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Innoventions Introduction

Innoventions opened on July 1, 1994 replacing the outdated CommuniCore with all new exhibits. Innoventions is a showcase of new products and ideas covering 100,000 square feet. Companies such as AT&T, GE, GM, Motorola, Honeywell, IBM, Apple, Silicon Graphics, and Lego have had exhibits over the years. The attraction is divided into two sides: East and West. Also located in Innoventions are three restaurants (Electric Umbrella, Pasta Piazza Ristorante, and Fountain View Espresso & Bakery), two shops (MouseGear {formerly Centorium} and Art of Disney Epcot), and Guest Relations. Field Trips, a shop featuring educational products as well as Disney videos and soundtracks, was originally located in Innoventions West where Art of Disney is now.

Innoventions West Entrance

The real Epcot Discovery Center (from where the name for this site was "borrowed") was originally upstairs above Field Trips in Innoventions West. That was where any question you had about "anything and everything" Disney-related could have been answered. It moved to Innoventions East next to the Centorium shop in Fall 1996 where the old Electronic Forum and World News Center used to be. Computers equipped with the Disney CD-ROMs were also available for guests to try out. The real Epcot Discovery Center closed for good on October 3, 1998. Information that used to be at the Epcot Discovery Center can now be obtained at Guest Relations.

Several of the exhibits have been improved or completely replaced through the years. (A complete list of exhibits including opening and closing dates is available on the Future World Attractions date history page.) Innoventions West closed on October 15, 1997, for a major renovation. In mid-January 1998, parts of Innoventions West reopened. AT&T was for the most part the same as it was before. IBM was moved to where SEGA used to be and unveiled a totally new exhibit including a segment featuring Bill Nye the Internet Guy. The location where Bill Nye originally introduced guests to the term "Innoventions" was walled off and later became the pre-show to Innoventions. SEGA's exhibit was similar to the old one with two sections: one with free games and one with games that require money. Silicon Graphics reopened the first section of its exhibit in March 1998. The Bill Nye exhibit was later moved to Innoventions East where Apple used to be.

The next major upgrade for Innoventions occurred in the summer of 1999 in preparation for the Millennium Celebration. This ensured that Innoventions would continually showcase the newest technology for the Millennium Celebration. In addition to renovating the exhibits, the Centorium store was expanded into the area that used to be the Epcot Discovery Center and the EPCOT Poll. Becoming the largest, in-park character merchandise store, the store was renamed Mouse Gear. On October 1, 1999, the new Innoventions: Road to Tomorrow opened. This new concept lead guests along a "road" lining the floor from exhibit to exhibit. Only one entrance and one exit for each side was created so that guests did not get lost or wonder if they had seen all of the exhibits.

In late 2000, between the Lutron Ultimate Home Theater Experience and Sega in Innoventions West, the door was reopened to allow another entrance/exit to the West side of the pavilion. In spring 2001, the GM exhibit was removed and half of the Internet Zone exhibit was removed from Innoventions East. Replacing them are the new Mission: SPACE Launch Center and Tom Morrow 2.0's Playground debuted. Two GM cars are still on display in front of the House of Innoventions. The back door located near the exit to the House of Innoventions was opened as an additional entrance/exit the East side of the pavilion at this time. On October 1, 2001, the the final section of the East side was utilized for the "Discover the Stories Behind the Magic" interactive kiosks for the 100 Years of Magic Celebration opened.

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Currently at Innoventions:

Tom Morrow 2.0's Road to Tomorrow Introduction spiels

Entering Innoventions West, a large road map showing the locations of the exhibits sits off the right.  The road curves around a pole on which Tom Morrow 2.0 sits.

Tom Morrow 2.0: Hi! You're on the Road to Tomorrow. And traffic conditions are great! My name is Tom Morrow 2.0 and I'll be your travel guide. First off, you are here! (extends arms all the way out) Ha, ha. Welcome to Innoventions West. Don't forget to pick up a map because we've got some great roadside attractions. Interested in the latest scientific breakthrough? Want to turn your home into the Ultimate Home Theater? Would you like to see where communication is heading? It's all just up the road. And don't be afraid to get lost in the Knowledge Vortex (voice echoes). Whoa, he, he. Want to see the future of medicine? Sorry, there are still waiting rooms. Ha! And just when you thought computers couldn't make your life any better, well just you wait. But you don't have to wait too long, because it's all just around the corner. Let's get this show on the road ... to tomorrow! Have fun and I'll see ya along the way.

Keep a goin'!

Nothing to see here folks, the future is just around the corner.

Tom Morrow 2.0 here. I'm your travel guide on the Road to Tomorrow and there's so much to see, you'll want to take some detours along the way.

Keep a going'. Keep a goin'!

