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Who Am I?

Anthony--Before the Senior Prom Circa 1996 Anthony Thomas Tomassi

Born: March 24, 1978

Relationship Status: Single (but hopefully, not for much longer)

Favorite Movies: All James Bond Films, All Star Wars Films, All Godzilla Films, Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady, Any Movie With Any of the Rat Pack Members, and Almost All Musicals.......and of course All Disney Films.

Favorite Music: I love Swing Music, particularly old school Swing, like Glenn Miller. I love Frank Sinatra, and make it a point to listen to some of Frank's music at least once daily, also thrown in there are Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Louis Prima, Sam Butera, and from newer swing stuff, Brian Setzer, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and Indigo Swing. I also have a tendency to listen to a lot of instrumental stuff, and I love the music of Holst (ie The Planets) and George and Ira Gershwin........and of course, All Disney Music (I have WAY too many Disney CD's)

Vital Statistics: If you haven't looked at the picture must be blind!!!! Actually, I am proud to say that I am currently breathing, and hope to continue doing so for the next few years.

Political Party: Name the Time and Place, and I'll Be There

Political Affiliation: Mostly Conservative, Currently Republican (not that that means anything)

Favorite Place To Hang Out At Home: See Picture (That's me at the Computer)

Favorite Radio Show: Radioactive (That's the Radio Show I do Weekly With My Friends)

Favorite Song: I like too many songs to actually make a choice. Favorites include Jupiter, the Bringer of Joviality by Holst, Sing Sing Sing by Louis Prima, Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin, New York, New York by Frank Sinatra, ..........and of course Spectromagic and Tomorrow's Child

Favorite Song I Don't Know the Name of: That Sugar Ray Song!!!!!

Anthony--at Computer 21st Birthday Circa March 1999

Obligatory Baby Picture of Anthony

Anthony--Getting More Villanova Stuff Circa December 1997

School Anthony is Currently Attending: Villanova University

Anthony's Major at Villanova: Biology

Favorite Quote: (tie) "Tis Not The End, Nor Is It The Beginning, but Perhaps It Is The End of the Beginning." (Paraphrased from Winston Chruchill) and "He IS!!!!!!!" (Paraphrased from and inside joke, circa 1999)

Favorite Parent: Tie Between My Mother and Father

Favorite Sibling: No Contest.......I Only Have One Sister

Favorite Quote By Parents: (tie) "You Need To Go Out More Often" and "Where Did We Go Wrong"

Favorite Quote By Parents Found Out Via A Secondary Source: "Now That He's 21, We've Got To Introduce Him to Jack" My Boss to which my Father Responded, "Yeah, I just was going to give him a Baby Bottle filled with Scotch."

Favorite Thing Anthony Does When He Writes Webpages: Random Capitalization


Favorite Ride At Disney World: Horizons (closed) and Tower of Terror

Number of Times Visiting Disney World: 10

Favorite Disney Character:Pooh

Two Pictures of Anthony At Blizzard Beach At Walt Disney World. Both are rare pictures of Anthony without his Glasses.

Anthony--"Not Another Picture"

Mother's Favorite Past Time: (tie) Making Silk Flower Arrangements, and Taking Pointless Pictures

Anthony's Favorite Response to His Mother Taking Pictures: "Not Another Picture"

Favorite Webpage (Besides Forgotten Disney): Intercot

Favorite Theme Park (Non Disney): Busch Gardens, Williamsburg

Favorite Godson: contest.....I only have one.....Brett me--He's Going To Be A Lady Killer!!!!!

Anthony's Biggest Problem: He Can Talk To Anyone.....Just Not Romantically (Average Time It Takes Anthony To Relate His Feelings For Someone: Still Trying)

Favorite Books: Mouse Tales, By David Koenig, Dave Barry Does Japan, Any Jane Austen Book, and Physics, By Serway (Just Kidding!!!!)

Favorite Rollercoaster: (three way tie) Drachen Fire, Loch Ness Monster, and Alpengeist--All At Busch Gardens.

Favorite Non-Rollercoaster Thrill Ride: Star Tours, at WDW.

Stupidest Thing Anthony's Ever Done: This Webpage

Favorite God: God, (aka The Big Kahuna)

Favorite Version of Windows: The One That Works (They're Still Working on It)

Favorite Macintosh: N/A

Anthony--Holding Koenig's Mouse Tales, Circa December 1998

Anthony--On Drachen Fire at Busch Gardens.

Rare Picture Without Glasses. Circa 1998

Favorite Chain Drug Store: CVS

Where Does Anthony Work: CVS

Favorite Inside E-mail Joke: "Just Hit Reply"

Favorite Female Indian Name: Sejal

Favorite Frank Sinatra Song: Fly Me To The Moon

Favorite Organism: (tie) Fruit Fly or Ovarectimized Rat

Quote That You Could Make A Musical Out of: "He IS!!!!!!!"

Date Forgotten Disney Started: 7/7/97.

This page was made possible thanks to countless people, many of whom I will leave out if I mention them all here.

I also have to throw a special thank you to the people out at school who regularly have to listen to me talking about the webpage over and over all know who you are!!!

Thanks Everyone!!!!!!