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When The Living Seas opened in 1986, it was the largest ocean environment ever created by humans. It has been dubbed the world's sixth largest "ocean" because of its size. The pavilion is dedicated to giving guests a better understanding of our relationship with and reliance on the seas as well as the role the seas will play in our future. The entrance to the pavilion features a rocky coastline with The Living Seas and United Technologies logos displayed (UT logo removed in 1999). Waves crash over the rocks every few seconds. To the left and behind the sign is a large mural with the curving lines of ocean waves and the orange, yellow, and pink colors of the sun setting above it. The plants at the base of the mural represent plants that would grow at the ocean floor (like kelp).

The pavilion features a pre-show, a motion-picture, a short ride, and the Sea Base Alpha exhibits. There is also a small store located in Sea Base Alpha and the Coral Reef restaurant which overlooks the main tank. In addition, two behind-the-scenes tours are currently offered. DiveQuest allows certified divers to take a 30 minute adventure into the aquarium. Dolphins in Depth allows guests to learn about dolphin behavior and observe researchers working with them. For more information about either of these tours, call (407)-WDW-TOUR.

The Living Seas PavilionUnited Technologies' initial contract ended around January 1998. Since then the pavilion has remained sponsorless and the "Presented by United Technologies" part of the sign at the entrance to the pavilion was removed. Other signs and audio announcements remained intact until the fall of 1999. Right before the Millennium Celebration, all remaining references to United Technologies were removed from the pavilion including converting the pre-show into a simple holding area and allowing guests to bypass the movie thus closing one of the two theaters. These changes and new narrations are mentioned throughout The Living Seas pages that follow.

And now, please join the EPCOT Discovery Center as we descend into the depths of The Living Seas.


The Living Seas sign (without UT logo)

Approaching the pavilion, we pass by the rocks and follow the mural to the entrance doors. In the queue area, we wind along a wave-like path past pictures, artifacts, and models which trace the history of diving. Some of the artifacts include a drawing of Alexander the Great's glass diving barrel (332 BC), a 16th-century diving helmet designed by Flavius Vegetus Renatus, Sir Edmund Halley's first diving bell (1697), the Klingert Diving Dress (1797), and Frederic de Drieberg's 1809 breathing device. Near the end of the queue is a diving suit and an eleven foot model of the Nautilus submarine. Both of these were used in the film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Queue area

Nautilus Sub
submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Once we have reached the end of the queue area, we are admitted into the pre-show room.


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