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INTERCOT > Interactive > INTERCOT Insider Archive > January 2003

Intercot.com INTERCOT Insider
 January 2003 - Edition One

Brought to you by INTERCOT's network of sites:
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This newsletter and other past issues can also be read online at; http://www.intercot.com/interactive/insider/archive

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<< Introduction >>

Welcome everyone to the first edition of The INTERCOT Insider of 2003.  We've made a few changes for the New Year that we hope you'll enjoy.

You may have noticed in the past that our issues have been getting . . . well . . . a little long.  Let's face it, with so many wonderful things to discuss about Walt Disney World and beyond, there's a lot of information to share.  So, we've decided to split the Insider into two mailings a month.  That means that, instead of getting on long issue you'll get two, very specific issues.

On (or around) the 15th of every month we will be focusing on INTERCOT, Internet related information and Walt Disney World events.  On (or around) the 30th of every month we'll be focusing on Vacation planning.  With this division we hope that you'll be able to find the material that you need faster and easier.  We're still getting a hang of this, so we're a little long again.  We'll get there, we promise!

And, for the record, we are aware that there is no 30th of the month.  However, because we need to stick to the schedule, we will be adding a February 30th this year.  We will be skipping February 29th, however. There may be a few kinks to work out for the first few issues.  So please be patient with us.

This month we'll be debuting a new feature by TiggerRPh and his crack crew of writers who swear that they will be shorter in the future.  But, considering that TiggerRPh has caused so many problems in the Information Kiosk lately, we're not sure how trustworthy he is.   "Bytes & Pieces" will explain some of the basics and hidden features of the message boards.  Always remember that for the most immediate questions you may have you can click here http://www.intercot.com/boards/ultimatebb.php?ubb=faq for the boards FAQ.  And remember, the FAQ is linked at the top of every forum and every thread.

This month we'll be looking at the form and function of each forum.  Future "Bytes & Pieces" will be quick and dirty how to's or "did you knows" designed to make your visits to the board easier and happier.

<< INTERCOT Happenings >>

Have you visited our new sponsors yet?  INTERCOT has recently added a whole new slate of sponsors that are ready and able to help you plan and execute the most perfect Walt Disney World vacation, from getting there to where to stay to how to stay in touch.

Click on their links at the top of the message boards and check them out!

<< Disney World Events with Disney Wizard >>

The holidays are over, 2003 has arrived, and a slew of Disney events have arisen with new rumors, news, and information galore.  As always, our ever watching ever chatting INTERCOTees had some great opinions to share.

-New shops in Downtown Disney-
Two new stores have been added to the list of shopping for the Downtown Disney Marketplace.  Disney's Wonderful World of Memories, featuring a collection of scrap booking supplies, has already opened to some excitement.  Basin, selling bath and skin care products, is scheduled to open in mid-January.

"I saw the new scrap booking store when I was down there. Incredible!" -Disney Baby
"The Basin sounds like a great place to purchase gifts for those people who are hard to buy for." -Disney-4-Me
"Oh boy, now I will be spending even more money in Disney." -DizneyFreak2002

-Mickey's PhilharMagic will debut this Fall-
Mickey Mouse is coming to the Magic Kingdom in 3-D animation.  This ten-minute film, replacing the Legend of the Lion King, will include special effects geared to delight guests of all ages.  With the largest screen ever used for a 3-D film (150'), PhilharMagic is sure to please Disney character loving fans from all around the world.  The news of its opening, tentatively opening this Fall, came with a warm welcome from INTERCOTees.

"Sounds terrific to me, I can't wait!" -big blue & hairy
"I'm shivering with excitement!" -xipetetoc
"I am really excited about this. Considering the fact that I have 2 small children, we are always forced to skip the 3-D shows." -WDWaddict
"Cheers to Disney, for coming up with a new attraction that everyone can enjoy. I think Walt would approve." -goofy for Pluto

-Stitch attraction presumed to open soon-
A few rumors have been floating around that Stitch, the lovable (yet menacing) alien from Lilo & Stitch, will take over ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter in the Magic Kingdom.  Recently, some INTERCOTees have claimed to hear news of a green light on this supposed $10 million rehab for the end of next year, raising a mix of reactions.

