So we are finally doing the London and Paris trip this fall that we have postponed for over two years now waiting on all the covid travel restrictions and nonsense to pass. We are using Trafalgar again and doing the London and Paris Explorer. It will be my wife's first time to both London and Paris and my first time in Paris. Anyway, I have been watching the flights for a while now to figure out the best most cost effective days and airports to fly out of for the trip. I discovered that if we flew to London a day early, the flights cost less and it covered the expense of a hotel and on the back end if we fly out of Paris 3 days later it is substantially less too because of the Thanksgiving holiday travel season ending at that time. With that in mind, I was like hey we can set these flights up because they cost less and put the money we are saving towards going to Disneyland Paris and staying there for a few days. It is literally only costing us about $800 more to add Disneyland rather than flying back home on the day our tour ends. So wooohooo! lol

Having never been there and knowing that some of you have, it would be great to hear any tips you may have. I see they have a pass called Disney Premier Access which is similar to Universal's express pass where you buy it and on certain rides you can go directly to the "fastpass" type lane one time per day for each of those rides. So is it really worth it on weekdays in the fall? We are not big on being tied down to dining reservations and having to plan our day and what we can ride for them but is there a restaurant that is the go to that we should really get an ADR for one day? Any tips about the parks or anything you guys can think of that would help us not look like it is our first time there?

They are refurbishing the Disneyland Hotel there so we could not get a room there which is a bit of a bummer. We will be staying at Newport Bay so if you have any tips or insight there it would be great as well.