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Concepts and Construction Page

Frame model of Spaceship Earth
© Disney
This picture shows a wire frame model of the pavilion.

Pavilion Construction Pictures

The following pictures show the construction of the pavilion from the steel framework to completing the installation of the triangular panels. (Photos © Disney)

SE Construction 1

SE Construction 2

SE Construction 3

SE Construction 4

SE Construction 5

Pre-Opening Publicity


The following is from a 6 page booklet entitled "Walt Disney World EPCOT Center". The book provides brief summaries of the attractions at the new park. Here is the complete text for the Spaceship Earth pavilion.

"Spaceship Earth," planned for presentation by AT&T, will be Future World's introductory theme show. Here guests will board "time machine" vehicles and journey into the past to trace the evolution of human communication.

Visitors will travel into dimensional scenes depicting milestones in communication, "brought to life" through the Audio-Animatronics process and Disney special effects.

An encounter between a group of Cro-Magnon hunters and a Woolly Mammoth will show guests how man's ability to communicate gave him a distinct advantage in assuring his survival. Communication through cave art will lead to the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt and the creation of the modern alphabet in Phoenician times. Guests will see communication networks begin to spread across the empires and boundaries of the world.

Continuing this journey through time, guests will witness the invention of the printing press, and then travel on to see an explosion of communication innovations ... from the Industrial Revolution to the current Information Age.

The voyage will show how emerging information and communication networks will help us chart our destiny on this, our "Spaceship" Earth.


Two years later, with construction nearing completion, Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom Club put out a publication with the same name, "Walt Disney World EPCOT Center", but in color and over 50 pages long. It is filled with concept art for the new attractions coming to Walt Disney World. This is what it has to say about Spaceship Earth:

"The architecturally unique Spaceship Earth globe forms a breathtaking entrance to Epcot Center. Entering Future World, visitors pass directly beneath this glistening geosphere which reaches a height surpassing that of the Walt Disney World Contemporary Resort Hotel. Within this theme structure, a swirling time journey retraces the increasingly important role of communications in mankind's survival.

Upon entering Spaceship Earth, guests become time travelers taken back to the age of Cro-Magnon man. The caveman's attempts to record his experiences are seen as the earliest contribution to the development of written communication. We'll survey other communication milestones such as the Egyptian's development of hieroglyphics and the Phoenician alphabet which established the foundation of modern alphabets.

Dramatic communication is born in the Greek theater, becoming a poetic expression of ideas and philosophy. Another stopping point in the journey, Gutenberg's 15th century print shop is the setting for a communications revolution.

More centuries pass and we're propelled into the Age of Invention. A stream of inventions - the telegraph, telephone, radio, motion pictures, television - bring the dream of instant communication to reality.

Accelerating into space-age technology, we find ourselves within a maze of computer impulses and are electronically transmitted into space aboard a burst of telemetry. Momentarily suspended in the heavens, we gaze down upon our small planet, our Spaceship Earth, adrift in the midnight sky. Having re-lived our past and eyed our future, we time passengers are now ready to become captains, to chart our earth's course toward tomorrow and determine our own destinies."

You can also read an excellent article from May 1982's "Orlando Magazine" about Spaceship Earth under construction. It is entitled Spaceship to Tomorrow.

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