"That's Disney for you, tear down another great attraction to make way for another attraction geared directly for the kids." -mrIMAX
"[Alien Encounter] is a great show, but once you've seen it a dozen times, the surprise is gone. I really wouldn't mind a makeover." -Marker
"I hope this takes shape. I love this concept!" -PolyGirl40
"Don't get me wrong, I liked Lilo & Stitch, but [Alien Encounter] is a fantastic attraction as it stands now, and redoing it with Stitch would just ruin it, I fear." -SteelyGirl

<< Carol's Communicore >>

With the inception of the New Year, Info Central has been updated to reflect the changes. 2003 Disney Club Discounts, Annual Passholder benefits, Vacation Packages and 2003 Resort Rates have all been amended. Check it out.

You'll need to keep your eyes peeled, as Info Central starts bursting at the seams over the weeks and months ahead. We have 70+ menus all prepped for loading, more recipes, Wheelchair and Electric Convenience Vehicle rental information, Elongated coin location pages, many new maps and much, much more. 

Walt Disney World Park Hours and Events are now available through March.

Disney has announced E-Ride Nights for both February and March.
February E-Ride Nights: 18, 21, 25 & 28
March E-Ride Nights: 4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 25 & 28

You can visit the link below to see what attractions are open and what the procedure is for this "private party" at the Magic Kingdom.

It seems as if many resorts will be undergoing renovations over the next few weeks and months. To read about how this may affect your trip consult INTERCOT's Walt Disney World Closing & Refurbishment Schedule guide.

Another noteworthy item; As of January 6, 2003, Portobello Yacht Club in Downtown Disney is no longer serving lunch. Their dinner hours will remain the same.

Included among the recent announcements were Spring Resort Specials, for guests vacationing from February 17, 20003 - April 9, 2003. Standard rooms at select Value Resorts are listed for $84 per night and certain Moderate Resorts for $119 per night. Standard rooms at Disney's Wilderness Lodge and Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge are available for $189 per night. The special discount must be booked by January 27, 2003. Ask for code BRH. The number of rooms available at these rates are limited, so be sure to visit INTERCOT's Official Travel Agency, Magical Journey's web site today and fill out a quote form or call (570)785-3283 for more details. Don't forget to mention that you saw the special on INTERCOT.

Stay tuned and Happy Planning!

<< Bytes & Pieces with TiggerRPh >>

Welcome to the first edition of I'cot's Bytes & Pieces.  With this series of articles in the Insider I hope to provide helpful hints in order to make your INTERCOT experience more enjoyable and helpful.  I'll be providing hints on "how to" topics and some "where is" topics

This month I'm going to begin the series with a brief overview of the forums and where specific topics should be posted.  Starting from the top:

INTERCOT Announcements.  The Announcement forum is where you'll find INTERCOT news and information posted by the INTERCOT Staff.  Registered members may view and reply to posts in this forum, but aren't allowed to initiate threads in this forum.

Information Kiosk.  The Kiosk is the area of the Discussion Boards where members go if they have any question about INTERCOT. If you a general question, such as, "Where do I post a thread sighting parts of darthdarrel's house falling from the sky?" Perhaps you have a technical question like "I posted a thread today and got an error message, what happened."  Questions like these should be posted in the Kiosk.  Maybe you're wondering why John is member #3 if he started INTERCOT?  Questions about INTERCOT lore belong here.

Theme Parks.  Where you would go if you have a question about any of the theme parks at WDW.  "How does FastPass work?" or 'How scary is Alien Encounter?  If you have questions like these, this is the forum to find your answer.  Do you have a question about Downtown Disney, Disney Quest or shopping at any of the parks or resorts?  Are you wondering what there is to do for kids at the any of the Water Parks?  If you have questions like these, the place for your questions is the Nightlife, Shopping and Water Park forum.

