mother was killed by a hunter.

The animal animation was more advanced than ever before. Instead of creating cute stylized animals, Walt pressed his animators for realistic detail. The artists heard lectures from animal experts, made field trips to the Los Angeles zoo, and watched films of two fawns filmed in the forests of Maine. Eventually the two fawns were loaned to the Disney studios so animators could study them up close.

The voice of the adolescent Bambi in the movie was a child actor named Donnie Dunagan. He also appeared in Son of Frankenstein and other vintage films. Later Dunagan joined the Marines, and spent 25 years rising through the ranks. His former role as Bambi was a closely held secret. But eventually, through a routine background check, Dunagans commanding officer, a Marine general, found out about Dunagan’s secret. He didn’t divulge it to others. But whenever Dunagan would step even slightly out of line, the general would call him aside and whisper Watch it, Bambi!

<< Dining with MickeysGirl and Dr_Nigel_C   >>

On Hello again food lovers! Are we ready to go back in time? Well, charge up your flux capacitor and hope you don’t run into your parents, cause this week we’re going back in time to the 50’s -- 50’s Prime Time Café to be precise.

50’s Prime Time Café, located at Disney-MGM Studios, recreates the ideal 50’s home, complete with a living room and dining room. As you take your seat, your server let’s you know that “mom” is in the kitchen, hard at work on today’s meal. Well, you know that a meal at mom’s means having to set the table and keeping our elbows off the table, so you best get busy! Better not make a mess while eating, or you’ll be wearing a bib before your done!

Admission to the park is required and Priority Seatings are recommended but not always necessary. We’ve never had a bad experience here; the food is always great and the service highly entertaining. Of course, there have been many reports of some folks finding this kind of entertainment not to their liking. I’d say, just walk in with a good attitude and a good sense of humor and roll with any razzing, it’s all part of the experience.

The food here is much like you would find on the tables of Donna Reed and Ozzie and Harriet. Down-home cooking like Meatloaf, sandwiches, salads and steaks, all made to order and delicious! For the kids they have typical staples like hot dogs, chicken nuggets and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. Nigel has made a habit out of getting their Old-Fashioned Pot Roast and while Jamie is always trying something new, she has to start things off with their super thin and flaky onion rings with horseradish dip and something from Dad’s liquor cabinet! Prices here are very reasonable. 50’s serves both lunch and dinner and you won’t spend more then $20 per meal. Lunches run between $10-15 per meal and dinner between $15-20. This restaurant is included in the “Magic Your Way” Dining Plan and the Disney Dining Experience Plan.

50’s has so much to offer for the whole family. For the grownups, there’s that feeling of being a kid again at mom’s house with that last bite being “airplaned” into your mouth, being sent to the corner for not being polite or wearing a bib because you got a little messy. And for those grownups that want to stay grownups, there’s the Tune-in Lounge right next door where you can sample spirits and watch some old classics. For the kids, there’s the sheer fun of watching mom and dad get “punished” for this or that and of course, there’s mandatory TV at the dinner table and checking out the desserts through the eyes of a View Finder. Fun for the whole family! So hop on over to the Studios on your next trip and turn into a kid again!

<< Away from the Theme Parks with Figment!  >>

Walt Disney World often touts the saying “Four Parks, One World”; we often focus on the former part of the phrase, but what about the latter? Recently INTERCOTee’s were asked what their “Top 5 things to do away from the theme parks” were, the responses revealed member’s most popular activities, but also brought to surface some undiscovered gems. While each INTERCOTee had their own top 5 favorites, the Insider has used NASA grade technology to tabulate these results and come up with the overall top 5 favorites.

Close Call …. Exploring Fort Wilderness.
Just barely missing the top five, is exploring Fort Wilderness. You may think of it as just a campground or a place where a bunch of cabins are, but it has many surprises to offer. Between eating lunch at Trail's End, catching the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review, having fun at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, visiting the petting zoo, or just sitting in a rocking chair on the porch of Crockett's Tavern you could quickly start to fill up a day of memorable activities.

Coming in at number 5 … Boat Rentals.
The vast bodies of water at Walt Disney World, such as the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake, provide guests a great opportunity to spend some time having fun in range of wild to mild watercraft. Whether you take to the waves in a Pontoon Boat, Canopy Boat, Water Mouse, Canoe, Sailboat, Paddleboat or the brand new Sea Raycer you are sure to have an experience not to forget. These boat craft can be found at a number of Disney resort hotels, including Caribbean Beach, Contemporary Resort, Port Orleans Resort, Ft wilderness Resort, Grand Floridian resort, Old Key west Resort, Polynesian resort, Yacht and Beach Resort and Wilderness Lodge resort. Prices vary by craft and craft availability varies by resort so be sure to check out boating on Info Central.

