It is kind of sad to report that it has been officially announced that there will not be a new Disney Parks Mom's Panel selection process this year. The current 2020 team will continue to serve for another year. The good news is that the Disney Parks Mom's Panel will continue to serve in the same capacity that it always has, being the the "official voice" of the Disney vacation planning process.

I imagine that responsibility (of the panelist) has grown exponentially. However, hopefully the Mom's Panel can allay the worries of many families whose vacation plans have been up-ended, and help bring the magic back to the Disney vacation planing process.

I wish the best to the current panel! I know that I will be checking both there periodically and here on Intercot; as I realize that I need to be "re-schooled" on everything that I used to know about the Disney vacation planning process. I'm sharpening my pencils ✏ and I've got my notebook 📓 open. I hope I am ready for what comes next, but whether or not, I am willing to learn!