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Tipping At Walt Disney World

A lot of people ask about tipping. Who to tip?  How much to tip?  The following are suggested amounts for tipping given by some members of INTERCOT. These are only suggestions and you need not feel obligated to tip these amounts. Remember tipping is for service that you have been pleased with.

In Restaurants

While 15%-20% tipping is not mandatory in the U.S. it is very standard. If your service was lacking so that you feel you should not leave a tip-speak to a manager. Something may be wrong and it would be better to notify them of the problem rather than just disappoint the server and let them go on with their work. If you have an exceptionally wonderful server be sure to also notify someone of your experience. Also, be sure to check your bill to see if a tip has been already included. If your service is exceptional in this case… you may wish to leave additional gratuity on top of the included tip. Guests Services has forms and postage paid envelopes for this kind of comment and so will the hotel Guest Services Areas.

For Town Cars

Some always tip the amount of suitcases they have. One intercotee offers this suggestion: "Make two envelopes - one says Tip: airport to resort, and one says Tip: resort to airport. Then when you are ready to tip, just hand them the sealed envelope. You could also have one more sealed envelope that says Towncar: payment. When you get in the towncar, just hand the driver that envelope." This helps you be prepared and not have to fumble for the amount of tip you want to give. Nothing is worse than to not have the correct change you want to leave the driver for a tip.

For Housekeeping

Use the same suggestion for housekeeping. You could tip one dollar per person in the room per day. If you are staying, lets say check in on Monday, check out of Saturday. Make an envelope that says: Tuesday: housekeeping, one for Wednesday: Housekeeping, one for Thursday: Housekeeping, and a last one for Friday: Housekeeping-then each morning before you leave, put the correct day's envelope in the bathroom sink. Not everyone tips the housekeeping staff but in WDW they try to show excellent service to you and your family and they deserve to be compensated. Some may say-"Why not leave a large tip at the end of the week?" Remember that you may not have the same housekeeper everyday…you would hate for someone else to get the tips from the whole week of service.

For Bellhops

Standard tip is $1 per bag, also if your bags are delivered to your room versus you carrying them, tip the bellhop $1 per bag.

For Concierge

We suggest tipping just the same as regular for the housekeeping. $1.00 per person in the room, per day. You may want to also make up an additional envelope that says "Night service" and gave that to the night person who comes in about 7pm-ish, and turns down the beds, empties the trash, and leaves the poem and candy on the pillow. You probably do not want to leave as much as the day person-try to find out if you will have the same night service person the whole week. If so you could leave a flat rate of $5 or $10 for 4 or 5 days.

All other concierge tipping is frowned on - the people at the concierge desk will not take a tip of any form.

For Grand Floridian Spa Service-

At the Grand Floridian Spa, there is a "service" charge built into the price to cover the "tip", however, some feel the need to always tip about 10-15% more. It all depends on how long the massage was, and how "good" it was. If the bill is charged to your room, you can just add the additional tip to the charge slip.


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