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    Default Fantasmic Question

    On the night we are going to MGM there are 2 performance's of Fantasmic. One at 8:30 and one at 10:00. It is the last week in August when crowds are supposed to be lower. Do you think we need to wait the normal 60-90 minutes to get in? It is an EMH night so I was figuring I could possibly walk in to the 10:00 show just a little early. Is that possible?

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    EMH will INCREASE the likelihood of more guests at the late show.

    No one can predict EXACTLY how large the crowds will be or how early you should go to find a seat for Fantasmic! on any given day.
    It has totally to do with the whim of the crowd at MGM on that day, and the general crowd LEVELS.
    How much time you wish to "invest" in waiting is a personal decision. We never do the formal Dinner Package, and have always seen the show (dozens of times).

    (Take all of these as "average" numbers, sometimes the crowd will be MUCH greater and the theater can fill up much sooner.)

    VERY Busy days:
    If you go to the first show of the evening (or "only" show that evening), if you arrive about 75-120 minutes before show-time, you can sit just about anywhere.
    45-60 minutes before: Good seats
    20-40 Minutes: will vary between seats at edges and rear of theater to SRO or even "closed" to further guests.

    Busy days:
    If you go to the first show of the evening (or "only" show that evening), if you arrive about 50-60 minutes before show-time, you can sit just about anywhere.
    40 minutes before: Good seats
    25-35 Minutes: will vary between seats at edges and rear of theater to SRO or even "closed" to further guests. (The crowd of "last-minute" arrivals can be slow to get seated before show-time.)

    Off-Season (not busy days):
    You should be OK to enter by 10-20 minutes before, but you'll likely be seated to the outer edges, and/or way at the back.

    If you do the Fantasmic! Dinner Pkg. you still SHOULD enter by AT LEAST 35 minutes (much "safer" at 45 minutes) before show-time and still be guaranteed "pretty good" seats (not my "first choice" area, but fine), regardless of crowd-levels. Remember, the DP is only valid for the first show of the evening, if there are 2 or more. If you do have DP and you spy some seats outside the DP "reserved" area, you are free to choose to sit anywhere outside that area you like, no problem.

    If there are TWO Fantasmic! shows in one evening, the second one will have lower crowd level than the first one. You can arrive a bit later and still find a seat.

    Be aware that the second show waiting area will LOOK like the show is "too crowded".
    That's because they HOLD the 2nd crowd outside the theater while the CMs CLEAN it after the first crowd has exited.

    Then, they will let those waiting together in that big group IN... all at once, and there will be PLENTY of room.

    (The theater holds about 7,000 guests.)

    We like to eat our evening meal while waiting for Fantasmic! to start.
    You can bring in items from the counter-service places in MGM, or they DO have concession stands at the rear of the theater serving "baseball stadium-type" food and drinks. Yes, even beer, sold strictly ONE-at-a-time, one-only-to-a-person, so a single person can't go and buy beer for other members of a group... all guests wanting to buy a beer must be present in-person at the counter.
    We have a hot dog, maybe a pretzel, later some popcorn or cotton candy (Disney Health Food).

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    I always have Fanstmic advice...I think they got it covered though! Have a great time!
    Kristi Kay
    2003 CP Cast Member

    “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
    –Walt Disney

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