The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Gary O'Brien, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski
- Drink Talk- Re-Imagining the Caribbean- Sightlines, what are sightlines?- There's a Bee in Your Gondola- It's a Whole New World of Tickets- Freezing and Crashing, Freezing and Crashing- #CherryChurro- The MCP Goes to Disney World or How Adults Do Disney- Noooooo Nemo!- Pork-stravaganza- Modify, Modify, Modify- It's probably chlorinated ...- Don't forget your vacation Gantt Chart- Stop and Smell the Churros- Price is Right: Snack Edition- Justin's Great Mickey Bar Scheme- Mickey's 90th Birthday (cup) Cake- Fancy Food on a Stick- Purse of Poutine 2.0- Seasonal Studios- ...with cured meat- #RunICOT/#CheerICOT- Michael Just Flew in From Disneyland- #DreamBigPrincess- Sailing Away
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