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The vehicle turns the corner into the OmniSphere theater. Here, on a pair of hemispherical screens 80 feet in diameter, we see what is possible for our future and what is being worked on now. The powerful music and huge screen makes this ride sequence one of a kind. In fact, it is. No other theme park attraction utilizes an Omni screen (really two screens) for just one small sequence of an attraction. (Universal's "Back to the Future ...The Ride" uses an Omni screen for the entire attraction.) (2.8 MB) The entire Omnisphere sequence can be downloaded in one file or in three smaller files listed below.

(754 K) Husband: The DNA chain - life's molecular blueprint. Decoding its secrets is leading us to dramatically improved health.

OmniSphere screen: DNA chain ©Disney

A computer image of a DNA chain appears and zooms in, spinning around for a dizzying closer look. Then we see smaller pieces that spiral around and form a sphere. The sphere turns into the sun.

Husband: The sun. Today we're learning ways to harness its limitless energy.

A space shuttle takes off throwing dust into the air filling the screen. Then a computerized image shows the shuttle docking at a space colony.

(1.2 MB) Husband: Colonies in space. Habitats where people live and work. This is no distant dream, we're at the threshold now.

Husband: A computerized view of earth - landsat photography providing vital data on agriculture, resources, and ecological concerns.

The computerized view of earth changes to the New York City skyline.

Husband: The cityscape. A living tribute to our richest resource - people.

The city changes into a closeup of a computer chip.

(689 K) Husband: Here's a new kind of cityscape - the microprocessor. An entire computer on a tiny silicon chip.

Crystals begin to grow off one another filling the screen.

Husband: Crystals. Inspired by nature, now engineered by man for an ever growing role in micro-electronics.

The screen fills with water as we see fish and divers below the ocean's surface.

Husband: The world of liquid space. Oceans of minerals and food ready to fuel tomorrow's needs.

The cycle repeats itself returning to the DNA chain. A similar wall like the one before the OmniSphere with blue and pink lights at the top is now in front of us as we make the transition from the OmniSphere present to the 21st century. Often it takes a few rides through to see all of the Omni cycle.

Husband: What you've just seen are the building blocks for the future up ahead. And while it may look fantastic, remember, it's all possible.

Wife: That's right.

Husband: And we ought to know, we live there. Come on, take a look at 21st century living: on land, at sea, and even out in space. But let's start off at our place.

21st Century Home in Nova Cite

We have now entered the futuristic city of Nova Cite in the "Tomorrow's Windows" segment of the attraction. Through the windows in the back of the apartment, we can see the odd shaped buildings and mag-lev trains that populate the city. The zooming lights in the background show the trains zipping around town. It's getting dark outside, and according to the clock, it is 6:28 PM. Dialog is now shifted to the characters on-stage. Here, we get our first glance at the husband and wife we have been listening to. The husband is playing an "Aeolean Harp." See the Horizons Fact Sheet for more details. Like most of the on-stage talking characters throughout the ride, he says basically the same thing twice with slight variations between the two. His wife is talking to their daughter on a holographic phone (it is not a hologram).

Husband: Wrote this myself .... like it? (dog yawns) My wife, there, has a good ear for music. She's talking to our daughter, the desert dweller. That little girl and her husband are into farming. (Short pause) Like music? (dog yawns) My wife, there, has a good ear for music. That's our daughter she's talking to. She's doing wonders out there on one of those desert farms.

Nova Cite: Wife talking with daughter

Wife: Oh, I meant to ask you, how's the new citrus crop?

Desert Daughter: It's great. It's amazing what that variable solar control can do. Ah now, if only we could control the kids. (Laughs) How did you and Daddy ever survive us?

Wife: Oh, that reminds me, we both love the solar berries you sent.

Desert Daughter: Mm, I'm happy to hear that. Did I tell you that they're the pet project of that solar agronomist granddaughter of yours?

Wife: That makes me proud. I can hardly wait 'til little Michael starts getting involved with the farm.

Desert Daughter: Ha, ha, I can.

The conversation repeats. Back on the vehicle speakers:

Husband: Isn't it something! Send a city kid to college for seven years and what happens? She becomes a farmer!

Wife: Oh, I think agricultural engineer is a little more like it.

Husband: (Laughing) OK, but me, I'll take the city.

Wife: Yes, it's always exciting.

Husband: But, hey, with today's transportation, we're just minutes away from our kids.

Nova Cite: Fruit growing on balcony

By now, the balcony (where futuristic hybrid plants are being grown aeroponically and hydroponically) has passed and we turn to a desert farm scene. A "smellitzer" machine fills the air with the scent of fresh oranges. To get the full effect at home, go get an orange, slice it open, set it near you, and then move on to the desert farm scene

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