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When did Body Wars first send guests through the human body? What was the name of that shop where The Crown and Crest is now? When did Captain EO close? All of these questions are answered here in a convenient listing of the opening and closing dates of every attraction, restaurant, and shop that has ever existed in EPCOT. Merchandise carts and food stands have been omitted as they are not permanent, they come and go frequently, and/or are too numerous to track. The dates listed here are, for the most part, the official opening dates. In some cases, the attractions may have opened a few days earlier as a preview. For instance, several EPCOT attractions were previewed a few days before the park officially opened on October 1, 1982. Dates listed under OPEN: are the first day it was open to the public. Dates listed under CLOSE: are the last day it was open to the public.

The list is divided up into four sections as listed below. At the top of each page is a listing of each pavilion/building. You can either click on the pavilion's name that you are looking for and that pavilion will then be displayed or you can scroll down the page looking at all of the pavilions. Example: You would like to find out when Horizons opened. Click on "Future World Attractions" below, then click "Horizons" on the table of contents on the top of the Future World Attractions page, and then the answer appears. If you have any corrections or additions, please send them to the EDC Webmaster.


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