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    Question What would you do - Labor Day late afternoon Epcot

    All summer I've been focused on what's going on at HS and what early September will be like. ADRs and FPs have been made. Have my plans all worked out.

    Today, it registered with me that Epcot is busy too, with Food & Wine. Oops! Maybe?

    Our group is large because of a big birthday celebration. We're about a dozen early in the week, with some leaving and some arriving, so we're 16 by week's end.

    Monday Labor Day the plan is to open MK spending the morning at Adventureland and Frontierland. Brunch at Crystal Palace and then head back to the resort for a rest.

    After the rest, 3 were going back to MK for the MNSSHP.

    The rest of us - 9 including 4 kids, ages 4 - 12, some grandparents and a dad - were going to Epcot. Primarily to visit the KidSpots - which have those new cards to color - and a supper at Marrakesh. Probably look for smushed penny locations. See what we see.

    The plan at Epcot was to mosey along World Showcase from Canada to Japan, then back to Morocco and leaving about 7 pm to head back to the resort.

    Now that I'm finally aware of F&W, do I switch to another park? I think the three little girls will love Marrakesh. Who knows about a 12 year old boy?!?

    How congested will this half of WS be? Are folks shuffling along?

    Will crowds be thinning because Labor Day weekend is winding down?

    We did WDW during the first week of July 2018 and didn't really notice crowds. It was a bit busier Thanksgiving week 2017, but mostly only affected line waits and if those were long we just put it off til the next visit. Walkways weren't terribly congested.

    Would we be better off avoiding the area where Future World meets World Showcase and come in the 'back door'? The kids will love going on a bus to HS and then taking a boat (!) to Epcot.

    About 2/3 of this group are newbies - all the kids. The two granmas. For the last three Epcot is a hands down favorite park. When I finally realized about F&W I thought about the $100 Disney gift card left over from last year, thinking hmm, we could do a bit of food tasting, while we're moseying. The 3 younger kids would be interested, at least.

    What would you do for late afternoon on Labor Day? Reschedule or go any way?


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    We were in Epcot for Labor day last year. It was not crowded at all. We wandered around and sampled foods for most of the afternoon and into the early evening. It got a little busier after dinner but nothing to bad. I would say head to Epcot and enjoy!

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    FW is awesome. Pretty much the only reason we go or even consider WDW anymore.

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    It finally seemed on me to check the current ADRs. Only about 2 WS restsurants are sold out for that day. And about 2/3 of the Eat to the Beat pkgs are available.

    I think we'll keep our plan as it is.

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