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Welcome to Disney Reborn. Here you'll find my commentary about what Disney should do, and what it has already done.

What Would You Do If You Ran Disney A guestbook-style page designed so you could share your opinions on Disney, what they should do with the parks, or to share a neat ride idea you have

My CommentaryWhat I think about the modern Disney company
What I Would DoWhat I would do if I ran Disney.
Disney Ramblings 2/28/98 Some ramblings, six months after "What I Would Do" was written
Why Disney Is Going to Build DisneySea in Orlando My newest theory....and its a good one
Some Opinions on Disney World A Series of Letters between myself and Dan written between 3/98 and 4/98
Walt Disney World Impressions from Dan, a veteran Disneyland visitor just a week after his visit to WDW.
Still Trying to Remember the Magic At Just About a Year After this Site Opened, I'm taking a look at where Disney has come in the past year
Desert Disney? A Letter Sent to Me in Feb. concerning park plans in Texas.....is it true, you decide!
NEW Some Answers To Some Questions For the first time....I comment on the plans for Shadowlands
NEW Moving on to New Horizons Features my comments on the recent closure of Horizons
NEW Speech Delivered on 5/4/99 This is the speech I delivered to the honors students at my former high school on 5/4/99, featuring my comments on the webpage and Disney

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