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Michael Jackson, a huge Disney fan, was still enjoying the fame and notoriety of his hit album Thriller when his financial advisor, David Geffen, suggested Jackson make a movie for Disney. Geffen called his long-time friend, Jeffrey Katzenberg (then head of the studio), with the idea. Katzenberg and Eisner countered with creating a 3-D movie/rock video for Disneyland. Jackson liked the idea, but insisted that either George Lucas or Steven Spielberg be a part of the project. Imagineering's Rick Rothschild drew up three different story lines. Both he and Jackson picked the same one to do: Captain EO.

With George Lucas already working on designing Star Tours for Disneyland, he was enlisted to work on Captain EO. Lucas brought in Francis Coppola, Rusty Lemorande and Angelica Huston for the film. Jackson wrote the two songs featured in the film: "We Are Here to Change the World" and "Another Part of Me." The original $11 million budget grew to $17 million as more and more special effects were added. At about $1 million per minute, it was probably the most expensive film ever made (at that time). It was decided that EPCOT would also get Captain EO to help liven up the park. Frank Wells renegotiated Kodak's contract so that Kodak agreed to pick up some of the costs of producing the film, building a theater at Disneyland and renovating EPCOT's Magic Eye Theater to accommodate the new special effects. The new attraction opened at EPCOT on September 12, 1986 and only six days later at Disneyland's Tomorrowland.

Upon entering the theater, futuristic music sets the mood. A cast member reminds guests that no food, drink or flash photography is allowed and to put on their 3D glasses. The lights dim, a view of the universe appears and a meteorite spins closer and closer to the audience.

Male Announcer: The cosmos: a universe of good and evil where a small group struggles to bring freedom to the countless worlds of despair; a rag-tag band led by the infamous Captain EO.

EO's spaceship blasts the meteorite into pieces and then soars into the picture on its way to a nearby planet. On board, the ship's navigator appear. The creature, known as The Geex, has two heads - one named Idy and the other Ody.

Ody: This planet doesn't look so dangerous, Idy.

Idy: Is this it, Ody?

Ody: We'll see.

Idy: Ohh.

Ody: We better find that landing beacon.

Idy: Hey, Hooter, we're almost there!

Hooter: (Blows trunk) Oh, boy!

Major Domo: Don't get too close or you'll trip their intrusion alarm.

Hooter: Yeah, don't blow it you guys.

Ody: Relax, there's no problem.

Idy: No problem. (Buzzer goes off.) INTRUSION ALERT!!!

Ody: Battle alert!

Idy: Battle alert!!

Minor Domo folds his robotic arms in and ducks behind something.

Major Domo: Don't panic! That's what got us into trouble the last time.

Ody: It wasn't our fault. It was Hooter's fault.

Idy: Right, Hooter's fault.

Hooter blows air out of his trunk right at Idy and Ody.

Idy: Oh, Hooter!

Whistle goes off.

Major Domo: Straighten up men. It's the Captain.

Captain EO rises up on an elevator platform into the cabin.

Minor Domo: Good morning, Captain.

Major Domo: It looks like we tripped their intrusion alarm, sir.

Hooter: Idy and Ody blew it. They got too close.

© Disney

Captain EO: We're goin' in.

Major Domo: Sir, the ship is in absolutely no condition to go into battle. I thought we'd begin by cleaning up Hooter's bunk.

Hooter throws a can across the cabin.

Captain EO: Hooter! Listen! The Command considers us a bunch of losers. But we're gonna do it right this time, 'cause we're the best. We don't we'll be drummed out of the corps.

Major Domo: We won't let you down this time, Captain.

Ody: We're going to do it right.

Idy: That's right, we'll be perfect, sir.

Hooter makes noise in agreement and salutes.

Captain EO: OK. (Salutes Hooter back.)

Idy: Captain, there's something weird out there.

Ody: A patrol ship.

Captain EO: I thought so. Maybe we can outrun him.

The enemy patrol ship roars by.

Idy: It's going to ram us!

Ody: Duck!

Captain EO: (Grabs control of the ship) Get to your stations!

EO's ship flips underneath the patrol ship, dodging it and its laser guns. Minor Domo is sent flying across the cabin into Major Domo (leaving a dent in Major Domo's metallic back). Hooter is thrown onto his bunk. The patrol ship turns around and hits EO's ship with its laser gun.