Disney and Orlando Accommodations is the forum for questions about any of the hotels on Disney property or the hotels in the Orlando area.  If you want to know where to stay during your vacation or what people's opinions are about a particular hotel..this is the place to post your query.  Are you wondering whether you should eat at Chef Mickey's or Ohana's?  Are you curious whether you should make priority seating arrangements if you're going to WDW in October?  Are you celebrating an anniversary at WDW and wondering where to go to celebrate and eat?  Then you want to venture into the Disney & Orlando Dining forum.  If it concerns food.the answer can be found here.  Are you thinking about joining the DVC family and have tons of questions, or are you an existing member and you wonder about purchasing more vacation points?  The Disney Vacation Club is the place to discuss everything about DVC.  Are you wondering where to stay at Fort Wilderness where you can avoid rabid peacocks!

Whether you use a tent or a luxurious motor home, if you have camping questions, INTERCOT is staffed with camping experts that are more than eager to answer your questions in the Disney Camping forum.

Do you have Annual Pass questions?  Should you reserve a Town Car or take a shuttle?  The answers to these questions and many others like it that have to do with planning of you Disney vacation can be found in the Vacation Planning forum.  Have you just gotten back from WDW and you want to share the wonderful moments and the not so wonderful moments?  Then come into the Trip Report forum and post you reports.all we ask is that you post a separate thread for each day.  If you feel like meeting other INTERCOTees that live in your area, then all you have to do is go to the Disney Meets forum to invite everyone and finalize the event.  If you have advice or questions relating to the Disney Cruises, we even have a forum for you..aptly named the Disney Cruise Lines forum.

Are you trying to find a Disney Collectable, or have you just snagged an item on eBay?  Or do you just have questions about a Disney Collectable you have?  The place you need to go hang out is the Disney Collectable, Toys & Goodies forum.  Are you a pinaholic or are you new to the Disney pin phenomenon?  If it's pin related, your post has a home in the Disney Pins forum.

Do you have Disney news item or have you heard a hot rumor about something at WDW?  If you want to discuss what on the grapevine for WDW, then come to the News, Rumours and Imagineering forum.  Do you like discussing the Disney characters.are you nuts about Mickey, Goofy, Donald and the gang?  Then come and discuss it at the Disney Characters forum.  If you have a Disney College Program question or any other Disney related topic that isn't covered formally in one of the other forums..Mousellaneous is where you want to head.

You ready for some craziness and fun?  Have the dolls invaded your town?  Are you going to be out of town and need the INTERCOT Redecorators and Landscapers to come and make a visit?  Heard a good joke?  As long as it's clean and family material.bring it to the Water Cooler!  Wanna play some games?  Have some Disney Trivia and want to see if you can stump the resident experts?  Word Games, football prognostication, Name that Tune..these game all live on INTERCOT in the Games & Trivia forum.  If it comes from the backlots of Hollywood, the lights of Broadway, the world of Television or the music industry.Disney or non-Disney, it's covered in the Movies, TV, Music and Musical forum.  If you have something to share or a question..here is your place.

Do you have a question or comment about "the happiest place on earth", the place that started it all, Disneyland?  The Disneyland General forum is the place to post it then.  If you need more information, please check out INTERCOT-West.

If you're into roller coasters and thrill rides that go beyond Disney?  Then check out the links that take you to the discussion boards at INTERCOT's Thrillride Experience.

There you go..clear as mud, right?  Hopefully, the quick tour through the discussion boards will help everyone out there who's unsure where to post a topic or question they have.

I hope you liked this..next month I'll have something shorter. I promise!!

<< Off Topic with Dizneyana>>

Happy New Year, all!!  Glad to see that everyone made the transition to another year..  (Where IS the time going??)