Coming in at number 4 … Miniature Golf.
The big links at Walt Disney World like The Palm and Magnolia get a lot of talk, but don’t count out the little guys, there’s some big fun to be had on these mini-links. Walt Disney World offers 72 holes of miniature golfing goodness spread between two distinctly themed complexes. Fantasia Gardens offers a whimsical “gardens” course celebrating the classic Fantasia and a “fairways” course inspired by the big links that serves as a challenge to even the most expert putters. At Disney's Winter Summerland choose between the “winter” course themed after snowy winter fun or the “summer” course themed after all sorts of fun in the summer sun. Walt Disney World miniature golf features some of the neatest holes and best themed courses you will find anywhere in the world, so grab a putter and have your self a (golf) ball of a time.

Coming in at number 3 … Strolling the Boardwalk.
When you think of the Boardwalk, you probably think of the Boardwalk Inn, Spoodles, or the ESPN Zone; but, have you ever considered just strolling around this staple of an era gone by? The atmosphere itself is electric at night and it can be exciting just to stroll along the Boardwalk and you could even try your hand at a mid-way game. Spread along the boardwalk are also a number of stands and counters offering delicious treats to accompany your stroll like ice cream, taffy, and crapes on a stick just to name a few. If strolling isn’t your thing, you can always travel in style by renting a surrey bike. The great atmosphere and multitude of activities of the Boardwalk makes just touring it an attraction in itself.

Coming in at number 2 … Riding the Monorail.
You see it whizzing overhead as you go about the property and you may ride it to get to the Magic Kingdome or Epcot, but have you ever thought to ride it just for ride sake or use it to tour the “Monorail hotels”? Believe it or not a nice activity to do during off times is to simply ride around on the monorail, riding it to enjoy the scenery is much more relaxing than taking it to get to a park. To take a scenic ride, make sure you get a nice window seat or even try to get up front and ride with the conductor. Take your time relax and soak in all the awesome views you can get from riding the monorail line. Another neat way to treat the monorail is to use it as a means to tour the Contemporary Resort, Grand Floridian resort, and Polynesian resort. Take an afternoon off from the parks and hop on the Monorail Resort line and take a round trip to these three resorts. At each stop get off and do a little exploring at these resorts. Each resort is awesome and has something very unique to offer just a casual visitor. You may also want to consider dinning at one of these resorts along your trip as they all have excellent restaurants to choose from. So take off an afternoon, relax and enjoy a ride on Walt Disney World’s high-speed monorail.

And coming in at number 1 …. Enjoying Downtown Disney.
Sure, you’ve probably swung by there for dashing in and out of shops, but have you ever considered spending some quality time there? Downtown Disney offers a culinary kaleidoscope of restaurants great for a quick afternoon bite in between shopping to a sophisticated leisurely dinner. With Rainforest Café, Earl of Sandwich, Fulton’s Crab House and Wolfgang Puck Café just to name a few, if you’re looking for a certain type of meal chances are you’ll be able to find it “Downtown”. If you’re not that down with dining, why not spend some time in the World of Disney. Okay, so you’ve probably whisked in and out grabbing some souvenirs, but this store is almost an attraction in itself. Rather than going in and looking for that must have, take some time out and really explore this place, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at some of the neat touches you can find in all corners of the “world”. World of Disney isn’t the only store worth a exploring; both Once Upon a Toy and The LEGO Imagination Center are worth a wander as well. Even if shops just aren’t your thing, you can always just stroll through “downtown”. Between the Marketplace and the West Side, Downtown Disney offers a leisurely walk past fountains, landscaping and some nice resting spots along the way. You can always grab some snacks to accompany your journey from places like Wetzel’s Pretzels or the Candy Cauldron. So next time you think of Downtown Disney, don’t think of it as just a place to shop, think of it as a Mousetropolis of enjoyment.

While those popular activities were shared, some lesser-known gems of activities were also brought to attention. Looking for a nice evening stroll away from the crowded parks? How about taking to the wooded path around the lake at the Caribbean Beach Resort or strolling through the French Quarter and Dixieland at the Port Orleans Resort. Looking for something to do away from the parks that don’t require any activity? How about trying the Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian or relaxing at one of Walt Disney World’s fabulous Spas? Really looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the parks? Why not spend some time at “lovers point” at the Polynesian. Here you can just relax by the water and watch the ships and monorails go by.

So remember, next time you are at Walt Disney World, it’s much more than just four theme parks; there’s a whole wide world out there!

<< INTERCOT Member Feedback   >>

We have just returned from 10 days of the wonderful world of Disney. We always stay in the all-star movies Dalmatian hotel. I have heard people complain about it, but for the price you pay were else would you get 5 star service? Maybe it’s the time we go, but it is always excellent. We also did Princess breakfasts at both the castle and Norway; they were more than happy to fit us in at both places. My daughter had a project to do on medieval castles and times, the people working at the princess breakfast in the castle went out of their way to insure that she not only enjoyed herself, but learned about the castle, the coat of arms, its history at Disney World, and gave her something to take back for the whole class. We are planning to go someplace else next year, just for a change. I am sure that where ever we go they will not be able to top Disney in making you feel like you are their only customer.


<< Conclusion >>

If you have any other guest experiences you would love to share, please send them our way. Is everyone ready for the Happiest Celebration on Earth? We’ll continue to update you on what’s new regarding the celebration but until then, Happy Planning!

<< INTERCOT Would Like To Thank>>

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