Captain EO: Hold on, everybody, hold on!

Major Domo: We haven't found the landing beacon yet.

Captain EO: Somebody get the map. Where's the map?!

Idy: Who's got the map?

Ody: Fuzzball.

Fuzzball: (Chirps) Hooter has it. (Points in Hooter's direction.)

Major Domo: Hooter has it!

Captain EO: Hooter!

Hooter: I think I ate it!

Idy & Ody: You ate it!

The chase continues with EO's ship nearing the planet. EO's Commander appears on a holographic screen.

Commander Bog: Captain EO?! You down there, EO?

Captain EO: Commander Bog.

Commander Bog: Captain EO, you are late reporting in. Are you having a problem finding our landing beacon?

Captain EO: No, sir. Everything's under control, sir!

Commander Bog looks around and sees the ship in disarray.

Commander Bog: What's going on?

Captain EO: We're having a slight weapons malfunction, sir.

Commander Bog: Captain EO, have you engaged in combat against orders?!

Hooter throws something at the screen and covers the Commander's eyes.

Commander Bog: I can't see! Captain EO, what's going on?

Captain EO: Woohoo!

The ship flies down in between buildings on the planet and approaches a tunnel.

Idy: We're going through.

Ody: No! Idy, the sail's not in.

Captain EO: Hooter, bring in the sail!

Hooter: OK.

Captain EO: It's right behind you, Hooter.

Hooter: I can't reach it.

Commander Bog: What's going on? (The yellow substance that Hooter threw onto Commander Bog's eyes begins to wear off.)

Captain EO: Somebody push the red button.

Major Domo: Use your trunk, Hooter.

Idy: Come on, Hooter. Stretch!

Hooter jumps and hits the button which brings the sail in just in time. EO's ship flies right through the tunnel without being hit by the patrol ship's weapons.

Captain EO: Wu!

Everyone cheers with relief. They're not clear yet, though. EO must navigate the ship through a series of tight spaces.

Ody: We're losing power.

Captain EO: Everybody hold on!

The ship crashes and smoke is released into the theater. Major Domo shines a light throughout the cabin to inspect the damage. Captain EO is laying on the floor with small pieces of debris on him.

Major Domo: Captain EO? Captain EO?!

EO sits up and looks around at what happened.

Ody: I think we found the beacon. Captain EO, take a look at this.

Captain EO: The homing beacon. We ran right into it!

They all cheer.

Captain EO: Commander Bog!

Commander Bog: Captain EO?

Captain EO: Everything's OK, sir.

Major Domo: Right on time.

Captain EO: And we've reached the homing beacon, sir.

Commander Bog: Well, so far, so good, Captain EO. But, I must admit that I am a bit surprised after the mess you made of your last mission. But now that you've found the beacon, take the map, find the Supreme Leader and give her the gift. You do have the map, don't you?

EO turns to check with his crew.

Ody: No problem.

Idy: No problem, sir.

Hooter: Right here.

Commander Bog: Then get going! (His holographic image disappears.)

Hooter: Boy, do we have a problem.

Ody: We'll never find the supreme leader without a map.

Captain EO: (Whispers) Come on.

The crew leaves the ship in pursuit of the Supreme Leader even though they don't know where she is. The setting is very dark with lots of smoke and scrap metal all around. Fuzzball flies right out at the audience. Hooter sneezes loudly.

Hooter: I couldn't help it.

Captain EO: Quiet.

Hooter paws through the junk.

Captain EO: Hooter.

Hooter: I'm disguising myself.

Captain EO: Ha, ha. Hooter, listen. Put it back and let's go.

Hooter blows his trunk and puts a trash can on his head.

Captain EO: (Laughing) Don't be silly.

Hooter: Gotta have a disguise.

As they go further, they hear strange sounds and begin to look all around them. Hooter stops short and the rest bump into him creating a noise which alerts the guards.

Idy & Ody: Shh!

Hooter: Sorry.

Guards pop up from behind the heaps of metal and surround the crew.

Guard: Get them!

Outnumbered and nowhere to go, EO and the crew surrender and are led to the Supreme Leader's dark, grungy lair. Continue on Page 2 to find out what happens to EO and his crew.


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