Unbuilt Dreams, featuring information on
the unbuilt rides of Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and info on the lost attractions of Disney's Wild Animal KingdomMickey Mouse standing with Walt Disney statue in Walt Disney World
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Welcome to Unbuilt Dreams, all about the rides and attractions you never saw at any Disney Park.

The Land That Never WasDedicated to those rides that still are sitting on the drawing board.....
More From the Land that Never Was Features new and updated information about those rides that were never built or are still sitting on the drawing board
A Wild Animal Kingdom? Features info on the original plans for the Wild Animal Kingdom, and in particular the Beastly Kingdom
NEW Tony Baxter.....On Westcot A Transcript of Tony Baxter's discussion of Westcot
NEW Anthony Tomassi......On Westcot Features my comments on Westcot
NEW The Lost Waves of Long Beach's DisneySea Features information and commentary on the place where DisneySea was originally supposed to go
NEW Features information on the unbuilt Virginia history theme park
The Disney Construction Rumors SiteDedicated to my favorite rumors of what Disney was never going to do.
Letters From The Lost World 3/25-3/27, 1998. A series of letters between Anthony and FDTLL's first correspondent, Sean Ogren.

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