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Welcome to Friends of Forgotten Disney:
The page is broken down into three parts.
Correspondents from the Lost World are people that have written letters to me that have been so informative that I have decided to post them up as pages here (in their original form or as a new page) for all to read
Friends of Forgotten Disney are those people who wish to show that they agree with what has been said in the pages, and wish to try to save such rides as Horizons and Mr. Toads. Only through solidarity will we convince Disney that they shouldn't close these rides down.
Below those sections are various links to official sites that are members of the Friends of Forgotten Disney.
If you wish to join see the bottom of the page. You e-mail address does not need to be posted, so please tell me if you only want your name posted. The html code for a banner can be found at the bottom of the page if you have a site that you want to become a member of the Friends of Forgotten Disney

Save Horizons For those of you who are looking to save horizons from the fate of Mr. Toads, here is a wonderful chance

Correspondents From the Lost World

Sean Ogren
Dan Chiang
Friends of Forgotten Disney

KC Wood Sean Josh P./ Wheeler14 Daniel Mart Mark Johnson Susan Tedder

Sites Dedicated to Saving Mr. Toads:

Sites Dedicated to Saving Horizons:
Broaden Your Horizons

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