December at INTERCOT is historically pretty slow, and this year was no exception with it being the slowest holiday time that I have seen in my 3 years here..   Minds started to grind, and all of a sudden there was a plethora of "You know you're from." threads popping up in the Water Cooler..  I know I personally learned a lot about the different states that people live in!!  It was fun to read all of the lists.. 

We found out who likes to shop early, and who likes (or maybe doesn't like, but does it anyway) to wait until the last minute to do their holiday shopping..  I personally got some tips that I am going to apply for this year.. (Can you say shop-on-line and wait at the door??)   Thanks Dawn..   :)

BeachClubBabe (Heather) finally gave birth to 'Mini-babe' (Emily Nicole).. Congratulations Heather, and welcome to the world Emily!!  Cher (TheSorcererOfFantasia) also welcomed triplets into her family in December, but delivery was FAR easier for her, as she adopted 3 new 'furbabies' from her local shelter..  Good going Cher!!  They are BEAUTIFUL!!

The biggest accomplishment for not just December, but for the year 2002, was the fabulous progress of the Diet Club..  Started at the beginning of 2002 as a thread to offer tips and support, it has blossomed into a tight network of folks who truly rely on each other..  May I have a drum roll please??  The INTERCOT Diet Club lost 240 pounds altogether in 2002!!  That is the equivalent of 2 people!!  (Hey, who's missing?? ;) )  Congratulations to all of you, and the best of luck to those still working into 2003!!

Speaking of dieting, let's have some cake!!  Virtual cake has no calories, so dig in!!  Birthdays in December were:  MonorailFreak, SpecJoeMagic, Sorcerer_Cippel33, disneyfan7777, Melanears, Little Round Bale, tad_tad, MKTiggerman, BAMABOY, Nuts4Disney, HollyB, AtlBrav, Cheshirecollector, Doc Marc, GAgirl, and Park Hopper Girl.. 

The most special birthday of the month was on December 5th, which would have marked Walt Disney's 101st birthday..  Without him, where would we be??  Happy Birthday, Walt!! º0º

There were a few posting milestones even though it was a slow month, and our super typers for the month are:  ChipDale - 18K, Dizneyana - 12K,  TiggerRPh - 10K, Citizensnoopy - 6K, Katmegali - 5K, Mickeysgirl - 3K, faline - 2K, and AmyKane and Edzter86 becoming Senior Cast Members!!  Congratulations everyone!!

Well, that about wraps it up for me this month..  I hope that everyone has made their New Year's Resolutions, and tries to stick to them!!  I now return you to the real topic..

<< Conclusion >>

Well, we were a little long again this time, so we'll make this short.  Tune in at the end of the month for tips, tricks, stories and history on our favorite vacation destination.

In the meantime, we're done here.  See you in two weeks!

<< INTERCOT Would Like To Thank>>

The INTERCOT Insider and INTERCOT.com are supported by the following sponsors who in turn, help us bring the Magic to you!

Magical Journeys
Magical Journeys is your Disney Vacation specialist. Start planning your Vacation Discount Dreams today!
Website: http://www.yourmagicaljourneys.com/

Radisson Resort Parkway
Right in the heart of action! Only 1.5 miles from Walt Disney World is an oasis of ponds, beautiful landscaping, serene waterfalls and relaxing options hiding in every corner.
Website: http://orlando.guestselectresorts.com?pid=INTERCOTN

All Star Vacation Homes
When you need a home away from home, look no further. From comfort to luxury, All Star Vacation Homes has it all in four series of homes to fit any taste and any budget just moments from the magic of Walt Disney World!
Website: http://www.allstarvacationhomes.com?ovchn=OTHER&ovcpn=Listing+Sites&ovcrn=intercot&ovtac=AD

Happy Limo
Providing ground transportation to the entire state of Florida.
Website: http://www.quicksilver-tours.com

The Official Ticket Center
Walt Disney World’s, Universal Studios and Sea World’s #1 guest service provider for the last 3 years. The Official Ticket Center has been servicing vacationers for more than 7 years now and sells tickets only, at a discount price.

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