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The Disney Construction Rumors Page

Disclaimer: This page has no basis in fact, it is all based on rumors I have heard at one time. Please do not send me any flames....

There have always been rumors about how bad Epcot Center is doing, especially earlier this decade. I heard at one time that they were even considering closing the park down. This rumor could have been very much true. I mean, why else were they so interested in renovating the park, and adding so many thrill rides. Instead of the enjoyable, and educational park they once had, they're making it, well just as educational, but with all of the excitement of say Splash Mountain. Back in the early 90's they even had an offer where you got into Epcot half price after 5:00. And, last time I was down there, both halfs of the park had different opening times, and different closing times. Future World closed earlier than the park. Disney is still not untouchable. Even they know when they're getting a bad deal.

Take EuroDisney, for example. There is a reason why none of the other stuff has been built. Disney thought that from day one, that park would take off, and be their greatest hit, but it wasn't. During the entire battle with the farmers, it was even rumored that Eisner wanted to close the park down entirely. But, this is probably not true, but he did end up selling a lot of the park to an outside corporation, an Arabic investor, which led to the next rumor.

Disneyland Saudi Arabia.....Could it have ever been. I mean could you imagine turning on the evening news, to hear that some nut threw a grenade at Mickey Mouse, and killed four people in the process. While it is a little far fetched it is still possible. It was at one time reported that this project would go through, but of course that was all rumor.

One time, I visited Disney World, and was talking with one of the attendants at MGM, and he told me of how MGM was going to be expanded a lot within the next couple of years (this was back in 94), and that the park was only one- third complete from where they want it to be. Mind you, this was back when both the Muppets and Star Tours had already been completed. So, where's the other two thirds....are they on the way or have they been forgotten....only time will tell.

A little break now: You're probably thinking that I'm nuts and that none of these rumors could ever be true. Trust me, I have very good sources. Back in 93 or 94, I heard about Gargoyles being in development, with a movie on the way, supposedly from a Japanese animation firm. In addition, I heard that Disney was working on a completely Computer Animated film, something that had to do with Toys (back then, I laughed at the prospect of a film being based on toys. I mean, who ever heard of that.) While in Animation at MGM, I stopped the Attendant, and began to ask questions on the two projects. She said she didn't know anything about them, but just as we were talking, one of the animators was walking past, and she asked him if he could answer my questions. He said that Gargoyles had been dropped compeltely, and as far as a computer animated film goes, Disney will always stick to hand drawing everything, as tradition has held. So much for tradition.

The rumor of a Disney mall has been running around for ages. It finally looks like its going to go through, and its probably going to be built on Disney land. But, there was a rumor that Disney was going to build a mall on US 192, in Kissimmee. It must have fallen through, and the only way you can go to a store owned completely by Disney is on Disney property, or is it. If you go to the Beltz mall, located in Orlando, on International Drive, there used to be (in 95 anyway), and probably still is a store in there called the Character Warehouse. This store is completely owned by Disney, and serves as a clearinghouse for damaged goods, or discontinued items from all of its parks, including Disneyland in California. Visit there sometime, because you can really get some great values.

My final rumor, for the time being anyway, is all about the monorails. There has been rumors for the longest time that Disney was preparing to expand the monorail system to serve the entire park. That's a given. But, there were real plans, supposedly, to continue the monorail all the way to Orlando International Airport, so the people could skip driving through Orlando, and land simply and safely at their hotels to begin their Disney vacation. It looks like that one has gone under also.
Supposedly, they were supposed to build a high speed train to Cape Canaveral where the Disney Cruise Ships will be departing in 1998, but there is no word on when that is going to be built either. Supposedly, the train would travel at 200mph, and the trip would take about 20 minutes.

Well, that looks like the end for now. More to come later.

Special thanks to:
mgraves@mindspring.com --For info on the Train to Cape Canaveral

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