Are you inteterested in the future? Well, the Ultimate Home Theater is just up the road. Want to see the future of communications? Straight ahead! The Road to Tomorrow is easy street! Just start walking - it's that easy. I'll see you along the way!

Nothing to see here folks, keep moving.

Awesome, the future is just around the corner.

Home Theater ExperienceTom Morrow 2.0 here. Welcome to Innoventions West! Road conditions are clear all the way to tomorrow and traffic is moving fast! Nothing to see up here, but plenty to see up the road. We here at Innoventions take the guess work out of thinking about the future. It's all right here! Do you stay up late wondering about the future of medicine? Me neither! Ha, ha! Well if you do, you can put your mind at ease with the latest and greatest from the medical world. Biotechnology is ... a really big word. Want to know more? Well, science wasn't my strong-suit, but we've got something that will thrill everyone! No, not a baking soda volcano. The future awaits so why are you standing here? Get going! You're on the fast track now! I'll be around!

Keep on moving.

Go on, you don't want to be left behind, do you?

The Knowledge Vortex
Innoventions West: The Road to Tomorrow

  • Innoventions Pre-Show starring Tom Morrow v 2.0
  • 1. Networked Living (IBM)
  • 2. Ultimate Home Theater Experience (Lutron)
  • 3. Beautiful Science (Monsanto)
  • 4. Video Games of Tomorrow (Disney Interactive [replaced SEGA 9/01])
  • 5. Medicine's New Vision (The Radiological Community)
  • 6. [Broadband Connection (AT&T) closed]
  • 7. The Knowledge Vortex (Xerox)
  • Pasta Piazza Ristorante (Food Service - currently not open)
  • Fountain View Espresso & Bakery (Food Service)
  • Art of Disney Epcot (Shop)
  • Coca-Cola Ice Station Cool (Exhibit/Shop)

Forests for Our Future  Internet ZoneInnoventions East: The Road to Tomorrow

  • 8. Forests for Our Future (TAPPI)
  • 9.'s Internet Zone (Compaq)
  • 10. Communications Dream Forum (Motorola)
  • 11. The House of Innoventions [formerly presented by Panja]
  • 12. Mission: SPACE Launch Center (Compaq)
  • 13. Tom Morrow 2.0's Playground
  • 14. "Discover the Stories Behind the Magic" Epcot interactive kiosks
  • Electric Umbrella (Food Service)
  • Mouse Gear (Shop)
  • Guest Relations

Innoventions East Exit

Exiting Innoventions East, a billboard-like road sign appears up the right on the wall.  Inside it, Tom Morrow 2.0 is riding some kind of vehicle which he has trouble controlling (similar to the '98 pre-show).

Tom Morrow 2.0's PlaygroundTom Morrow 2.0: Hey, thanks for visiting Innoventions East. If you haven't seen Innoventions West, you haven't seen everything. Hurry up, the future will be here before you know it. See you soon!

Take it easy!

See you later, folks!

Thanks for stopping by Innoventions East. If you haven't been to Innoventions West, keep going on the Road to Tomorrow and check it out. There's a lot more future to see.

So long!

See you later, alligator.


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Innoventions Plaza Fountain

Every fifteen minutes at the Innoventions Plaza Fountain, the water dances while synchronized to the following songs (in order).

  • "Air Battle" instrumental sequence by John Debney from Surprise in the Skies - former daytime World Showcase Lagoon show
  • Main title selection from Iron Will (Disney live action film)
  • Selection from The Rescuers Down Under (Disney animated film)
  • "Standing in Motion" by Yanni (available on Out of Silence, In Celebration, and Live at the Acropolis albums)
  • Selection from The Rocketeer (Disney live action film)
  • "Day One" by John Tesh (available on the Tour de France and Live at Red Rock albums)
  • Selection from a proposed Epcot show, Around the World with Mickey Mouse
  • During the Millennium Celebration, "Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand," track 18 on the 2000 WDW Official Album

Innoventions Background Music:

  • "Best of Both Worlds - The Second Audion Sample" fanfare
    • Produced by Audion and Russell Brower
  • "Future World Theme"
    • Composed by Russell Brower
  • "Papillon"
    • From On The Wings Of The Butterfly by David Arkenstone

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Hallway behind Pasta Piazza and Ice Station CoolThis hallway located behind Pasta Piazza and Ice Station Cool was decorated when the rest of the Innoventions pavilion was renovated prior to the Millennium Celebration. Theese banners illustrate the concepts of "Inspiration," "Collaboration," "Perspiration," and "Creation" through the development of Epcot. The original CommuniCore carpet still exists today.

Check out the Innoventions Pre-Show which ran in Innoventions West in 1998 and 99.

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technological discoveries at Innoventions since August 1, 1998.

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