Forgotten Worlds, featuring lost Walt Disney World attractions, like World of Motion, Journey into Imagination, and other Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney MGM shows and attractions Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center in Walt Disney World

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Welcome to Forgotten Worlds, featuring information on your favorite closed attractions in Disney World.

Legends of the Lost World Features info on the rides and shows that existed at Disney World in its first years, but are now lost to us
The Lost WorldDedicated to those rides lost in the Golden Age of Disney World, when new ride buildings were being build, and new ideas were being tested.
More From the Lost World A continuation of the Lost World, featuring lost Magic Kingdom attractions
Even More From the Lost World A continuation of the Lost World, featuring lost Epcot and Disney MGM attractions
NEW It Was A Journey Into Imagination Featues my view on the recently closed Journey Into Imagination.
NEW Thanks For the Wild Ride, Mr. Toad Do I even need to comment on this here...........
A Brief Chronology of the Circle Vision Films Thanks to Von Pluto, a chronology of the circle vision films in Tomorrowland
A Wonderful World of Motion Features info and pictures on the now defunct World of Motion in Epcot.
Beyond Innoventions, and Into Communicore Looks into the Lost Communicore Attractions
Illuminations and Beyond A Brief Chronology of the shows that have taken place over the years around the World Showcase
Before Downtown Disney A view of the Disney Village Marketplace and Pleasure Island before the advent of Downtown Disney
On the Express... Features info on Mickeys Toontown Fair in its early days as Mickey's Birthdayland, and Mickey's Starland.
Michael Iceberg Everything you ever wanted to know about Tomorrwland's favorite Synthesizer man
The Sounds of Forgotten Disney My site dedicated to the music and sounds of former parades and rides from Walt Disney World. Real Audio Only!

Broaden Your HorizonsDedicated to the preservation of my favorite ride in WDW, Horizons, which is slated to join the Lost World very soon. Real Audio and Real Video Enhanced
"First Night" Memories A break from the info, my memories of what we used to do on our first night at Disney World

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