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    Default What it meant to me

    Our last day in the park was Thursday. I noticed something this trip differently than I ever have before. It was the kids that were there from organizations like “Make A Wish”. It impacted me most when we were in lines for character greetings, and a group would move to the front of the line in order to spend some time with the characters. All of the cast members would be so supportive and the characters would be so attentive. It broke my heart every time.

    I have added a special prayer to my prayer list to help me remember this feeling every day. I'm also going to put my money where my mouth is and find a way to help these folks.
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    I know exactly what you mean and I'm glad you want to help financially. May I make a few suggestions for every one ?

    Please send in your donations directly to one of the following.

    Make a Wish Foundation.

    Saint Judes Hospital.

    The Aflac Childrens Cancer Center, my favorite.

    These Non Profit Organizations can really use the money to help a child find happiness and a cure.

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    Before the strom the Louisiana State Police in My area would have a walk and run for the Make a Wish Foundation....

    I would come out on my off time and work traffic control every year for the event......

    I do miss that........

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    I'm glad you shared this story. It is wonderful what this organization does for sick children. A younger cousin of mine was a lucky beneficiary of one of the Make-A-Wish trips to WDW. She died of leukemia at age 14, but that trip was something she remembered fondly.

    I was so impressed with the foundation, I made Make-A-Wish a beneficiary of my bi-weekly contribution to the CFC, the federal government's annual charity drive.
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    What a great post! Thanks for that.

    Although I can thankfully say that I do not have a child with a terminal illness, I do have a disabled child. Let me tell you, trips to Disney are not only wonderful in that I get to see him so joyful, but for me and my dh....I have to say that it just feels nice to be "normal" like that. Normally, lives are filled with structure, appointments, therapists etc....and to break away and just enjoy vacations like any other family is a beautiful thing. I can imagine it would be the same for these special families.

    Your posting your intent was inspiring for me -- bet it will be for lots of others, too.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilHarHarMagic View Post
    I'm also going to put my money where my mouth is and find a way to help these folks.
    I think you just did.

    Thanks for your post.
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    It does make you appreciate life when you see the "Make a Wish" kids there. Especially when you realize that for many of them, they won't be going back.

    Makes you wonder why so many of us worry about what row of Soarin' we're on...

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    My Nephew was able to take one of these trips as well, in 2001, and stayed at the most amazing place in Orlando called "Give Kids the World." It's an actually "resort" like place just for terminally ill kids. It was one of the last "normal" things he got to do. He spent the next 6 months with this wonderful memory, and even now, years later, my sister has these amazing memories of there last vacation together. These are the most amazing organizations, and Disney does such a wonderful job making it the most special time.
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    PhilHarHarMagic, I sent you a Private Message, but I wanted to also thank you for helping and praying for make a wish kids. We are a family who has been to Disney on a wish trip...a few actually. I can honestly say when you are at a place and you see a blue button with the words make a wish on it, it immediately sets the family apart from the norm, often it ends up being negative.
    Life is too short, and unpreditable in many respects, and I want to thank you for taking the few moments to notice a button, and not get upset, but instead to be humbled enough to make a difference in some other kids life.

    I just wanted to let you know what you are doing WILL make a difference.
    Mom to 5 very special and amazing kids.

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    It seems to never fail that when I'm most upset with one of my DD's 8-3 I look around and see a child in a "special" wheelchair or those Ms type crutch-walkers.

    Every time I have to fight back tears and wonder what the hell I'm so upset about.

    I'm blessed with 2 smart, healthy little girls and .... Well

    you get the message

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    I think any organization that can help make a special wish come true for a child who wont have a life full of fulfilled wishes is amazing. I wish there were more organizations dedicated to doing this. Not only does it bring smiles to children's faces, it is also a joy and a time of happiness for the parents who deal with the knowledge that it could be the last bit of fun their kids has and that they won't have a chance to enjoy very many other happy times with their kids.
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    Reminds me of the "Dreams take flight" people here in Edmonton, Alberta. They fly into LAX at 6:00 AM directly from Edmonton on a private Air Canada, Get off the Plane on a tarmack at LAX DIRECTLY onto a bus, drive to DL, Enter the park EArLY, leave at closing, and return to Edmonton the same day, the same way.

    I have great respect for ANY children's charity like MAW or DTF.
    Walt was ˝ Canadian!

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    I was reading on one of the cast members websites and they were discussing a similar topic. Thanks goodness all of us on here are good people, but you wouldn't believe some of the stories that castmembers were telling about the horrible things people have said or done to disabled people/make a wish kids at WDW. My family is always curteous of other people regardless of whether thier disabled or not, I just wish more people out there could be like us intercotees and be a little bit nicer to our fellow man. Thank you all for your wonderful stories and sensitive remarks about WDW visitors that are less fortunate then us.
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    1) As a previous local board member, I love all you comments.
    2) This is just one of the MANY worthwhile charities today.

    3) I have escorted several MAW groupings to WDW.
    4) They have always been treated well by WDW people.
    5) They have never heard harsh remarks from others.

    NOTE: Yes, I have heard other leaders remark about snide comments from members of the public at WDW, but FORTUNATELY, I have never witnessed this with my groups.
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    I am getting married in October and I wasn't going to do wedding favors, but instead a donation to a charity. After my last trip to Disney, I decided it was going to be the Make a Wish group.

    My parents could never afford to take us to Disney growing up, so my sister and I took ourselves last year for the first time. I figure we were luck to have the precious gift of time, which sadly these children do not, and I figured the least I could do is help continue the magic.
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    Default Another charity

    Another good charity that sends kids to Disney World is Kidd's Kids (http://www.kiddskids.com/). It was started by a radio show in Dallas that has since been sydicated, so the charity has grown. They charter a plane and take a large group of families with terminally and chronically ill children to WDW each year. I think many of the families enjoy the support of going on the trip with other families that are in the same place they are. The radio show broadcasts from Disney while they are there and share the stories of the families. It makes me cry every year (and just thinking about it now).

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    I have also donated money to "Give Kids The World". It is the place where a great deal of the "Wish" kids and their families stay while at Disney World. I have been told that many Disney Cast Members volunteer their time there to help entertain the kids and run activities there.

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    Over the years, my family has always tried to make donations to MAW. We were married right before Christmas and we gave out the MAW ornaments to our bridal party. We have also donated an old car to them. When my daughter who was 2 asked about where mommy's car went, we explained to her that we gave the car away so that a sick little boy or girl could go do Disneyland. Later that year we did the MAW walk, and when we explained to our daughter that we were raising money to send sick little kids DL or DW, she thought that it was really neat. I know she's too young to understand that she is making a difference, but when my husband and I see the smiles on the MAW kids families, our hearts are touched by the experience. We hope that our daughter will grow up knowing how important it is to make a difference.

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    I think it is so sad and unfair knowing some kids and there families will never be able to go any Disney parks. That's why I am so thankful there are kids foundations out trying to get as many kids as they can something special.

    We should have some kind of drive here on Intercot. Maybe sell some kind of product like those rubber wristbands you see alot of people wear. They could be like mickey mouse colors black, red, and yellow and have the name Intercot printed on it. Then have all the proceeds go to some kids foundation or maybe even split the proceeds amoung a few different ones. I bet we could raise a bunch of money. People could donate any amount they could but with a minimum amount to get a wristband.
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