We don't plan on going, but since we are going to be in the LA area (Long Beach) we are definitely planning on a trip to DL and we probably DCA too. Not staying on property.

Two-fold question: Is DCA a full day park (say in comparison to DL). I'd prefer to go to DL on a non-magic early hours day, but that would mean most likely going to DCA on an Oogie Boogie nights day, which the hours are 8-6:00. First question is that enough time to do justice to the park (first time visitors and kids are getting older 12-14-17)? Second question, what is their process for having you exit on these nights. Not trying to game the system, and I assume you need some kind of hard ticket or wristband presented at the rides or stores to get in/on. But am wondering, if you just took a slow walk out, do they rush/escort you out or pretty much let you get out on your own time?