The Cast: Carolyn Pongracz, Jason Kauffman, Justin McCarthy & John Yaglenski
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- It's Episode 1..2...3 ahaahaha- We're back from Spring Break- Put on your Hard Hat & Tails- Racing Academy Rev's Up- Where's the weenie?- I'd like my Ronto medium rare.- Hair of the Tauntaun - What about Star Tours?- Railway Running Behind Schedule- Arc de Hollywood- A Cardboard BBQ- Who is the greatest Canadian Daredevil?- Some bad OJ- A Wet 5-ish K- Justin's Challenge- A Change That's Quite Peculiar- Bag O' Magic Bands- May 1st Policy Changes- Summer Fun- Sooorry, it's an invasion- Plane Troubles- Travel by Lightcycle- How Much is the Ear Hat in the Window?- Magic Kingdom Signature Sweets