Quantcast Questions about Renting points before joining.
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    Default Questions about Renting points before joining.

    Hello! We have decided that we would like to rent points for our next WDW Vacation. Is there anywhere that I can learn about doing this? Interested in knowing how it works, dinning plans, tickets etc. Are their packages offered or is everything seperated.

    Thanks for all your advise.


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    The Timeshare Store used to be on this site as a sponsor; they have information regarding renting points on their website.

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    We have rented points, and it was a great way to get a taste of DVC. You (usually, depending on who you're renting from) add the dining plan if you'd like, but you'll have to pay full price, up front for it. You can't get a package when renting points, so you will have to get your tickets separately.

    We've never done the dining plan while at a DVC, since you have at least a small (or a full) kitchen.
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    I've also rented points from David's Vacation Club on several occasions and had zero issues. Their website explains how it works very clearly. Renting points is a great way to save a few bucks and to try out a DVC property!

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    The most important thing to remember about renting points is that even if you go through a broker like David's, you are actually entering into a private transaction with a DVC owner. Disney is NOT involved in it at all. If something goes wrong with the transaction (and stuff does happen occasionally) Disney will not get involved and will not help you. Since you are not the member, they won't even talk to you. You don't have to use a broker (it can be cheaper if you don't) but it's a good idea to do so.

    There is no such thing as packages when renting points. Everything is separate and other than tickets and dining plans, somewhat negotiable. The DVC member is in complete control of the reservation up until the moment you physically checkin at the resort. If you want a dining plan, the member has to book it for you. If you want to make room requests, they have to do that as well. A lot of members have strict policies of only booking the room for you and doing nothing else.

    When you rent points, generally you will find that everything is payable in advance, there are no changes and there are no refunds. If you cancel, you forfeit all monies.

    You purchase your own tickets and make your own ADRs and FP+.

    Renting requires that there is a member that is willing to rent to you and has the points available for the resort and timetable you're looking for. That can sometimes be difficult to make happen. Certain times of the year (October through marathon weekend in January in particular) are extremely difficult to get unless you can book a full 11 months in advance. (As an example, I own at Poly and on Jan 5 my window for booking an extended family trip next Dec opened. I booked 2 studios at Poly. Two days later, all 360 studios at Poly were sold out for 4 of my 9 nights.) DVC booking patterns do not follow normal Disney resort patterns. Moral of the story is to plan accordingly.

    Renting can be a great opportunity and can save you some cash. And as Jen said, most of the time it all goes smoothly. But it is a different animal.

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    DVC-Rental is the longest running point rental company in the US.

    They check availability for free. Some companies charge to check availability.

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