Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The bus arrival guide is not working this morning. The monitor at the Congress Park did not operate the entire time we stayed there. Still, we did not wait overly long for a bus to Hollywood Studios.

Upon arrival, we headed to Starbucks and got a breakfast sandwich to share along with coffees. We sat at tables around the corner on Sunset Boulevard. All that morning, I was unable to bring up any of the attraction wait times - they did reappear in the early afternoon so we needed to visit the attractions to check out wait times.

After we ate, I suggested we walk down the street to see what the wait time would be for Tower of Terror though, given the amount of people we had seen heading that way, I figured the wait time might already be 45 minutes to an hour. Holy cow!!!! It's only about 9:30 in the morning and the wait time is already at 175 minutes!!!!

I took a look at the times guide (All our fast passes for this day are after lunch time) and then realized that none of shows started until 10:00 or later???!!! How will this work when they change the tiers at the end of next month??

So, we headed over to Muppet Vision and did that since it seemed to be the only option (other than a super long line) at the moment. We went on Star Tour that morning as well since that ride was actually a walk on. We wandered into Toy Story to check wait times - not waiting in any of those lines - so headed over to Walt Disney Presents which has the added bonus of being an air conditioned space.

For lunch, we went to Pizza Rizzo. We had a Slinky Dog fastpass for early afternoon. It seems to me that they need to provide some shade for those who are waiting in the fastpass line - even a 15-20 minute wait can seem very long when standing directly under July sunshine!! We enjoyed our Slinky ride. Our other fastpass for the afternoon was at Tower of Terror. While waiting for our fastpass time, we wandered through the stores that were still open (some are closed for refurbishment).

We had a fastpass for Fantasmic but evening weather isn't looking too promising. We cancel that fastpass and, instead, make a dinner reservation for Citrico's.

It doesn't seem to matter which resort I'm staying at but the bus I want seems to take forever to get to Disney Studios. We watched three buses for the stop next to us come and go before our bus arrived. One person waiting in line said she had waited more than an hour for the bus the day before. In all, I don't think we waited longer than 25 minutes or so for our bus.

Once back at the room, we hung out for a while then showered and changed for dinner. We caught the bus to the Magic Kingdom and, from there, took the boat over to the Grand Floridian. We were early for our reservation so spent some time in the lobby listening to the Grand Floridian Orchestra. When it was time, we headed upstairs and were quickly seated for our dinner. I had the tuna which was very good and my husband had the filet mignon which he also enjoyed. We skipped an appetizer so we would have some space for a dessert. I had an ice cream dish along with a specialty coffee while my spouse opted for the banana with chocolate belgian crown along with a specialty coffee. After dinner, we waddled on over to the monorail and took that back to the Magic Kingdom.

By time we got back to our resort, the rain was really coming down and we had forgotten to take our umbrella with us. We were soaked through by time we entered our room!!!