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    Default Just the Two of US Day 2

    We slept in this morning after such a busy day yesterday. Had a late quick breakfast this morning. Had to have my Mickey waffles! We then headed to Epcot to walk tot he monorail. The plan this morning was to visit the Grand Floridian, the Contemporary and the Wilderness Lodge. First stop was the Grand Floridian. I had to see the gingerbread house. It did not disappoint! I spent some time taking pictures for DD as she has a dream of being able to help build this one day. We spent time finding all the hidden Mickeys. Went upstairs and took pictures of the Enchanted Rose. It looks very pretty. Hopefully someday we will get to stay at the Grand Floridian and we can relax there and have drinks. Next stop was the Contemporary. The gingerbread structure here is not as large or as grand as the gingerbread house. But it was cute. We were able to meet Chef Jeff as he signing pins today. We spent a long time talking with him as our DD is a baking & pastry major and will be back at Disney in 2020. He gave us his business card to give our DD and told us to have her stop in and chat with him when she gets back.
    Our next stop should have been the Wilderness Lodge but we decided to head to MK instead. We headed over on the Monorail. Our first stop was to get our cards at the fire station. Had to set up a new account as I had a new magic band. We wandered down Main Street taking in the sights. There were people lined up already for the parade. We headed back to ride Buzz. I actually beat my DH score for a change! I usually have the lowest score between me DH and DD. We then headed over to find the framed pin set for MVMCP. DH has all the pin sets made for the party except one. We were able to purchase it along with my pass holder T-shirt and the candy cane spirit jersey. The plan was to wear the spirit jersey during the party. We wandered over to Frontierland to grab a spot for the parade. We were able to get a great spot. DH went in search of a Mickey pretzel. I hung out in our parade spot. He visited the pin store and purchased several Stitch pins for our DD. I love the Festival of Fantasy parade!! We had a couple of little boys who had never seen the parade next to us. It was fun to watch their reaction to all the characters. After the parade we had several fast passes and wandered around slowly just enjoying the park. We watched people coming down Splash Mountain. Love the expressions on their faces. We got our wrist bands for the party. Had dinner at Columbia Harbor House. It was our first time eating here. It was okay. We then headed up front to the castle to watch the stage show lighting the castle. We were in the very front! I was able to get some awesome pictures. As always I got teary eyed when the castle lite up. DH and I just hung out here for a while. We rode several of the rides. Had a bunch of pictures taken and got ready for the the parade. Were able to find a great spot again. It started to rain very lightly just as the parade started. We shared our spot with 2 little girls who had never been to the party before. I again enjoyed watching the parade through the eyes of a child! They were so excited. After the parade we wandered over to the people mover. We love to ride this. It gave us a wonderful view of the overlay in the speedway. It was so festive! We enjoyed the lights and music of Space Mountain. This is the only way I see Space Mountain as I do not enjoy riding it. We headed up to the castle to find a spot for the fireworks. I wanted to be able to see the projections. We found a great spot but only lasted there a short time before it started to rain pretty good. We headed up Main Street to wander through the shops until closer to time for the fireworks. Just as the lights went down we stepped out onto Main Street to watch the fireworks. Main Street was not crowded so we had an awesome view. I liked the new show but will miss holiday wishes. We decided to head out as it was raining and we were getting cold. Headed to the bus where there was a short wait. I felt really bad for one of the families on the bus as their 4 year old was in serious meltdown mode. He screamed all the way to the hotel. They actually got off the bus at the Yacht Club even though they were staying at the Beach Club. The dad said we will give you all a little peace. SO hard when kiddos are that upset. Once back at the Beach Club we were walking up to the doors and noticed a very large truck and a bunch of workers. I told my DH that they were there to make magic tonight! While DH ran to the bar to get a couple wine glasses I spent more time enjoying the carousel. Mousekeeping created several Mickey towel decorations for us. We ended our day on our balcony having a glass of wine.
    Up next Animal Kingdom

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    I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a Mickey waffle obsession.
    I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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    Sorry it rained on your party!!! Still, it was a very nice and busy day!!
    Linda aka: Faline
    INTERCOT Staff: Vacation Planning,Trip Reports and Disney Camping

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