News & Updates

News & Updates

Hello all.....greetings from your friend at Forgotten Disney.

For those of you that have e-mailed me, in many of the responses I have mentioned how I've planned an update for this summer. But I am at a loss with the research material at the moment, especially when it comes to the pictures. I currently have a plethora of information about many of the places that I want to talk about (though more would be nice), information which I am still trying to read through (trust me, there is a lot). I am writing this to ask if you have pictures concerning any of these projects, please do anything to e-mail them to me:

Disney's America -- Need any conceptual art you might have a copy of
Westcot -- Need any conceptual art you might have a copy of
Any info? E-mail me now at

So, here's a gameplan of what's coming in the next few months, in no particular order:
I'm planning a new page called Remember the Magic, where you the readers will submit your favorite Disney World stories, about freindly cast members, funny things your kids did, etc. I need help in how to run WWWBOARD, so if any of you can help, please write me. In addition I'll be I hope that you will be able to post pictures to the new page.
Next will be a page concerning Westcot, and DisneySea/Port Disney, from its conceptual stages to the reason why it was never built, to why there is still a chance that it might be built in the near future
Then a page on Disney's America,
I'm then going to add a few more pages of commentary at Disney Reborn, as well as posting up a few of your e-mail's that I feel will be good for all to hear
Then I'm going to do a complete rehab of The Sounds of the Lost World, adding some new sounds and much more pictures.
Finally, I'm going to wrap up this by posting the Forgotten Disney FAQ,

For those of you that have written me about the quality of the sounds on the Sounds of Forgotten Disney page, I am sorry but I cannot post them up as WAV files. I just do not have that much room to do so on the Geocities server. And with the additions I plan to add this summer, I will not have any room
Also, some of you have questioned why I have added soundtrack items to the page. The reason is simple, they start off with the best quality over my old video tapes, and I'd much rather add them than my old video sounds. A majority of the new sounds I plan to add are actually from a soundtrack album

You can now reach this page through another easier to remember URL:
This should make it easier to tell your friends about us.

Finally, I've decided to add a sponsor to the pages, the Commonwealth Network.

I want to thank all of you for your support for this our first year. A Special Page will be opened when we reach the milestone 50,000 hits sometime next year.
In order to get ready here's a little trivia. In what month last year did this page open?....

The Answer: July

Thanks again,

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